Dec 11, 2011
Romie-chan (All reviews)
He is my Master, is a very... uninteresting show to say the least. Its true purpose is mindless repetition and ecchi shots, anything else is purely coincidental.

If you watch this show you must keep in mind that the show mainly evolves around middle schoolers, which means they all have a middle school mentality and do not know very much about adult life, other than the sexual parts. And the deciding factors throughout the entire series are contests between two or more people. So, for example when they were fighting for someones love, a contest would commence.

Story 5/10

There really isn't any story to go on since the majoirty of the show was pretty much random. The story starts out with Izumi and her sister running away from home. While walking along a side walk they find a sign claiming that the owner of this giant mansion is looking for live-in maids and that is where it all starts. The story dives a little deeper about 8 episodes later, but it is almost completely irrelevant when there is so much randomness happening.

Sound 7/10

Although the sound wasn't top notch there were a few moments where the music was good and the music almost always suited the moods, that's usually because the moods were almost-always carefree and energetic.

Character 6/10
Although there is very little character development, this doesn't detract from the story. You will learn a little about each character but everything is pretty much skin-deep.

Art 6/10
The art is pretty much what you'd expect from a show that was released in the early 2000's. The art doesn't show a lot of ecchi moments, there are not a lot of panty shots, but there is a lot of cleavage and sexy dresses to go around. I suppose giving a middle schooler a sexy dress is less offensive than giving a 6 year old one, so there's at least a good thing.

Enjoyment 6/10
After a while I got very bored of this show. If there wasn't any ecchi shots going on, they would be doing some kind of mindless contest. Like before, you must consider a middle-schoolers mentality when watching this show. I don't typically like it when the main male protaginist is a pervert always wanting to grope every chick he sees, but in this case it was really bad when it was a middle schooler doing those things.

Overall, after 13 episodes I was finally relieved that I was done with this show. I thought it would be a good show, but all of my expectations were disappointed.