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Jan 1, 2013
I spotted this anime a few years ago, but since my own mom died around that time, I had to put this off until I could give it a fair shake.

Happy Lesson is about a boy who lost his parents and was sent to an orphanage along with his sisters. Once he entered High School he was allowed to leave the orphanage and live in the house he grew up in. Except this time with 5 of his teachers wanting to become his new mom.

~Story 7/10~
The story itself isn't very unique, but I did find some of the elements of the show to be very ...
Dec 26, 2012
Acchi Kocchi (Anime) add
Acchi Kocchi is a fairly good comedy that is based on everyday things. The show does follow the basic anime forumlas (school, home-visits, beach, swimming etc..) but does it in a little more classy way.

~Story~ 5/10
There really isn't much of a story. The premise is pretty much the same as other random comedy shows, but has lots of romantic over-tones.
Tsumiki has a big crush on Io, but has no guts to say so or to confess to him. So, the other members of their group picks on her and sets her up with lots of romantic opportunities.
Overall, the show focuses mostly on random comedy that ...
Jun 18, 2012
A show I thought would never end.

After watching about 26 episodes of this, I really had trouble getting through this second season. The formula is exactly the same as the first season so I often felt bored and wanted to watch something else.
The romance is very light-hearted throughout most of the show, but occasionally there are some very good moments.
The harem fighting is nearly constant and you'll be able to see a different aspect of a couple of the supporting characters (Chika & Mayu).

~Character 7/10~
Although you do not meet new characters, the creators did deepen some of the supporting cast (Mayu and Chika) showing how ...
Jun 14, 2012
To Heart (Anime) add
Although To Heart is labeled as a romance series, it really didn't focus on that at all. This show mainly focuses on introducing new characters and giving them a little depth. The romance was put on the back-burner and left for the last two episodes.

~Character 6/10~
Since we were introduced to new characters so often it was hard to get to really know any of them. Akari, Shiho and Heroyuki were the main characters but I really didn't get the sense of really knowing them or knowing what they're thinking. Most of the characters seem very dense and unable to read body language.

~Art 8/10~
The art style ...
Jun 9, 2012
Sakura Diaries really pulls at the love strings the entire way through.
It really is an amazing story touching on taboos, reality and the difficulties of life in general.

The art style is your typical 80's and 90's look.
What grabbed my attention was how the artists paid so much attention to detail. The backgrounds were fully drawn, the frequently visited environments did not change at all detail-wise. It's as if they had a fully drawn out environment for every scene.
There is frequent nudity in this show, although you don't ever get to see anything "too" revealing or inappropriate.
This show is a very impressive work of art.

The sounds ...
Jun 8, 2012
Although Comic Party Revolution kind of continues where season one ended, this season does not hold an overall story-line, the art style is fairly different, and a whole lot of things were so different forcing me to hate this season right out of the gate. However, towards the end, I felt this second season was okay.

Character development did happen, but it didn't go as deep as I would like it to have gone. Lots of the episodes dedicated themselves to having the viewer learn about each character a little bit more (except for Subaru).
I apparently missed something because the character Subaru just suddenly appeared in ...
Dec 19, 2011
Working'!! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (12/13 eps)
Working'!! is the second season of a great show, but this season in particular seems to only kick the can down the road.

I like the concept that Working!! is using, however, the relationships and character development seem to be at near stand still. The season presents perfect opportunities for relationship advancements, but the characters are either simply too dense to notice what's happening or the writers are trying to delay an inevitable ending.

Character 4/10
I give such a low score because the character relationships do not advance very much. The biggest advancement so far is an exchange of text messages between Inami and Takashi. That's it.

Art, ...
Dec 13, 2011
Ouran High School Host Club is a show about really handsome guys making women happy. But they all hold a secret: their newest member is actually a girl. They keep the secret to themselves and must face different challenges to make sure it stays that way.

In all sense, this is practically a reverse harem. After a short while a sense of romance will be picked up by most of the club members and will constantly annoy each other by trying to advance their relationship with Haruhi, their new female club member. This goes on for quite a long time.

~Characters 8/10~
The character development is quite good, ...
Dec 11, 2011
Mixed Feelings
He is my Master, is a very... uninteresting show to say the least. Its true purpose is mindless repetition and ecchi shots, anything else is purely coincidental.

If you watch this show you must keep in mind that the show mainly evolves around middle schoolers, which means they all have a middle school mentality and do not know very much about adult life, other than the sexual parts. And the deciding factors throughout the entire series are contests between two or more people. So, for example when they were fighting for someones love, a contest would commence.

Story 5/10

There really isn't any story to go on since ...
Dec 1, 2011
Angel Heart (Anime) add
Angel Heart is such a beautiful and heart-warming show that can bring even the most hardened people to tears. Can it be fate? Or can it be a new start in life?

The show starts off with a quick pace. It starts with Xiang Ying aka Glass Heart assassinating a man in the park, but while she’s walking away, she over-hears a little girl trying to give that man an ice-cream cone and telling her dad that he can’t sleep or the ice-cream will melt. As a result, Glass Heart (the assassin) then decides to commit suicide by jumping off of a building. A year later, ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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