Jan 1, 2013
Romie-chan (All reviews)
I spotted this anime a few years ago, but since my own mom died around that time, I had to put this off until I could give it a fair shake.

Happy Lesson is about a boy who lost his parents and was sent to an orphanage along with his sisters. Once he entered High School he was allowed to leave the orphanage and live in the house he grew up in. Except this time with 5 of his teachers wanting to become his new mom.

~Story 7/10~
The story itself isn't very unique, but I did find some of the elements of the show to be very entertaining and cute. Some of it had comedy and some of it was simply fan service.
Just be warned, the harem fighting starts almost instantly and it is like being smacked in the face 10 seconds into the show.

Most of the episodes usually cover some basic anime formula elements. There is a Hot Spring episode, two with school festivals, etc... But in the end of the day, nothing really changes and everything is neatly tied back into a bow.
Each teacher has a dedicated episode that seemed a little ridiculous.

There are a lot of times where I didn't like what was going on because it seemed a little to much like a fantasy show.
For example, there were robots and exotic animals and super frilly outfits that no teacher would ever be allowed to wear.
It just seemed a little too much at times.

~Art 8/10~
The art is good, the backgrounds are well drawn and you get the usual frilly outfits, and extremely weird hair styles and hair colors.
The characters are sometimes drawn in a very cute fashion making me want to continue watching the show and favoring certain characters that don't get much time or character development.

~Character 8/10~
Since each teacher had a dedicated episode it was a great chance to get lots of character development done. It was interesting to see each teachers motivations and to see what makes each of them so unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the teachers and why they chose to become the mom of this one particular boy, but I was not impressed by the stories and reasons.
Some of the reasons seemed quite stupid while only one of them seemed natural and genuine.
Sometimes there would be family quarrels and it felt nice to know that my own family wasn't so dysfunctional.

~Sound 7/10~
As a musician I usually notice background music, but in this case, I don't remember any.
The character voices were done well, but I can't say the same for the English dub.
It is overly common to find some of the characters having really high pitched voices and I've become used to that fact.

Overall, I enjoyed the show because it was cute and a little romantic. It made me envious, yet relieved that my family wasn't so dysfunctional. There is a lot of comedy, but most of it is overly obvious. The romance part of the show pulled at my heart strings, but I am very disappointed in the ending, you'll probably see why.