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Nov 26, 2012
Complexity comes in many forms. Simplicity comes in maybe more.

Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge is a manga that hinges on an extremely thin thread to drive the story forward. The protagonist – the bored Yamamoto – borders on being so plain that forgetting his face in the next chapter can be a normal occurrence. However, he one day meets a large man with a chainsaw in the middle of battling a cute girl complete with a school uniform that has an extremely short skirt with no battle armour whatsoever. And she’s winning. Since Yamamoto is so bored with his life not knowing what to do, read more
Aug 7, 2011
Ever had a conversation on the internet that felt more meaningful than real-life ones? I’m sure you had. Anyone who has been on the internet for more than a week is familiar with this. The point is though, does this phenomenon take a place in your life? Does it matter to you whether the person you talk to online – and online only – is available or not? Sometimes, these kind of online conversation can mean so much to people, can be so helpful and encouraging. It can even upset them if the person they talk to is not available anymore. But to what extent read more
Dec 30, 2010
Shutting yourself in your room is so tempting. Nobody talks to you; nobody harasses you and most importantly nobody judges you. Finally peace and quiet down that pool of chaos that we call our mind. But that, as many things, is something temporary.

Welcome to life! Get ready for the best and biggest journey you’ll ever have. Meet Satou Tatsuhiro. This guy will accompany you on your trip. Or actually, you will be accompanying him on his trip. Satou is 22 year old and is an amusing character with idiotic quirks. You’d probably want to know that Satou has shut himself in his room for the read more
Aug 28, 2010
Panties in your face.

A simple yet daring sentence that sums up the situation of the start of Ichigo 100%. What more could a guy ask for?
Used panties in your face maybe. Something that almost happens in the beginning of the series because the girl didn’t take her panties off and is still wearing them. But hey, our hero is already having a nose bleed and couldn't be happier. But we can.

Ichigo 100% is a lengthy manga (for a romantic comedy) about Manaka Junpei who seeks the girl with strawberry panties. That is the whole point of the manga. At least in the beginning. Manaka sneaks read more
Jul 23, 2010
How do you recognize that you’ve watched a great show? Do you wake up the next morning and think about it the whole day? Do you talk to people full enthusiasm and passion about the show? Or did you just get that feeling that makes your heart ache and feel all good and warm inside? Kimi ni Todoke manages to do all this.

Kimi ni Todoke starts off as an anime that could make you wonder if you’re actually watching said series. The very first scene is practically a half-horror scene attempted by the animators to make you understand in a snap what kind of person read more
Jun 8, 2010
When someone dares to show his face in his hometown after five long years of absence, it is okay to slap the guy as hard as you can in the face. And with that, the intensity of the story is set.

Myself ; Yourself follows our hero Hidaka Sana who is a teenage boy with no extraordinary skills. He actually wears fashionable clothes, has one of the sweetest male voices on the planet and is caring for all of his friends. But that’s it, he’s just a guy in a T-shirt who pretty much is your average student sitting in the same classroom as you are, read more