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kebivoj May 25, 2:21 AM
i enjoyed cote but your review is 100% spot on and its written beautifuly. kids here coping cuz they saw character manipulating using his brain for the first time
EfhhRacso May 17, 4:29 AM
Out of all reviews from anime I've also watched,

I've wanted a low COTE review for a long time, and thank you for granting one onto the front page of MAL.

In my opinion, these are my opinions for putting it at a 2/10 for me:
First of all, to clarify something, I am reading both the manga and LN of Classroom Of The Elite, so to anyone who disagrees with me, I am fine with it, but I am only clarifying that so that I am telling any COTE anime lovers out there that I've read COTE and knows the standards of COTE
1. They really just botched the timeline, don't get me wrong, I understand some animes need to branch out from the source and expand the episode count a bit, but it's way different for COTE. COTE was meant to be watched/read in the order of how COTE handles it, especially since year 2 came out, messing up the timeline means messing up the history of the series, therefore, making the future adaptations probably way worse than they should've been
2. The "beach" episode, episode 7, the episode itself is a mistake, it was neither faithful to the LN nor does it serve a purpose as a nearly anime-only episode(It does make references to a certain extent, but it gives the feel of an anime-only episode due to the poor writing and direction)
3. Some parts were edited out(From what I can guess, it's probably due to time constraints of each episode), even though all the scenes that were not adapted were minor scenes that are not really important for the plot, that is where the problem lies, taking something away from the source means that the adaptation is already taking a different turn, or at least in a direction that isn't how the author viewed it. The plot without those scenes felt lacking, and overall the character development scenes just didn't give off the same power as the LN.

The only reason I even put it at a 2/10 is because of the opening, the opening was a banger tbh.
u_zech Apr 22, 1:23 PM
I still like your reviews a lot. Especially your Sangatsu no Lion and CoTE review.
Rhapsody- Feb 22, 1:51 PM
It's nice to come back here every now and then and confirm again that CoTE fanboys are still as immature and brainless as the serie itself
Bruh-__- Feb 21, 4:14 AM
I'm not gonna bash you like others for cote but dude it's actually really really good whether you like it or not
It fell short at some places but still pretty damm good nonetheless I respect your opinion
Pred8r Feb 21, 4:08 AM
I don't care about other reviews mate but try Classroom of the elite once again it's really good I dunno why are you are a so hard critic ....
There's a reason why it's ln sales have been one of the highest in Japan
Lukas-Kun077 Feb 20, 8:07 AM
Your review from sangatsu was unreal, pure, beautiful and definitely touched me in the bottom of my heart
DuckCXL Feb 3, 11:38 AM
Wdym good classroom of the elite review? This guy's ratings are horrible. His average rating is a 4 and drops over half of the anime he watches, which shows that he doesn't like anime at all. Maybe he should go touch some grass, lol.
cosmico456 Jan 24, 4:47 PM
good classroom of the elite review
DuckCXL Dec 31, 2021 9:38 PM
Lmao this dude doesn't understand classroom of the elite, it seriously teaches a very valable lesson in society so that history won't repeat. Rating a valable anime very low not only shows your hatred for that anime, but nevertheless shows a lack of understanding and indifference. 3/10, lmao.
Ululululululu Nov 21, 2021 11:07 PM
love live school idol project has a better rating than classroom of elite? ik both far from masterpiece but your review make me wonder
either this dude a massive fatty who drooling over waifus or he likes a whimpy tropes mc
Tafim Sep 30, 2021 12:10 PM
I wonder how ppl find your Classroom of the Elite review helpful! I loved it.
Maybe you and those ppl drop animes after watching only 2/3 ep! lol
Rhapsody- Sep 29, 2021 6:48 AM
Man... Liking Classroom Of the Elites in a non-ironic way sure fucks up your brain. Comments in this profile are proof of it.
vasudevP Sep 5, 2021 4:16 AM
It does blow my mind, how spewing irrelevant nonsense and calling it a review can impress the masses. Honestly impressed by you!
Zer0fSpade Aug 28, 2021 2:26 PM
This dude's whole purpose of watching anime is just to drop them, thats sad.