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Michiko to Hatchin
Michiko to Hatchin
Aug 14, 11:05 AM
Watching 10/22 · Scored 7
Aug 14, 11:04 AM
Watching 10/22 · Scored 6
One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
Aug 13, 7:31 AM
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Haritoge Clemmie to Ou no Ie
Haritoge Clemmie to Ou no Ie
10 hours ago
Dropped 4/29 · Scored -
Chidaruma Kenpou - Onorera ni Tsugu
Chidaruma Kenpou - Onorera ni Tsugu
Aug 24, 6:11 AM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 5
Babel no Toshokan
Babel no Toshokan
Aug 22, 7:00 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 6


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VoidSinner Sep 16, 3:42 PM
No need to apologise, everyone is busy in RL once in a while (or often, I don't judge ^^). So no, of course I'm not mad. I just hope you can have some relax time in now after the busy times. If it is over that is.

Don't think I'm a real cat person..... not that I hate them or something. I think I just like the positive energy a dog emits. They are always happy to see you, they think you are awesome, they really miss you when you are gone. In my bad judgement I think cats aren't like that, mostly I mean, there are always exceptions. Do you know this saying: Be the person your dog thinks you are. And very nice you read my messages carefully, not that I'm gonna test you or something ;)
Those are some nice powers. So ok, I'm down for that. Funny thing, I just finished reading a comic with a cat girl, not like in manga, but a mix between western and asian influences. So this would be me:

Everyone talks to their pets, I'm pretty sure that is a fact indeed..... crazy people.... all of us.
Cool, I love the history of WW2. Seen so many things about it, very interesting. And indeed, you can find a lot of old relics from the war in Europe.
Not a real camping or tracking kinda person. I like a Hotel, preferably in a big city. And you, you like the outdoors?
Hahaha, yeah that was a bit of boasting indeed. But it is true, where I live the density of amusement parks/museum/ etc. is the biggers in the world, or at least very close it it changed recently.

I put those movies on my to watch list, will take a while to get to them probably, not a big movie person.... but with friends it is fun to watch a nice movie.
Well, I guess I know what will happen next. If they stay close to the original story. If they do it will be awesome! And hell yeah, I watched all episodes and movies of Futurama.

Sweet, Jojo. I liked the anime I watched, first three if I remember correctly. Will watch the rest at some point, was good fun so far. They only manga I have seen so far that peaked my interest a little is Komi-san wa. So who knows if I will try it at some point ^^

Yeah, if you are going to die, or be awoke in the future, you should look cool af.

Yeah fair enough, Aqua isn't the best one to copy..... although she is funny while doing that pouting/crying. But ok, I'll follow a better example....

Hahaha a good bad pun again! I love them. The earth is shaped like a pancake...... also round.

Hahaha I smiled when I opened your reaction, thanks xD Guess it is a bit easier to talk about it without the fear of being judged. Yay for the internet.
And yes, I can reassure you I reached out for help. I talk about it with a few close friends and I have professional help. As a matter of fact, I'm starting tomorrow with group therapy, and I will probably also get emdr treatment. So I have a little hope it will be ok in the long run. Thanks for asking <3

No worries, I just like to complain that it is hard. But to be honest.... I like it, helps me discover new shows.
75/100, again over double my score. Well done sir!

Ok, here we go again, anime girls, this one should be easy for a girl..... right? Yes! I also got 13/28, a point for both of us.
And series, and it is hard.... ok, prepare to be shocked! As expected.... only an 8/30 :(

Well, I found this one.... males! Can you tell I like girls? 3/50 xD I do like the opening ones, not that I'm good at them.... 20/100
VoidSinner Sep 1, 7:18 AM
Hehe the eternal battle between dogs and cats. And it is not that I don't want a dog or something, but I just feel it isn't fair to them with me being away so often. The thought of a doggie sitting home alone wondering if I will ever get home again is too much.
And me...... a cat GOD..... well why not I guess. A god is a god. But what powers would one have?
Hahaha yeah, the feeding them part is about right. And the talking was too sometimes xD
Yeah! Middle sized cities rule! Virtual high five! Sounds like you have a lot of interesting sites in close proximity, that is always nice. Here it is a lot of forests, even some protected ones, a lot of monumentsm WW2 era bunkers and a zoo not too far away. And a lot more but we don't have all day ^^
And you should go to the zoo and/or oceanarium at some point.

My movies..... hmmmm lemme think for a sec, not a bog movie person either. I really liked Big Fish, 50/50, South Park, Rick and Morty, Futurama, LotR of course, Matrix 1, and a bunch more.
From your picks I haven't seen: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Man from Earth, Oldboy. But the others are solid picks. And the Boys is awesome, I have the comics as well, and the did a good job on it.

Nope, balcony is very plain, a few chairs and that is all. Boring eh.
Haha yeah that is correct. At the moment I'm reading Aphrodite V, very nice. And you? Reading a manga at the moment?

Haha, yeah to drink away my sorrows. My own unhealty coping mechanism....... but no, IR I don't drink that often. No.... I haven't tried reptile yet.... so it it tastes strange we would know what it tastes like. I just hope we don't turn to stone while eating.

Looks like I have to practice my crying before we embark on our great adventure. Oh, and pack a lot of socks to change, just to be sure :p

Hahaha yeah it does suck. But that is the magic of those jokes. Jokes can be good and funny or they can be lame, stupid or boring. But once you pass a certain level of bad it becomes funny again. Got another one for you: Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bagels....... Badum tss.

Yeah it is a pretty good portrayal of what it feels like to have mental issues. So I kind of strugle with it, I want to watch it, but it eats away at my limited energy. Also, here is a very nice short about depression, I show it to everyone that is dear to me to give them a better insight it what I'm going through with depression: Makes me cry everytime I watch it :'(
And thanks for not spoiling the end <3

Cool, I might just look up that part about the explaining technology and the world, that sounds interesting. And the do hint to her sexlife a little in the anime I think, but not a lot. So this is a nice eyeopener. Part of being a human I guess.

Again you have an almost perfect!
Anime opening, easy you say..... nice. I'll aim for 32/65........ well shit..... 13/65, you said it was easy :s 34/100
GayBoi6969 Aug 27, 6:56 PM
I haven't ventured much into foreign bands if i'm being honest. A little bit here and there when i was dabbling into Folk Metal, but outside of that not really. If you've got any recommendations i'd love to have them. I'm not very picky. Yeah, i 100% get what you mean. The only time i listen to the radio is when i'm driving to work/school. I don't have a phone currently, but when i do ima just play what i want via aux lol.

It's kinda like an online radio, but more so something along the lines of MAL. It can track what music you listen to via Spotify or, if you have chrome, you can get an extension that allows it to track YouTube as well. It's nothing fancy, but it does give out decent recommendations. Just something i like toying with but nothing extraordinary.

Aha yeah, i won't. If i don't like something, i just dump that artist forever. I haven't really went through the problem of forcing myself to listen to genres i don't enjoy since there is just so much music out there i'll probably never get to that point. Doing that with anime sounds far worse than music though. Since, you have to visually watch it.

The only reason why i don't like kpop, is because i'm not a huge fan of pop either. And, since i don't speak Korean, it's just not really worth looking up translations for songs i don't enjoy. I mean, there might be some kpop out there i could possibly enjoy, but for the most part, i avoid the genre as a whole. At least for now.

GayBoi6969 Aug 24, 12:42 PM
Ah, i see. I'm a huge lyrical nut, and usually i feel like that can either make, or break a song. One of the reasons why the crap played on the radio these days irritates me so much is because every song pretty much spreads the same damn message, and similar choruses. But, that's all personal preference ofc.

As far the oldie binge goes, if i'm being honest, it's because i care a little too much about my stats on
I'm trying to hit like, 3000 total artists since i think that'd be cool. Plus, i mean, i'm open to every genre except kpop and mumble rap, so i'm trying to be as diverse as possible. Don't want to bat an eye, or in this case, an ear, to any potential gems.
VoidSinner Aug 18, 6:56 AM
Hahaha so many questions indeed! So you are more of a cat person. Nothing wrong with that of coure, but I don't really like them too much. Although they tend to like me and behave very affectionately to me. They probably sense that I'm a pure and good person xD
I try to visit him at least once a month, but he lives a fair distance away.
Did I name my fish..... I think I named them after characters from the Donald Duck comics, I liked those when I was a kid.
We have a lot of zoo's here, but not that much locations where they only have aquatic animals. So mainly in the zoo I guess. And in the wild as well if it is nice weather and the sun is shining on the water. And hell yeah! I like animals because I'm a party animal, hahahaha.
Hmmm big city, not really, I think it has around 52k residents. But it is close to one of the bigger cities in my country, that holds about 350k residents. So I can choose where to go.

And how about you, big city? Any cool attractions or awesome sites there? Oh and a random one: what is your favorite movie and/or serie besides anime?

Yeah that kinda works. When the weathers is nice I go and sit on my balcony, reading while I drink.... or was it the other way around? It does feel a bit like a holiday.

Hmmmm... fair point. So maybe we should start the heavy drinking after the meal so we can do either of the options. But I'd still drink a few during the meal ^^ After god we should find a cockatrice and find out if it tastes like chicken or reptile.

Dangit, my other only weakness, getting tied up. Guess I can only do one thing against that, cry and hope you take pity on me. A girls last resort to anything ;)

Yeah, I can try to get you, but I don't think you would have much trouble stopping me. But I can try :p
Fair enough, but it was a very lame joke, but the good kind of lame. I really appreciate those kind of jokes. Like: what do you call a sad cup of coffee? Depresso.

Perfect indeed, just like me....... hahaha, I don't even believe that myself. And yeah she it from Madoka indeed, stupid thing is that I knew her name, but it simply did not come up at that moment. Just like I always forget Eren's name from AoT.
That are a lot of correct answers, this time it is really impressive. 167/200 is very good.

NHK is nice so far..... not sure if it is the best pick for someone struggling with mental issues. The first viewer review was spot on: "Some times it was amusing to watch, sometimes it was painfully." But I will finish it for sure.

title and creator...... I got a bad feeling about this one..... goal is 15/55. Brb. Ok pretty close again, 17/55. Not the best I've done. Well this one was pretty easy, 18/20. So lets look for another one and concider this a warmup ;) Got 23/50. not too bad for me.
VoidSinner Aug 11, 12:34 PM
Hell yeah, I like animals. Sadly I don't have any of myself. But when I visit my dad I can play with his dogs. I used to have fish when I was little, I do still like to look at fishes in zoo's and stuff. I simply haven't got enough space for a dog or something. I live in the centre of a city and I'm not home a lot of the time. So I would feel very bad for that dog sitting home alone.

Hmmmm, a little pool...... that sounds nice. Set it up next to my computer and I'm golden. Unlimited internet acces goes a long way xD

Well, if we are eating god we might as well get hammered. We will need the buzz to think of what will top eating god.

Oh noes..... psychological warfare.... my one weakness! I only have one solution when encountered with this, scorched earth! Because you know what they say: when you're trying to solve something by using brute force and it doesn't work, you aren't using enough of it.

Be afraid! I will get you again at some point. Most likely because of luck or bad luck on your side...... but I'd still take it!
That was close indeed, only 3pts. But still a good job on your part. I was puzzeled what food you meant....... but after only staring at my previous message for like 5 minutes I got it...... *shame*..... Was a cherry-roll :p
Hahahaha, the laugh of that guy was priceless. Made the joke actually funny xD Reminded me of this one, old but gold because of all the laughing! I will always make me laugh.

Oh oh, a name quiz. Goal is 25/100. Oh shit, here we go again.... Just whow..... I actually got exactly 25/100. I was stuck on Homura for the longest time..... did not get it in time.

Sneaky you! But ok, I'll allow it ;) - 59/200. Mind the timer!
VoidSinner Aug 4, 12:15 PM
Hiya Ace.
Yeah, that bathtub worken well, but once you get out it began again. Wish I could live in there. But it is a lot better now. Around 25 degrees, and that is fine. And no.... no jumper for me. It is summer, so I wear summerclothes... no matter the weather.

Yeah true, when I got the chance I would try it. And what drink would go well with god-meat? A fine wine I guess. I'll bring a few ^^

Hahaha yeah, I like those faces. They look kind of tough, strong, very capable, dangerous, and there is still room for a bit of cuteness in there. But that might also be their behaviour at some points, the "relation" between Koko and Valmer.

Oh oh.... but now I know you will wait for a while before strinking...... or is it reverse psychology...... dangit. Got my eye on you!

Thanks! Guess I'm getting a bit better at these quizes because we did a bunch of them. I remembered a bunch of them and sometimes I can tell just by the by the art style alone. And you did a 30/51, again a nice score on this "easy" one...... wasn't easy for me :(

10 to 1 complete anime title? What is that about...... oh we will see. Aiming for 15 correct. Go!
Nice, pretty close, did a 31/55. Some lucky guesses at the end tbh :p A quiz with several categories. I did a 36/60, I'm on a roll!

Oh yeah, +1 for the Scrubs gif, love it xD
VoidSinner Jul 29, 3:07 PM
Hi Mr. Pet Detective ^^
Pfff, I got a rash all over my body from the heat and sweating.... it still isn't completely gone either and it itches like crazy. How do you cope with that..... no idea. By doing as little as possible I guess, being ultra lazy thus xD
But I'm very glad the temperature went down the last few days. Tomorrow it will be a cool 27-28 degrees.

Omg, a portal to a random Isekai.... that could turn out pretty bad if you get the wrong one. Unless you get all super strong and smart when you go there.
Yeah indeed, how can you tell if anything is actually (a) god. Questions sees like a pretty safe bet, unless you ask the wrong ones. And you would..... try to eat it? Hahaha, ok god, one final question.... can I nibble you for a bit.... no, no specific reason, just curious how you taste.

What do you mean "if" I get distracted. Of course I will..... and I'd fall happy. And if they catch me that is a bonus. Oh yeah, Kazuma would be fun to have with you. He's not as useless as Aqua :p She is actually usefull, but it is fun to say she isn't. I have her pouty face in my mind now, haha.

Well, guess I'll be on alert mode from now on. No tickles will get past my solid defence!

Fun! Agreed, that is what counts, especially because I'm losing xD

Yeah, I got told that Seirei no Moribito was a good show to watch. It's on the list, together with 100+ others, peacefully waiting for me to watch them.

Yeah, the timer was pretty brutal, I had to rush through the last 15 pics or so. Oh well, not that I would have had a much higher score anyway. 52 correct, I expected nothing less from my master of Anime ;)

Opening screenshots..... this could be hard, but I'll be optimistic for a change, aiming for 15/55. Lets go! Yay, 20/55, happy with that. I recognised a few more but couldn't think of the names. For me a measly 8/51 :(
VoidSinner Jul 24, 3:34 PM
Lazy for the win! Why do stuff when you can just sit and look at your wallpaper! Am I right :p
Hot..... very hot. Today it was around 38 degrees outside, pfffff.

Man, it would be one of the craziest thing in a long time if they actually storm that treasure trove of secrets. They will find the fake moonlanding stage, proof that earth is actually a cube, who killed JF Kennedy, and of course a zombie virus.
Yeah, lets go through all their books and hidden documents! Sounds like fun. What if you did actually find god...... what would you do?

Earlier today I saw the bit Gigguk made about this disaster. It make mefucking cry like a baby. And yeah, that go fund me is awesome. This will surely help all the people involved. I'll probably buy a blueray from them or something like that.

Hahaha, I'll take my favorite stuffed bear with me and a.... waifu (I like girls indeed, hench all the girls in my favorites list :p).... lets see, someone that can actually help me would be nice. Guess I'll name Sofia Valmer or Chiquita (Jormungand) my waifu for a trip like this, they are strong and can help me climb and catch me if I fall. Yeah yeah, a practical thinker I am. Who whould you take if you could actually take a waifu/husbando?
Yay a bellyrub! Plz no tickles. And why wouldn't I be happy if someone is having a blast doing what they like? Well, come to think of it, a lot of people don't care or get even jealous..... thats people for ya.

Who's keeping scores anyway..... I would if I was winning xD And nice, I'll take that 50%.
62, gratz! I guessed that you would get double my score, but you even surpassed that with 10. Good job!

Fair enough, a 6 is still ok I guess. I just liked the story and how they created a gritty realistic world. And as you already noticed above, my fave is Sofia as well, closely followed by Chiquita. But indeed, most of them are really attractive. Very gpod examples of the strong female "leads" I like in anime.
Hahaha I see you already put1 and 1 together ;)

Oh nice, character names. I think I can do this. Going for 15/80...... fingers crossed. Not too bad, 22/80. I'll take it! 25/70. Probably too easy for you ^^
VoidSinner Jul 22, 7:54 AM
Oh noes.... that blows. I do that as well so now and than :/
Too short.... way too short. And you are correct, I'm kind of lazy indeed. Not always, but pretty often. Glad that makes two of us ;)

The US.... well I guess it is just how some of them behave and how full of themselves they can be. Really annoying. Although I understand that not every state is like that. I would rather go see other countries I guess.
Hahaha yeah, the Area 51 memes. They are pretty funny. Doubt that it will happen irl, but still funny. I even read that the US army is having meetings to prepare for this, just in case. And let them have the aliens, we will storm the Vatican and get the Predators.

And how about Kyoto Animations..... I had to hold back the tears when I read about it. Man..... guess when you are a fan of their work it hits home a lot harder, compared to a business that you don't know I mean. But every lost life is one too many :(

Yeah, it looks fucking terrifying. Don't know if I would be able to climb that. But next to that it looks like an awesome experience. Aha, got it, no jumpy off that mountain, but just another activity. That makes it a lot less scary tbh.
I like my life boring and predictable most of the time.... guess that is anxiety for ya. But I do hope you will be able to go soon, knowing that you would have a great time there makes me kind of happy as well ^^ And yeah, money is often the problem with a lot of nice things.

Lol, an inside out person, already have a nice picture in my head xD

To be fair, I usually set the bar way to high for myself. So this is good practice to lower it a bit more AND not get mad at myself when I don't make it.
And finally! I got a point as well! Yay..... what is it now? At least 10-1 I think xD

Ooofff, you only had 14/100...... this doesn't look good for me. I won't set a bar for this one, can't be disappointed when you have no expectations.

Whow..... just whow..... I got 3/100. Still managed to dissapoint me. I only knew: Ghost in the Shell stand alone complex, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop...... Ok, after checking the list I don't feel as bad, I only watched 3 of the other 97 shows. 28/100. Not too bad, but I know you will win this time ;)

Oh yeah, I watched Jormungand recently. I think I liked it a bit more than you did. Oh well, tastes are different I guess. Also, most of the soldier women are so hot ^^ I watched for the plot of course.....
VoidSinner Jul 17, 12:39 PM
Man, I already forgot the weekend. Every week is or busy, or very busy. I wish I had more energy to do stuff ^^

Not 100% sure why those cities. Well, Tokyo is because it is completely different for what I know here. Toronto is in Canada, I like Canada, I don't like the US, haha. Reykjavik because it is really far away from other countries, and over 1/3 of the total population of Iceland lives there..... and it is the hometown of the EVE-Online studio..... NERD!

And yeah I found that out. Mental issues are the worst, well.... guess a broken leg isn't really a nice experience either. But at least you can show people the cast and it will heal in a certain amount of time. And thanks otter pals!

No tour planned here sadly, but I keep my eyes peeled. Indeed, very calm and soothing music, for me at least.

Hahaha, yeah keep those top secrat ones for yourself. Nice, two of your destinations are the same as mine. Great minds think alike! Mount Hua Shan.... isn't that in China? I think I saw some pictures of it, showing people walking on little "bridges" hanging on the side of the mountain. And you would seriously parachute off of that mountain, my hero <3

Hmmm, yeah I guess so, usually people are all nice and kind, but on the inside they are a mess..... never thought of it that way.

Hahaha, yeah I'm a cheater alright. But in all honesty, I'm really glad I grew up watching English and German television, it makes it a lot easier to learn and understand.

Always set your goal low enough not to dissapoint yourself :p And 36/38 again. You are killing me in this "competition" :'( But I never give up, never surrender!

Omg.... endings.... I'll settle for 15 correct :/ Here we go..... Lol, some even had the names of the anime or cast on screen xD And I also got a lot of them from the animations. I recognised only a few by the music. 24/64.... not too bad I guess. I got 15/20, yay.

VoidSinner Jul 9, 3:01 PM
Hmmmm, not really much of a traveler tbh. I do enjoy it from time to time. So I don't really have a place I want to visit that desperately. But when I have to choose I guess it would be Tokyo, Toronto or Reykjavik. I don't have that many wishes either, I'm easily pleased I guess. But since I'm struggeling with my mental health I guess it would be nice for that to get better :/ Oh yeah, and to go to a concert of Angus and Julia Stone ^^ And how about you, what are your secret desires?

See, so I'm actually kind of crazy. But deep on the inside I'm a gentle and kind person. So you don't have to run and hide ;)

Scheisse, ich wurde von dir erwischt. Es ist blitzkreig o'clock! Hahaha. But yeah, my native language is very close to German and English. So it is a bit easier for me to learn. Yeah, that is why I can't write it very well. And learning a foreign language can be very handy and valuable, so if you can do it you should most certainly do! And your English is just fine, well the written part at least ;)
And no, I won't be learning any language any time soon!

Yeah! They still make me laugh when I think of them misfits. Yeah, the pokes the take at the tropes are very good.

....... Checks completed list....... oh yeah, fair enough. But I guess I'm able to name the mainstream ones next to the shows I watched. So in theory 100 is possible ^^
50/78, very nice again, more than double my score.

Ooooffff, 70 correct, I'll aim for 30, that will make me happy..... brb...... yay, 33/86. Happy with that. I did recognise a few more, but I also had trouble naming them. 30/38.... so it might be a bit easy for you :p
VoidSinner Jul 4, 2:03 PM
Cool, many nice places in Europe. You will surely have a blast if you go.

Turns out that he finds it really awkward when people name him "king of reddit" or "the kindest man alive". Not that he isn't, be he has a bunch of mental issues. So I hope for his sake that the hype calms a bit down.

Hmmmm, crazy crazy for sure, not too sure about the other two, people do tend to find me funny...... so maybe fun crazy crazy?

Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen. Und ich bin kein spion! But for real, I can understand basic German and I can speak it a little, vacation German if you like, and I can read it pretty good but can't write it very well. You know any foreign languages?

Ooohhhh, a movie you say, and it is planned for the end of august I see. Nice. And a sequel would be nice as well, so I keep hoping.

Hahaha, so now I'm a fun crazy crazy harsh bad woman?

True, if you do a lot of these quizzes so of the names will stick, same for some of the art styles I noticed. But there are sooooooo many anime out there. It is very easy to fill a massive list with obscure anime. *Sadface* Will I ever get to 10.... let alone that 100/100 xD
Yeah, the two minutes did me wrong as well at first. And 13/15 is again pretty good.

I did pretty well on your quiz, 20/25, yay! Pretty close to you and your 22/25 ^^ 23/78 :/
VoidSinner Jun 30, 8:48 AM
Cool! If you end up going, where are you going to?

He indeed seems like a genuine and kind guy. I browse a lot of Reddit, and man he is popular there. I'll most likely get the standard edition. I never get the collectors editions tbh. Haha, yeah that was a lot of hours, but I spread it out over quite some time. A friend of mine played it for 256 hours, this included the expansions. A true madlad xD And yeah, if you get a PS4 you should play it for sure.
Yay we are the same, music is so important, I'd almost give up anything else before music ^^

Hi mister FBI man. please don't tell him all my secrets. Otherwise he'll think I'm a crazy person for sure.

Very good, gibt is German indeed, not that I live there but I sometimes use that word when I want something.

Yeah, I see a lot of adaptations that never get finished. I read that they are made for the promotion of the Manga most of the time. So no more Konosuba :'(
Yeah, the voices were amazing. They perfectly matched the expressions the girls made.

27/30! Nice job as usual. And indeed, so close to getting that perfect score. We will get one at some point. And no, that very easy one we had earlier doesn't count! ...... hmmmmm I am harsh indeed..... dangit!

Ok lets try yours now, hope I get more than 3 this time xD
Ok, I decided that I was allowed to look up the name if I didn't knew but wasn't able to get the exact title correct ...... great succes! I got 4 this time xD But ffs, that was hard again, I only watched one of those 100 shows.

Here is a nice one, not that hard probably.
I had 7/15.
VoidSinner Jun 24, 12:49 PM
No, no real plans for the near future. And how about you? Got anything lined up?

No, you are breathtaking! xD That was a nice surprise to reveal. Don't think I can come up with anyone else to have in a game like that. And you are a wise man, I'm not that smart, I'm full on the hypetrain! But no pre-ordering! Yeah, I played with Gerald for like 140 hours. It was an amazing adventure. You played that as well?
I know a few of those.... but yeah, so many bands/artists out there that are worth listening to.

And thanks for the recap. Sounds nothing like the anime.
Me? Strict? What gave you that idea :p

Yeah! Gibt slice! Nomnomnom. And yeah, 12 was good enough for my level.

Oh yeah, the recap of Deadman Wonderland was kind of misleading I see. They did not get to destroying the facility, that was a cliffhanger.
"pretty boring and pointless" - Onii-nyan, this is a good review of Gangsta. Nice one ^^
Yeah, they are bizarre indeed. Guess I had to get used to that at first. Kasumi was pretty cute tbh, even with her "scary" personality.

Whow, you never cease to amaze me with awesome scores! Especially the 25/100 is amazing, it was so hard for me. And thanks for the 10 points, makes me feel a lot better =)

Ahw, so close, I had 16/20 on your quiz. It gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment!

And a new one: I did a magnificent 15/30. I found out too late that you only have so many guesses.