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Sep 17, 2019
Totsukuni no Shoujo tells the tale of a young girl and her otherworldly guardian living amidst of a forlorn forest. At first glance, their life together is harmonious and their relationship heartwarming; on further inspection however, something seems off…

It is hard to shake the sense of eeriness arising from the black-and-white juxtaposition of the young girl and her guardian whose behaviour strikes one as rather odd: during the early sequences of their everyday life he seems to frantically avoid any form of physical contact with the girl, instead opting for workarounds that do not require touching her.

The origin of his peculiar behaviour is slowly unravelled ...
Jul 5, 2019
Calm (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
The world of experimental shorts is generally left unexplored by a large part of the community. And even among the few looking for obscure content, a great many of these shorts will remain "heard of" but ultimately untouched, with only a few notable exceptions. This may be because word of mouth and exploring for yourself are really the only ways to find some of the gems hidden in the rubble, or because people aren't all that interested in these experimental but oftentimes meaningless works to begin with.

Calm is no different, offering only an ambiguous two-act daydream rather than a fleshed-out narrative and a faceless, nameless ...
Apr 4, 2018
To Mrs. Sa——, Leiden.
Leidenschaftlich, Dec. 11th, 17––.

You will rejoice to hear that the war has officially ended. Your brother is truly relieved to finally be able to breathe freely again; my fellow citizens, too, let out a collective sigh of relief. The alleys are filled with a comfortable bustle like they used to be; people’s faces don’t display a worrisome gloom anymore. Businesses are booming throughout the whole town and your brother, too, has found a place of employment in a mail and ghostwriting company. There, it is my job to deliver the letters ghostwritten by our so-called Auto Memory Dolls—women who listen to one’s ...
Mar 31, 2018
A shrill. As he stretches to fight the leftover sluggishness of a satisfying sleep, he decides to step out on the balcony. The warm wind of a mellow morning slowly brushes past his fragile frame as if greeting him friendly. The sunshine reflects from the river just beneath the railing; a lustrous shimmer signals the change of seasons. He leaves the apartment. A lot has changed over the past year: his listless demeanor is all but gone; he has made friends and acquaintances—he isn’t alone any more. His steps have become strong and determined. He has moved on.

This show is not about him. Just like ...
Mar 27, 2018
Often called the springtime of one’s life, one’s days of adolescence are a time of many firsts: the first time you skip class without your parents knowing, the first time you go on a journey with no destination and maybe even your first love. It is during these days that the innocent and inexperienced bundles of insecurities that are teenagers finally break out of their shells and the small buds turn into full-fledged adults.

Or at least they should.

Unfortunately, such is not the case for the gung-ho goofball Mari: when she finds an old notebook filled with scribbles of her past self’s wishes for her high ...
Mar 22, 2018
Yuru Camp△ (Anime) add
The sun is setting. The cold breezes that brushed through the yellow-green grass just a few minutes earlier have left the plains. In front of a small camping tent, Rin is comfortably seated in a folding chair, reading a book. A while has passed and she decides to put down her warm cup of cocoa, close her book and stretch; a puff of breath turns into a small cloud and slowly fades away. She looks at her surroundings: a huge, empty field of grass, a small forest and a clear view of a Mt. Fuji tinted in a friendly pink. Rin is on another of ...
Mar 6, 2018
*Royalty-free fanfare*

What is up Trash Alert Nation? It’s your host PizzaOnPineapple and let’s get roigggght into the review!

The first topic today will be kind of shocking to many of you: recently, there has been a large increase of buddhists among young, lonely adults that spend all of their free time in their room watching anime. While there doesn’t yet seem to be a clear answer to the question as to why that is, many experts have formed a consensus: the reason is this movie!

How this could happen, you ask? It’s simple really. These innocent young men were tricked into watching this piece of buddhist propaganda! ...
Feb 14, 2018
The Night is Short is a movie of contradiction: its events are chaotic but organized, held in closed groups which all intermingle; the night is short, yet spans an eternity. And at the very center of it all, one raven-haired maiden leads the way.

This girl - a free-spirited and optimistic woman in her early twenties - serves as the movie’s driving force and a foil to everyone around her. Stumbling from party to party, she unites groups of people which at first glance seem to have no connection, but are all related in one way or another. She brings joy to those glooming over a ...
Dec 22, 2017
Strolling through a grey and barren wasteland, two girls are on a journey. Rations are their only food, each other's company their only comfort and a Kettenkrad motorbike and a protect rifle their only partners. This is a story about a post-apocalyptic future, cultures lost in war and appreciating the little things in life.

Few future settings display the thoughtfulness present in Girl’s Last Tour: war has, multiple times, left its mark on Earth and humanity. The numerous layers of the forsaken and metallic city tell tales of many civilizations long gone; their technology gradually grows more sophisticated and the cityscape more complex by the layer. ...
Dec 20, 2017
Urahara (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Note: This review contains minor spoilers.

Urahara is a highly entertaining joyride rich in craze and color. However, its inexperienced staff fails to blend its creative concepts in a cohesive fashion.

Set in Harajuku, the show does a great job at adopting the district’s zany culture. It celebrates art and creativity, both of which are sought after by the Scoopers - the alien invaders threatening to steal all of Earth’s culture and creativity. What initially seems like trivial tale of weekly mahou shoujo-esque monster-of-the-week turns out to be a commentary on what constitutes creativity and the relation of artist and popularity. The transition between the two may ...

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