Jun 9, 2012
Romie-chan (All reviews)
Sakura Diaries really pulls at the love strings the entire way through.
It really is an amazing story touching on taboos, reality and the difficulties of life in general.

The art style is your typical 80's and 90's look.
What grabbed my attention was how the artists paid so much attention to detail. The backgrounds were fully drawn, the frequently visited environments did not change at all detail-wise. It's as if they had a fully drawn out environment for every scene.
There is frequent nudity in this show, although you don't ever get to see anything "too" revealing or inappropriate.
This show is a very impressive work of art.

The sounds were great. The English dub is surprisingly good for this show. The music was great and sometimes I felt that the voice-actors understood the emotions the characters were feeling. There isn't a lot of extra unnecessary dialogue and there isn't paragraphs and paragraphs of explanations, it makes things feel realistic.

The story is outstanding. Tonma goes to Tokyo trying to get into any college or university that he can. But the night before his important entrance exam, he is interrupted by his cousin Urara. She acts like a call girl (because he didn't remember her), getting Tonma both excited and upset, making him get sick with a cold. He fails his exam and runs into a beautiful woman named Meiko who is also taking the entrance exam. But he doesn't want her to know that he failed, so he lies and tries to go out with her anyway.
Along his journey's he will fail in virtually everything from obvious everyday things to big romance and important events. Disappointment after disappointment, it makes me wonder if he'll ever find love or find what he needs the most.

The main character Urara seemed to get the most character depth in the show. Although she is a high school girl, she is apparently very deep and her love for Tonma is also just as deep. Meiko has a surprising background to her and she turns to not be as bad as I thought she was. The other supporting characters get very little depth. But surprisingly enough, Tonma the main character this show is about, doesn't get as much depth to him as I wanted. Even until the very end, he seemed like a shallow-shell of a person.

I really enjoyed this show. The love strings were constantly being pulled and making me want to watch the entire show in one sitting.
I literally lost sleep over this.

Overall, a great show, something I wish was longer than just 12 episodes. But what I didn't enjoy was the ending. It left me confused and wanting more. The show ended with me having so many questions and so many things unresolved. I want more! More! More! More! More!