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Fate/Extra: Last Encore
Fate/Extra: Last Encore
May 5, 2018 12:32 PM
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Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou
Feb 18, 2018 5:06 PM
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Darling in the FranXX
Darling in the FranXX
Feb 13, 2018 9:51 AM
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: The Different Story
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: The Different Story
Mar 22, 2016 5:17 PM
On-Hold 12/12 · Scored 8
Mahou Shoujo Tart★Magica: The Legend of "Jeanne d'Arc"
Mahou Shoujo Tart★Magica: The Legend of "Jeanne d'Arc"
Mar 21, 2016 11:35 AM
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NimuraFuruta29 Jan 1, 2018 4:51 AM
The animations were fluid, and there was not a moment where I felt like it seemed “stale”.
HappyHarryHardOn Jun 4, 2017 3:01 PM
Hey, I came across your profile when i saw we're in the same club together, The Cultural Research Club. It is nice to see someone who enjoyed Kokoro Connect, i felt iit was criminally underrated.
myanimeinfo May 6, 2017 10:36 AM
I Saw your review for Oda Nobuna no Yabou - It is a good review and made me decide ti watch it.

Personally I am biased towards Harem shows but I think the your reference to it being a reverse harem even though not completely untrue, was a little misleading.

Still a decent review, Respect

Mami-Sexual May 13, 2016 3:47 AM
Hey there whatsup? XD Been a while since I heard anything from you....also if your interested I just uploaded a brand new Madoka Topic video so let me know your thoughts XD
Mami-Sexual Mar 27, 2016 10:01 AM
Yeah ikr XD You would think since the same writer that wrote Madoka wrote Fate Zero I would love it just the same..but that did not happen.

What's interesting is I've tried on several occasions to get into Fate Zero without much luck...though its also an anime that I have yet to complete so maybe that's part of it..idk there are a few things about it I like but also some flaws as well which hold it back from my perspective but I guess I can't judge it completely till I one day complete it.

I suppose it might also help to get another perspective on it besides my own since maybe there is something I'm missing in regards to it..who knows.

And truth be told I understand what your saying regarding Kyoko and most scenarios coming out on top due to her over all mentality and the way she goes about having grief seeds on hand and shes not really shown to have any obvious weakness to speak of aside from maybe her kindness that she displays at times but idk I suppose that's not really a solid enough weakness.

Honestly idk on paper Koyko appears to have the best chances of winning a fight but there still so many ways a fight can go but if we are talking about who is the most prepared to win a fight then Kyoko has the edge in SOME ways but I don't think her having this type of advantage is enough to call her the absolute strongest of all the girls.

Personally I always felt Homura was stronger than her due the style in which they both fight.

Also another thing that occurred to me regarding Mami and Kyoko is that aside from the different story timeline Mami was able to get the edge over Kyoko when her mental state was a mess and actually killed her right before Madoka did the same to her in episode 10.

Interestingly enough these are two scenarios in which Mami had the edge over Kyoko in similar circumstances granted you did say in most scenarios you feel Kyoko would come out top due to her mental state never wavering and having grief seed stock though the way the narrative is set up in the story its shown more than once that even when her mental state is the way it is once the reveal of magical girls becoming witches comes into play Mami is still somehow able to defeat Kyoko in some way even if its by attacking her by surprise like she did in episode 10.

Also the timelines within Madoka tend to repeat themselves in many ways even if certain events change like with Sayaka becoming a Witch in every single timeline no matter what changes happen before hand so truth be told that's almost to say that its more likely that a scenario of Mami defeating Kyoko is more likely to occur than it being the other way around despite Kyoko seemingly having an advantage in some ways seeing as its happened twice with almost the same circumstances in place both times so that's the say despite Kyoko having the edge in some ways its still not enough to be able to say she can defeat Mami if the anime and manga timeline events are any indication of this.

Whats interesting about the scene in episode 10 also is its speculated that Mami killed Kyoko first on purpose as a strategic move to get rid of the girl that would cause her the most trouble first though there's no actual proof if that's really true but still possible and something to take into account because Mami is all about being strategic which brings me to my next point.

One thing I notice you did not take into consideration is how Mami's ability to be strategic would come into play in a fight when it comes to determining who the strongest magical girl actually is.

I mean sure you took the time to observe Kyoko and her advantages when it comes to fights but did you take any consideration as to how Mami fights on a strategic level as well and what role that would play when determining who the strongest actually is?

I think it goes without saying that between Kyoko and Mami its obvious Mami has the most experience when it comes to battle between the two seeing as Mami was the teacher and Kyoko was the student and that's one advantage that could make all the difference in a fight.

Not to mention that since Mami was originally Kyoko's senpai when it came to battle that would play a major role in who would win since as i mentioned before Mami is all about being strategic and its shown even when she is not at her best mentally she can still use tactics and Kyoko is someone she understands pretty well which is how she was able to see past her illusion ability within the manga for example so its not just about mental state or having grief seeds that would determine a winner between the two since Mami clearly has her own advantages and even if Kyoko attempted to draw out the fight who is to say that Mami would let her do so based on Mami's strategic style of fighting?

Just wanted to throw all that out there which is partly why even if Kyoko has the edge when it comes to mental and grief seed stock I feel like that's still not enough to say she is destined to win or enough to call her the strongest by any means and even if you take into account her having access to the illusion ability Mami understand's that ability very well and was even able to see through it in the manga while they were actually fighting despite the mental state she was in( I know I mentioned this already but this scene is quite the big one because it shows just how well Mami knows Kyoko when it comes to fighting and shows how observant she can be in an intense fight even when she is not at her best)

Also want to mention that Mami worked with Kyoko to perfect the ability originally which is to say she more than likely understands it well so even if Kyoko had full access to this power would still not change much since the ability to use illusion is only helpful if you opponent does not expect it or if it catches them off guard but if you know of the ability and how it works then the ability itself is virtually useless which is to say this ability has zero effect of Mami when you look at it from this perspective.

Only thing I will say about Kyoko is out of all the girls she is possibly the most prepared to win a fight as you illustrated but based on the way the events of the timeline seem to dictate and also taking into consideration that sometimes tactics and experience and knowing the person who you are fighting really well can also give you quite the advantage it not an absolute thing that a scenario would be presented for Kyoko to actually be able to win or that she is the strongest magical girl even if she has her advantages because Mami has hers as well and if your going to try to determine who the strongest among the girls actually is then you have take both there advantages in battle into consideration and not just one otherwise you can't truly determine who the strongest is cause your focusing more on one side of the coin rather than looking at both or all sides.

So yeah to summarize...due to the way the timelines presents themselves in both the manga and anime as they connect to Mami and Kyoko even though there are only two scenarios recorded when you actually connect the two there is evidence that would suggest that since the events in all timelines tend to repeat themselves more often than not like with the example I gave off Sayaka becoming a witch in everyone that a scenario would always occur where Mami would defeat Kyoko combined with Mami's battle experience and tactful and observant mind not to mention her experience and understanding of Kyoko as her former senpai I personally don't feel Kyoko's advantages as you pointed out are enough to be able to say she is the strongest among the magical girls even in most scenarios because in more than one scenario Kyoko was taken down by Mami and in pretty much every scenario Mami understands Kyoko and how her abilities work( at least to a point) and in every scenario Mami is still the more experienced senpai between the two and these are all facts that need to be taken into consideration in determining who the strongest girl actually is.

So yeah I personally don't think Kyoko's advantages are enough to give her the crown of strongest girl based om the evidence shown within both the manga and anime but at the very least she is not the weakest girl since no matter how you analyze it that role will always belong to Sayaka if we are just talking about the original anime series and not the third movie because that's a completely different arguement in itself.

I'm also kinda curious once again as to why you seem to feel she would be able to defeat Homura in a fight because from my perspective the strong within the series are 1. Mami 2. Homura, 3 Kyoko not counting Madoka of course but when shes taken out I always felt this was the most obvious order of who was the strongest.

Also the stuff about Mami being outplayed and not wining fights makes no since to me at all to be honest...

The only fight she is recorded to not win is her battle with Charlotte because aside from taking down Kyoko both in the manga and anime and defeating the witch in episode 2 and its faimlers in episode 1 as well as taking down mutilple witches within the manga(this is actually shown) and also sharing a few victories as a team with Madoka and Homura within different timelines as shown in episode 10 she is also able to "outplay" Homura within the third movie of Madoka Magica as its shown with how the fight actually ends with Homura being trapped within Mami's ribbons and Mami also revealing that she had been studying Homura's action and was able to observe and determine that she did not shoot to kill.

I personally don't see many actual fights that have taken place both within the manga and anime that Mami was outplayed and not wining aside from what happened in episode 3 though I suppose you could count the time within the manga where she got injured trying to protect Sayaka and maybe when she fought Walpurgisnaut with Madoka in the first timeline.

But regardless Mami is actually shown to be the victory in 90 percent of her fights so I don't understand where you got the part about her not wining and being outplayed more than anything else since the anime and manga present otherwise.

Also what makes Madoka your least favorite?
Mami-Sexual Mar 25, 2016 2:56 PM
I actually made a mistake when I mentioned all the girls being strongest enough to fight on because Sayaka of course was yeah XD
Mami-Sexual Mar 25, 2016 2:28 PM
Well I'm happy to hear you finally got around to reading the manga.

Though based on everything you said it appears there a few things in context you did not pick up on or at least forgot to mention them in your post but I'll share some of those things with you now.

Firstly the part were you mention Kyoko being the strongest girl is something I personally don't agree with.

Now if one the main reasons your saying this is the case is due to the fight that took place between her and Mami I can assure you that the manga itself presents enough evidence to suggest that this is not case or it at least presents that its unclear who the strongest actually is though there is evidence that would suggest Mami is infact stronger and I'll explain why.

Firstly when it came to actual fight Between Mami and Kyoko did you take the time to analyze Mami state of being before and while this fight took place?

May not seem like a big deal but this aspect of the fight was huge and reason being is the manga took the time to illustrate before hand that Mami was in intense mental agony and distress over all the events that had taken place within her life as it related to her partnership with Sayaka ending in such a bad heart breaking way to Sayaka also becoming a witch and that fact that Mami partly blamed herself for what happened as well as her discovering the truth about magical girls which completely turned her purpose for living upside down.

Not to mention the intense amount of loneliness Mami had experienced in her life up to that point as it related to not having friends as well as losing her parents and her relationship with Kyoko also ending in such a terrible way was also highlighted.

The manga made sure to cram all these events all at once at the viewer right after Sayaka made the Witch transformation.

It was actually illustrated quiet a bit leading up to the fight how mentally distressed Mami was which is to say when she actually fought Kyoko she was not fighting in the way she normally would due to her frame of mind being a complete mess with all the events and revelations that had only just transpired.

One thing both the Manga and anime likes to show us in regards to Mami is how tactical, strategy driven and level headed she normally is when it comes to fighting an actual battle.

However the manga clearly displayed to us...or more like shoved it down our throats the amount of pain and anguish she was feeling while she was in search for Sayaka and everyone was aware of this being the case and its also highlighted during her actual fight with Kyoko due to that way she was acting and even the way she used up her magical energy on purpose so that she would die.

What I'm trying to say is the Mami that fought Kyoko was not the calm level headed Mami that she is normally portrayed as being thus she was not at full strength mentally when she actually fought Kyoko according to the context the manga presented to us before hand so if your using this fight to justify Kyoko being the strongest magical girl due to her fight with Mami I'm afraid there is enough evidence to suggest that this is simply not the case especially considering once again the type of fighter Mami is portrayed as being.

Had Mami been her normal mental self fighting Kyoko during this time then an argument could be made that Kyoko could be stronger..

BUT the fact that Mami was not in a clear mental state of mind and was still able to hold her own versus Kyoko to point of actually wining and being able to see through her illusion ability which she states after the fight actually shows that had Mami been her normal mental self the fight would have gone completely different and seeing as Mami actually won the fight despite everything she was going through mentally really says a lot about her and how strong she actually is.

If you go back and re-read some parts of the manga you'll notice all this information is presented in context.

One thing I kinda notice is even though you took the time to analyze Kyoko and her role within this manga I kinda feels like you did not quite take the time to analyze Mami 100 percent fully which leads me to the next bit you mentioned when you say that Mami is mentally weak.

Personally I once again feel like there evidence to suggest this is in fact not the case even despite what Mami herself says in the manga.

Now firstly its made very clear that Mami lost her parents at a really young far as the actual age goes its not said but seeing as she is 15 in the actual anime and and manga when she meets up with the other girls and the fact that a possible two time skips had taken place before hand would suggest that Mami was possibly 13 when she made her wish to Kyubey in order to become a magical girl.

Now the manga illustrates that from the very moment that Mami became a magical girl she made the decision to dedicate her life for the sake of battling witches and helping as many people as she could in the process.

it is displayed and mentioned that she was able to stay true to this path for more than a year..possibly two despite not having any friends, family or any type of support she continued fighting and becoming strong in the process every single day from the moment she made her wish.

Now honestly does this description of a person sound like someone who is mentally weak to you? Think about that for a second....

a 13 year old girl with no friends, family or support fights every single day in order to help others despite having zero support from the entire world.

I honestly just can't wrap my head around these being the actions of someone who is mentally weak simply because a person who is mentally weak would be unable to take this type of action especially at such a young age for as as long as Mami did.

In fact if Mami were a mentally weak person I imagine that she would have caved to despair the moment she made her wish to live on now knowing she would be forced to live in the world alone without her parents or perhaps she could have even caved into despair while continuously fighting alone when it came to all the witches she had to do battle with...but despite all that she was able to survive and become a strong ON HER OWN and became magical girl who everyone respects.

I mean not even Kyoko can say she was able to do that since when she first started off as a magical girl she had Mami there to guide her before she became strong while Mami on the other hand had no one but herself to depend on from the start.

Despite that fact that its mentioned that she is mentally weak I feel there is enough evidence to suggest this is wrong.

If anything I think the best word to describe Mami Tomoe is that she is very much "Human" just like every other girl in the series.

Is she a perfect person with no flaws?

Of course not but but every girl in the series has a flaw to them but one thing they all have in common is the will to Ulimately fight on despite whatever bad hand life deals them.

I also would like to put it into better perspective why Mami decided to end her own life at the end of them manga because despite not being happy this happened it makes lots of since as to why she decided on this course of action and I personally think in a way it was a very noble thing to do in a way only because rather than one day becoming a Witch and cursing other people after dedicating her life to help as many people as she could.

She made the Ultimate sacrifice in order to make sure that all her efforts up to the point were not in vain and in a since her actions can easily be interpreted that she was still in a way considering the lives of others which displays that despite never wanting to be a Hero of Justice she ultimately lived her life as a self sacrificing hero if you pay very close attention to all the actions she took over all right to the very end.

I'll also put something else into better perspective when it comes to Mami and use Homura as an example.

Okay so I'm sure I don't need to remind you what Homura's over all purpose in life was and how that purpose defined her as a person and gave her strength.

Homura's purpose was to Ultimately to protect Madoka in a way that's very simaler to Mami's desire of wanting to protect everyone she could from witches.

The reason I mention this is because of the comment you made regarding her being mentally weak due to the way she reacted after finding out everything regarding the soul gems and true purpose of magical girls.

One thing the series puts into perspective meaning both the anime and manga is that Mami had absolutely noting to live for aside from her purpose to protect others from witches just like how Homura had noting to really live for aside from wanting to protect Madoka.

And in episode 12 after all of her failed attempts at trying to save Madoka had finally caught up with her it was at that moment that Homura was on the verge of caving into grief as its shown right before Madoka appears and grabs her hand right before Homura completely gives up.

I personally feel like Mami dealing with the reality of finding out what a magical girls real purpose is equivalent to Homura reaching that point of feeling like she would not be able to save Madoka no matter how hard she tried to do so.

Both girls fought strongly for there purpose despite being alone and despite struggling hard for there ideals and after fighting a long hard battle its revealed to both of them that there struggles were in vain and thus they both reach a state of grief.

In Mami's case she was the most effected by the revelation of the magical girls ultimately becoming witches and cursing people because her ENTIRE life from the moment she became a magical girl was to save people from witches only to discover that all her efforts...all her struggles...all the loneliness she was forced to endure would all be for absolutely noting because she was destined to become the very thing that she was trying so hard to protect everyone from which completely devalues her very existence and purpose for living since its made very clear that her life was 100 percent focused on fighting to protect EVERYONE she could from witches.

So when you look at it from this perspective shes not mentally weak for reacting the way she did no more than Homura is not mentally weak for wanting to give up and give into despair after all her efforts to save Madoka time and time again would all be for noting from her perspective right before Madoka appeared before her.

Bottom line is when you look in context the way they both fought for there purpose and reason for living and why they fought and how they both reached a point where all there efforts appeared to be in vain you really can't blame Mami for the actions she takes no more than you can't blame Homura for almost giving up..or actually giving up ( if Madoka had not shown up when she did its implied she would have given up)

So yeah that's pretty much all I have to say regarding that...

Hopefully you'll take the time to read carefully everything I mentioned and I would also like to say that all that I have stated is information and evidence that can be fond within both the manga as well as the anime if you take the time to pay attention and analyze all the details no matter how small they are..

and as you can imagine I'm someone that pays attention to all the details especially as it relates to Mami since she is my favorite and for me my favorites are Mami #1 Sayaka #2 Kyoko hangs at number three while Madoka comes in at number 3 and Homura number 4.

Though if were are focusing on the different story manga by itself I would put Kyoko at number 2 honestly so at least we can agree on that somewhat XD
Mami-Sexual Mar 17, 2016 10:28 PM
oh wow....I see you finally changed your Homura Icon XDD how long did you have that last one? O.O Also totally random but are u interested in having another debate in relationship to Madoka Magica?? Only ask cause I came up with a fun idea to try for a video XD
Mami-Sexual Mar 11, 2016 9:01 AM
heres part 2 to the Hitomi video be sure to comment your thoughts when u get the chance to so please XD
Mami-Sexual Mar 10, 2016 3:23 AM
Its funny you mention the contuation theory you made becuase I just recently did the recording for that actual video and after I have completed the editing for that video I will be uploading it very soon to my channel(: I actually wanted to make sure once again that it was okay to use that since that particular theory is 100 percent yours. And I'll be sure to credit you fully once the video is done and the moment it goes up I'll be sure to let you know about it.

Also its great to hear your back on this anime scene again XD And I suppose the timing is perfect since lots of people feel this is going to be a very big year for anime due to all of the shows that are said to come out within it. Though I can't say I'm super impressed with this years line up thus far but that's another story XD Are you into anythng thats come out this year thus far?

Oh and interesting....whats your take Hitomi not being able to become a magical girl? And what don't you like about her? XD
Mami-Sexual Mar 8, 2016 11:52 PM
Hey long time no talk to XD how you been?? notice u been inactive for a while... also totally random but I was wondering since you seem to really appreciate the series that I would like to invite you to my Madoka Magica Youtube channel is 100 percent focused on Madoka Magica related content in the form of Reviews, Disscusions, Madoka Theories, Madoka Video game play, Madoka Quiz's, Madoka Unboxings and much much more XD My whole channel is based around Madoka Magica so if your interested in checking it out and seeing if it fits your fancy then I'll leave a link(:
tylerhenry1 Feb 9, 2016 6:37 PM
I'm expecting your return.
touzong Oct 14, 2015 3:10 AM
SAO: nice review :o true people hate it and like it but the hate community isn't even close to the community that loves it lol
Mami-Sexual Aug 22, 2015 10:17 PM
Have u had a chance to watch this anime yet? came out this season and I am really enjoying it myself
Mami-Sexual Jul 16, 2015 2:54 PM
so what are your thoughts on The Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki-chan?