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Feb 4, 2020
Below are some of the most significant points that could be mentioned about Hei Mao Jing Zhang:

- Some sound effects seem to be missing (whistling for instance)
- Voices do not match mouth movements at all, it's like the sound was made for something completely different
- OP is nothing great
- Sound quality is very inconsistent: certain sound effects sound a lot clearer than others as well as the voice work

ART - 2
- Cartoon physic rules applied very oddly, especially with some of the angles used
Aug 17, 2019
This movie, solely on it's own merits, is one of the worst mystery anime I have ever seen, without even needing to compare it to the game it was based on. Mainly because it's incomparable.

Story: 1

To illustrate how bad the story is, I'm just going to describe a very early scene, so minor spoilers follow: when two main characters go to the basement I have many questions.

1. How did they get the basement key? (Which is a bit of a leap in logic.)
2. Who is the guy even doing stuff in the basement? (Only mentioned by name right in the conversation before they go to ...
Aug 6, 2019
Wan Wan Chuushingura is a movie that would be watched for one reason alone: it was the first animation Hayao Miyazaki worked on as an animator. So, unless you happen to be trying to watch every single work Miyazaki has been involved in, I would give this a pass.

Story and Character: 2 for each

Rather simplistic, the synopsis has the amount of depth the movie itself provides. None. It's a kid's film from the 60s which has a lot of plot shortfalls of worse movies today. The conflict can be described in a sentence, the villian and the hero are both boring. The evil character does ...
Jul 19, 2019
Hime-dol!! (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Hime-dol! is a manga that isn't overly enjoyable, and can easily be passed on due to how average it is.

Story: 3

The story is mediocre, relying on tropes created in many other more popular manga, and then rushed to completion without much development. The ending, especially, is wrapped up in only a few pages. This rush causes the manga to feel as if chunks of it is simply missing.

Art: 6

Average. Average style, average design, average drawings. Of note however is the more elaborate hairstyles are well designed.

Jun 2, 2019
Note: I watched the raw and I don't have the best grasp of Japanese, so my basic understanding of the plot and character is a bit weak.

I would suggest giving this movie a pass, unless you're trying to watch all the Young Animator Training Project works. It is bland in all aspects bar animation, which is severely lacking.

Character: 2

The characters are very shallow, and lack depth. When a movie is short, few characters that are then fleshed out are needed. However: here there are no fewer than nine.

The motivation behind actions are very shallow and simplistic, which also contributes to the A-B storytelling going on.

Art: ...
Feb 26, 2019
Armageddon (Anime) add
I feel that Armageddon needs another review, mainly to elaborate on points not fully explored in other reviews.

The story gets confusing. It tries to construct a science fiction world, but does it using information it never really bothers to explain. Past the world building, the story has a pretty straight forward basis. The way the plot is constructed is lacking and boring.

The art is better than some bad anime, but couldn't really be called anything other than below average. The design of characters, especially non-human characters, are pretty interesting however. The animation fits the story it's trying to tell, but feels like it comes from ...
Feb 25, 2019
Micro Teukgongdae Diatron 5 is a movie that fails at every possible marker. Just to be clear, I watched the dub since the sub is non-existent.

Firstly the story is a train wreck. For one, it takes about a third of the movie to even introduce the main character, which speaks about the all-over-the-place pacing of it. Not only does it switch between subplots, but those subplots have subplots until it can't even be comprehended anymore. Even the beginning is pretty hard to follow, and that's when it's sticking to a single story.

The art is cheap. The designs aren't too bad, but they feel like copies ...
Jan 27, 2019
Cipher (Anime) add
OK. This is somehow the cringiest anime I have ever seen, and that includes many of the worst listed on MAL.

Story: 0

I was forced to give this a 1, but if it was up to me it would be 0. There is literally no story. One third of this is a montage of disconnected moments and the worst dancing ever in anime. The rest of it apart from the final scene is about a guy who's filming a movie: it doesn't do much. Then the last scene is him meeting his brother. That is it. That is all. It is a plotless mess that is ...
Jan 7, 2019
Mixed Feelings
Red Ash: Gearworld is a pretty average to be fair.

Story: 6

The biggest annoyance of the story for me is how fast paced it is. It tries to do too much in a short span of time. There are also a few logical leaps which break my suspension of disbelief.

The concept of the anime however, is rather interesting. If done with better pacing, then this would be a rather compelling anime.

Art: 9

Unique art style which is visually interesting, detailed backgrounds, characters and designs. Few minor issues, likely from it being a YATP. However, can't fault it too much for that so it's a 9 from me ...
Jan 6, 2019
Generation of Chaos is something I expected to be bad, but was somehow much worse than I thought it would be.

Story: 2

There being two stories in it that are completely unrelated makes so little sense to me with the runtime. This means that the plot of the second half is so badly executed and confusing yet so cliched at the same time it is hard to get through - even though it's less than 10 minutes long. The first half is the reason this isn't a one: although a Pokemon rip-off in a lot of ways, it does give a unique spin on the formula. ...