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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season
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Ao no Flag
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Around 30 dakedo, Hatsukoi desu.
Around 30 dakedo, Hatsukoi desu.
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Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Jul 1, 6:26 PM
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shazzyy Jul 6, 11:19 PM
same except switch railroad and brotherhood. yeah, i hated the institute's ideas and beliefs a lot. it was a pain in all the right ways to go through their route. liberty prime was awesome lol! mhm, same here. it's fun to check through steam's recommended sometimes though. i rarely find anything crazy but it's a nice time killer.

i ended up not getting tokyo or celeste and instead got ffxiv. i kinda needed a multiplayer game to sink some time into and since its a monthly thing i can just cancel and resubscribe whenever i want. yeah, don't worry about adding me on steam. it's always nice to have new friends on steam or else i wouldn't even bother to post the link. i can't wait to play oneshot but i just gotta find a good timeframe to fit it into.
aw, that's awesome and really sweet. man, that's just great. i agree with that, gaming is really good at bringing people together.

that's nice, it's good to hear there are some things you like about serbia! mhm, i guess. honestly, it's some of the people here that make nyc what it is. even tourists themselves add spice to it. just pretty cool place to be i guess. i mean there a lot of negatives too but there are a good amounf ot positives to weigh it out.
man red, you're so mature. i admire that aspect of you a lot. thank you red.
shazzyy Jun 28, 8:55 PM
honestly, the brotherhood sold me for a good minute cause of how cool they looked but then i didn't really agree with them on a lot of things. i still completed their questline after doing a minutemen playthrough though. yeah, the power armor was much more fun to use than the previous fallout games. mhm, i am too. really? steam can be really funky with its algorithm sometimes. for some reason it keeps giving me hentai games every now and then just cause i played danganronpa once.

mhm, be sure to let me know how it goes! oh boy, the steam summer sale has come. i only bought dmc5 at the moment but i'm gonna be buying celeste, a hat in time, hollow knight, oneshot, and tokyo xanadu. i played all of them on other consoles before so they're going to all be replays. only ones that aren't are oneshot and tokyo xanadu which both seem really cool. i've been meaning to play oneshot for so long now too. not even pocket camp? aw, that sucks. animal crossing is great and really calming. oh yeah, i know her. she's the best and i really do hope she gets a voice next tes. it warms my heart to see older people play video games too.

yeah, i've heard that sentiment from the serbs i've talked to as well. i mean generally speaking some people tend to get tired of their home country despite how objectively cool it may be. nyc is definitely interesting, it's pretty cool and there's a lot of rad people here. i'm not very wealthy so i can't enjoy all of the delights of broadway or some other expensive places but it is a vibrant place for sure. i've thought about it a lot but i'm not too sure honestly. ideally, i'd like a job that lets me be creative and i'm passionate about and pays well but that's kind of everyone's fantasy job. i mean jobs aren't the end all, be all. there's a lot more to it so even if i end up with a job i'm indifferent to, i'm sure i'll find something else to occupy my time. i mean i've been doing that for almost the entire two decades of my life with school so i think i can manage. what a positive mindset! i dig all of those choices. i really hope you get to scratch those off your checklist someday.
shazzyy Jun 26, 9:02 AM
when i first saw the prydwen, i was so hyped. that was awesome and i think the brotherhood is probably my favorite faction aesthetically from fallout 4. definitely, i don't know why anyone would pick to kill danse other than out of curiosity. lol! nice going, that must've been a surprise for sure. yep, outer worlds. i don't actually know much about it myself either but it looks interesting and i'd be down to give it a try. i know it's pretty fallout new vegas inspired in terms of mission structure though. if i do get to play it, i'll definitely let you know my thoughts.

you're absolutely right! hobbies are great things and even though i may not have the time for gaming at the moment, that doesn't change the impact some games have had on me.

mhm and with graphic packs that give 4k plus clarity changes, botw looks awesome on cemu. hopefully, cemu works well on your computer. oh really? how long ago was that? i played the beginning portion of ultra sun and moon on citra and it worked well enough. there were occasional frame dips in battle animations but that was really it. oh, there's an updated version of majora's mask on the 3ds with much better models, i don't know how well that game works but you might want to check it out before running majora's mask on dolphin. i looked into the switch emulation sphere and there's this one called yuzu emulator which can run games but has a bunch of limitations. however, it might be ready by the time botw 2 comes out given enough time.
oh yeah, i played animal crossing new leaf twice, once on 3ds and once on citra. it actually works amazingly on citra for me, no fps drops whatsoever. animal crossing is such a great game for the soul. there's this old woman who plays animal crossing as a way to keep her brain well and it's just really heartwarming. here's the video. nah, the story is kinda confusing in general for 7. i'm not particularly worried if it can live up to the original or not, i kinda just want it to be its own thing, a reimagining rather than a completely faithful remake. ikr! it's actually amazing that the master chief collection is actually coming to steam! forreal and 2020 can only be better, gaming is getting doper and doper every year.

haha, i'm not too happy with any of my pictures enough to share them. honestly, i feel that way about a lot of things i produce but i that's just natural i suppose.
oh, serbia! i've talked to quite a few serbs on mal actually lol. do you like serbia? i live in nyc.
that sucks, what's your job anyway? do you like it? it's super understanding of you to try not to be a bother to others, i just find that admirable. i don't travel much really cause my parents don't have enough time to but when i'm older and on my own i'd love to travel around the world someday. going to venice, kyoto japan, and amazon rain forest would be my top picks though. where would you like to travel?
shazzyy Jun 24, 12:47 PM
danse had an awesome storyline, the whole twist of him being a synth was great and really brought into question a lot of the brotherhood's values. yeah, the brotherhood in 4 is pretty different from the rest and it sucks a lot of people didn't give it a chance. i went with the minutemen during my first playthrough though cause their questlines encouraged more exploration which was a good guideline that i used while playing 4. yes, thank god for mods! if it weren't for mods, i wouldn't have nearly as many hours into some bethesda games. i can agree with you on new vegas though, i remember kinda just aimlessly walking around in new vegas at the very beginning until i reached freeside. i feel like that's where the real game begins. ooo, bethesda handling worldbuilding and obsidian doing quests would be killer! sucks we probably won't see that anytime soon though since obsidian is with microsoft now. what do you think of obsidian's new game?

yeah makes sense! gaming, in general, is a pretty expensive hobby to maintain with constantly having to update specs every couple of year or year if you're really into having the best performance possible. not to mention all the accessories to go along with it. i can agree with you on that, i think for me the problem is that i have a lot of hobbies and sometimes i have to make sacrifices in time. over the past couple of months, playing video games has kind of been the one to take the fall for my other hobbies. if only time wasn't a factor, everything would just work out.
oh, the wii u emulator, cemu, is actually really solid now. it can run really well on most gaming pcs. i tired botw on mine and it works really well. the entirety of botw is now playable on it and there's even graphic packs plus mods that add a bunch of replayability. i personally haven't played much past the beginning but it seems to be working perfectly. citra 3ds emulator also works really well and majora's mask runs great on it too. i'm not too sure about the switch emulator though :/
keanu was great but i really liked ikumi nakamura, that one bethesda dev. she was really genuine and i find it way more appealing to see game devs who are truly excited to share their work. yeah the dog was awesome lol. botw 2 is gonna be fucking insane, there's no way they can mess it up. animal crossing, astral chain, and ff7 remake are all lookig great too but those are all console games. elden ring is a new one from rr martin and fromsoftware which could be really good. phantasy star online 2 is finally coming to the west which is gonna be great and halo infinite looks dope. doom eternal is gonna be a blast to play, id really knows what they're doing. i think those are generally most of my thoughts.

i'm mostly a nature photographer myself but i like to do architecture myself. i just think it's a fun side hobby that can be the source of a lot of inspiration for other things.
oh, that sucks. where do you live anyway? is it just really hot there? i hope you get time off work to travel! do you travel much?
shazzyy Jun 24, 8:36 AM
mhm! what's your favorite companion from 4? there are so many cool companions from 4 that it's hard for me to pick a favorite. i think i'd say new vegas is my favorite cause of the really elaborate quests. i've always loved side features in video games so i really enjoyed all the quests in new vegas. majora's mask is similar in that respect since there's a ton of great side-quests in that game.
the graduate is a good one and any of hitchcock's stuff like vertigo or psycho are definitely worthwhile watches. lawrence of arabia is a classic that i watched recently which i really enjoyed. outside of classics, her and good will hunting are both great films as well.
yeah, that is if we ever do get the next book lol! hm, then i gotta check out parks and rec when i have the time.
oh yeah, i've been meaning to read kafka but i haven't been able to snag it in any of my libraries that i typically go to.

yeah, that's why i have a nintendo switch, pc, and a ps4. i feel like that's the ultimate combination to get all the games you can play really. the thing is though i haven't been playing too many video games as of late cause i kinda feel unproductive doing so. if you ever do get the chance to check them out, you should do so! i mean there's always emulation if you really do want to play them. that's great to hear that you like the pokemon games, the older ones are typically better in my opinion. way more care put into those titles! mhm, well definitely let me know what you think when you get into metal gear.
oh, it is horror but it's more the psychological horror stuff than the real horror stuff. nothing is all that scary but some scenes might give you a bit goosebumps. the horror tag really shouldn't stop you though, there's barely any scary, scary stuff. the main focus of the show is the mystery/thriller aspect.
what really intrigues me about in search of lost time is it's incredible writing style! it's incredibly well-written and every time i read it i just can't help but think, "man if only i was that good at writing!" the story and characters and themes are all well done but it's really his writing style that elevates it for me.
oh, speaking of games, what did you think of e3?

not particularly, it's mostly been an exam-filled couple of months for me. i did do some photography though and traveled on car to some cool places to take shots. what about you? have you done anything cool over my hiatus? ^^
shazzyy Jun 23, 10:24 PM
it's all good! i'm just glad to be able to talk to you again.

ah, fallout is great. i love the whole atmosphere of the world and the old-timey aesthetic plus the dark humor. what's your favorite fallout? i've been wanting to play zero escape for a while now but i just haven't gotten the chance to buy them. ah overwatch, i used to play a lot w/ friends but i kinda stopped playing. i never got into hearthstone myself but i've always been intrigued by it.
oh i see, that's understandable! do you have any movies in particular that resonated with you though?
yeah, this season especially was not the best to say the least. those others are great shows though! i haven't watched parks and recs but it seems pretty dope from what i hear.
oh! haruki murakami is fantastic! my favorite from his is probably norwegian wood though, i love midori so much.

alright, my favorites eh? alright then let's get to it.
video games are probably the legend of zelda franchise with botw being my favorite game of all time and majoras mask a close second. i do love other game franchises though like metal gear, final fantasy, soulsborne games, and pokemon. i play smash bros kind of regularlyish with friends but that's about it in terms of multiplayer games.
for movies, i gotta say fantastic mr. fox is my all-time favorite and pulp fiction in second. fantastic mr. fox is incredible.
tv shows...i'd say my favorite is twin peaks, really interesting show and just a blast to binge through.
my favorite book has got to be in search of lost time by proust.
have you had any experience with any of these?
shazzyy Jun 23, 9:39 PM
pretty alright, just a bit bored. i read through our conversation to remember what we talked about last and i think the only question i had for you was: "what are some of your favorite video games, movies, tv shows, and books?" i think i'd still like to know the answer to that ^^

how are you doing?
shazzyy Jun 23, 9:19 PM
i opened comments again and i'm active again so if you wanna still talk for whatever reason even after i disappeared for so long, i'd love to still talk.
Lucas8x Jun 22, 4:15 PM
I understood .-.
I'm glad that you liked it :3
I watched the camrip version and it was better than I expected
Lucas8x Jun 22, 2:54 PM
So panda, it seems that you liked sunshine more than the first ?! u.u
Now the movie o/
Lucas8x Jun 13, 5:35 PM
Thanks panda <3
Hasnaspatia Jun 12, 8:01 AM
Hillarious! what's that :D, I even imagine the robot is tired with us troubling him too much. The way you portraying he is a happy man got me thinking about it.
Yeah I wonder how Shinkai got the inspiration from, is it from one of his closest friends or, even himself? The conveyance was on point and the iconic thing of him is that he is always showcasing the skies and birds, he managed how to express a message distinctly across the sky in the morning, sky when it's on its peak that is noon, evening and night. I admire those. Okeeey hope you enjoy and it won't disappoint!
Hmm it's not that way, to be honest. I mean, I am aware I am being too dramatic. romanticize and daydreaming myself how the workplace should be, and the workplace isn't gonna go that way before I know it.
Eeh.. I was genuinely thought you were a bartender. Haha I get that a lot. I guess it looks like you want to deliver responses in assertive, and straight-forward fashion, probably the one who blaming your accent was got beaten up yet wouldn't accept the defeat.
To dare to be communicative is like what Forrest Gump said, a box of chocolate, I mean, you have the 50/50 either some delight or disappointment But how satisfying it was, the superiors really heard you and the reason you deliver surely was nailed it.
I am into Tech like you were, developing mobile apps, like other MAL's creatures here, computer programming stuff, t's just too common makes me mad sometimes when I had to realize it :p.
Lucas8x Jun 10, 7:19 PM
Oh good c:
That's good, well ... the sunshine plot is the same so... I hope you enjoy ^^
Yes she is so cute <3, I think you would like more of the Third years in Sunshine, they have a very nice relationship.
DO IT!! :p

Lucas8x Jun 10, 7:03 PM
did you like? c:

;-; ?
Lucas8x Jun 10, 6:15 PM
Enjoy :3