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Sep 25, 2016
I've noticed that a lot of reviews for this series say that the person who wrote them did not finish said series - sure, there are some people who have finished the series, but the first 11 reviews are by people who, at the time they wrote their reviews, had not finished the series. So, as someone who's finished this series, I thought that I might as well add my opinion to the mix. No, I'm not going to be comparing this to Gundam IBO, Unicorn, both seasons of Build Fighters, or Thunderbolt - I'm going to instead compare this to Turn A ...
Jul 4, 2015
Preliminary (1/26 eps)
One thing I've noticed is that there are many different types of bad. There's the "cheesy" bad (see Batman and Robin), the "incompetent" bad (see The Last Airbender), and the "embarrassing" bad. But overall, there are 2 main types of bad: the "true" bad (where something that is bad really does suck), and the "good" bad (where something is bad, but it's so bad that it comes around from the other side and starts to actually be GOOD). If Master of Martial Hearts best represents the "rrue" bad, then Gun-dou Musahshi best represents the "good" bad.

Story - 10/10
The story follows Miyamoto Musashi ...
Jun 19, 2015
Have you ever stumbled upon a movie that you swear is a rip-off, only you then find out that it actually came before the movie that you swear it's ripping off? Like for example: Despite seeming like Gordy is a Babe rip-off, Gordy actually came first. The reason I mention this is because Sword for Truth feels like a Ninja Scroll rip-off - and there is grounds to compare the 2, since Sword for Truth has the gall to label itself as having "The Best Sword-Fighting Action since Ninja Scroll!"

Story - 3/10
Basically, it's the story to Super Mario Bros. Except MUCH more ...
Jun 7, 2015
Despite what some people might tell you, this is not a harem. Yes, it does have several women living with a man, but only one of them is interested in the man in question. The other 2 are just there because of the one who is interested in the man.

How big of an impact can a single phone call have on your life? Ah! My Goddess shows us just how big of an effect one supernatural phone call can have in what is easily one of the most charming anime I have ever watched.

Story - 7/10
The story to Ah! My Goddess follows ...
Jun 6, 2015
"What is a Puchidol? An adorable little pile of cuteness" - Me, in this review.

The way I view spin-offs is that they have 2 purposes: to provide more material for the fans of the show to enjoy or to draw in new fans to the main show. If a spin-off manages to do the former without doing the latter, I still consider it a success. So, in my mind, the best type of spin-off is one that not only provides existing fans with more content, but also manages to draw new fans in. And PUCHIM@S has managed to convince me to try ...
Jun 3, 2015
Well, since my last 3 anime reviews have all been negative, I think I'll write a positive review. And since I'm currently watching Diebuster as of writing this, why not review it's prequel? Since the 2 halves are very different, I'm going to be averaging out the score on most of them.

Story - 7/10 (first half gets a 5/10; second half gets a 9/10)
In a way, Gunbuster is basically half NGE and half Gurren Lagann - in that order. The story is basically what would happen if a female version of Shinji got chosen to pilot a robot to defend humanity, and ...
Jun 2, 2015
In the early 2000s, there were 3 anime that came out that were extremely controversial. The first of these 3 is obviously Elfen Lied - which, similar to how Cowboy Bebop is the most popular (and has the most critical acclaim) of the 3 "Space Western" anime, is the most popular and highest rated of the 3. The second one is Gantz, and it's one that I wouldn't be surprised if you had or had not heard of it - it's the "middle of the road" title in terms of popularity and critical reception. So, what title is the Outlaw Star of ...
May 28, 2015
There are certain issues that it can be rather tricky to handle in fiction of any kind. Drug addiction, suicide, sexual abuse, etc. One of these topics is incest - and while some shows have it to act as a commentary of sorts, for every show that does this (the only example that comes to my head is Koi Kaze), there's a show that has incest for the sake of incest. Like KissxSis.

Story - 3/10
The story to KissXSis is a rather generic harem/romcom story, with the only thing that's really unique about it being the incest. The plot of each episode ...
May 27, 2015
Now to talk about what I consider to be one of the best cases of the manga being superior to the anime, Rosario + Vampire.

Story - 10/10
15 year old Tsukune Aono enrolls at the Youkai Academy, due to the fact that no other high school will accept him, and while walking from the bus to the school, a girl named Moka Akashiya crashes into him - who reveals herself to be a vampire by sucking Tsukune's blood. After arriving at the school, he quickly realizes that the school is actually a school for monsters. And it turns out that Moka is in his ...
May 21, 2015
Well, I decided to randomly pick and complete something off of my "Dropped" list, and I chose to review this. And it turned out to be surprisingly offensive. So, let's get this over with.

Story - 3/10
The main element of a plot is that there's a "Honey" System at this high school called Houjou academy, which basically allows a normal student to enroll in a course normally reserved for rich kids; however, this requires a normal student to become a "honey" of a rich student, who becomes their "master". In a well-written comedy, this premise would likely lead to the "honey" getting assigned ...

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