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Nov 23, 2014
Re:Monster (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
What happens when you let a teenage otaku suffering from chuunibyo, write his own light novel? Re:Monster would be that answer.

Well I'm not sure if it is a kid who wrote this mess of a novel but it definitely matches the storytelling that one of my younger cousins would come up with when they were in their early teens.

Re:Monster is another fantasy/re-incarnation tale that I've just started reading having come across this series as recommendation after reading Gun-Ota, Mushoku Tensei and Souen no Historia(novels that also have re-incarnation as a theme).

So going back to my first sentence, Re:Monster really feels like a kid had ...
May 31, 2014
Preliminary (9/26 eps)
When I first heard of Mahouka from a recommendation someone gave me, I thought I'd give it a try thinking it being something new to fill my boredom. With it's rave reviews from different sites, you can't help but think that this should be one of the favorites for 2014.

Unfortunately that is not to be and if I could sum up this series in one word, it would have to be "disappointing".

If BGM's were included with reviews, I know mine would play Public Enemy's "Don't Believe the Hype" as that's what's been running in my mind when I wrote this.

So getting back to why ...
Apr 27, 2011
Mixed Feelings
If your expecting something big with high-end explosive action and a riveting zombie-apocalypse story, this is not for you.....but if your looking for an add-on to 2010's all-breast soft-porn material that was High School of the Dead then look no further as I can gladly recommend this short OVA which is titled H.O.T.D: Drifters of the Dead.

For all the hype that H.O.T.D received in 2010, you either were 'anti- or for' the franchise and all I can say after watching this short 16 minute episode is that for those who were anti-; Drifters of the Dead is just going to add fuel to your fire.

Drifters ...
Mar 6, 2011
Preliminary (8/12 eps)
Kimi ni Todoke 2 is a continuation of the 1st season with Sawako(aka Sadako) and her friends graduating to their second year of high school. To those who had loved/liked the 1st and rated it highly will find the 2nd season no different as the pacing, comedy and teenage romantic angst which made up the 1st, still present in KnT2.

For those who had rated it poorly, well there's not much I can say except not to have too high an expectation as not much has changed or will change(apart from the art). The misunderstandings which some had found to be irritating in the 1st season, ...
Jan 1, 2011
When you hear the name "Vash the Stampede" mentioned in an anime conversation, what is the first thing you think of? If it happens to be Trigun in the first 5 seconds, I can safely guarantee without you even reading this review that you will like this movie....

...and if I asked if you heard the name "Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III", and you answered with a smile that it's from the same anime, I can personally guarantee that this movie may even become a personal favorite.

So your probably wondering where I'm getting at ...
Jan 1, 2011
Brave Story (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Brave Story: an adaptation from Miyuki Miyabi's novel of the same name, is a film that any kid under 10 would really enjoy. I say this due to that my 4 year old son and 2 of my nephews(also under 10) have made it their favorite movie. When I asked why they liked it, their answer was; "because it looked cool!"

Now I haven't played the games nor have I bought any of the franchise(apart from this DVD) which all stem from the novel, yet after finishing the film I knew that a lot of the script were cut from the original adaptation, making what could ...
Dec 29, 2010
For anyone who's seen or currently watching the series of Nurarihyon no Mago, this 2 episode recap which fits in after episode 12 and episode 24(known as 12.5 and 24.5) is honestly not even worth watching as all it does is RECAP the 2 arcs(both Gyuuki and Shikoku).

There is no fresh material and if you ask me, is just a waste of 20+ minutes for each episode. For anyone who's read my review on the main series for Mago may find how displeased I was with the anime as a whole and this 2 part excuse to get more air-time is just adding fuel to ...
Dec 27, 2010
Mixed Feelings
If there's one word I could describe Nurarihyon no Mago, it would have to be BORING.

Having read the adaptation I really had high hopes for this series as the formula to which Mago is about, is seldom used in shonén anime and if done right, would have definitely been one of the better series for 2010.

...but like I said, BORING. Here's why:

Story - 8
Nurarihyon no Mago is a tale of the supernatural. It's a tale of demons and spirits and the co-existence between their kind and ours. It's also a tale of Rikuo Nura and how he takes over his grandfathers clan known as ...
Dec 26, 2010
Mixed Feelings
If there's one thing 2010 isn't short of, it would have to be the abundance of ecchi anime that's aired this year. From titles like Kiss x Sis, High School of the Dead, and even Seikon no Qwaser, it makes one think that Japan has had a rise in lonely boys who are buying into this stuff like ice to Eskimos.

Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls is no different in that all it really is, is a show about samurai with breasts set in neo-Japan. Die-hard fans of historical anime/literature may feel insulted to this as famous names like Sanada Yukimura, Yagyū Jūbei and even Senhimé are ...
Aug 7, 2010
Preliminary (5/12 eps)
There's only one thing I'd like to ask before I start my review of Shukufuku no Campanella, and that is; "Was the director high when creating this series?" There's enough love and peace felt in this anime to stop WWIII(and I mean that in a cheesy way)

As a fan of 'Eroge(Adult Games)-Turn-Anime' type of shows, I usually hold a small torch of hope that it might actually be a series worth watching as we've had a good run with shows like Clannad and other Key titles. Unfortunately that torch has been dimmed since episode 2 and I believe nothing short of a miracle can re-light ...

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