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Non Non Biyori 3rd Season
Non Non Biyori 3rd Season
Jun 3, 2:52 PM
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Sousaku no, Ima!!: Baja
Sousaku no, Ima!!: Baja
May 17, 11:10 AM
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The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls
May 10, 1:14 PM
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5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
May 14, 5:36 PM
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Mar 31, 9:53 PM
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Mar 29, 12:44 PM
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sasalx 8 hours ago
Oh my Santa! This new chapter!

Blood for the blood gods, fluff for the fluff throne.
sasalx Jun 13, 9:34 AM
Really you don't need to feel sorry for late replies when it comes to me. I am pretty bad at this. As for the new chapter:

Well, there goes my "purposefully failing" theory lul. It's even funnier because she really is the failing one. Even video games taught Miku something.

Bacardi-x-Cola Jun 7, 8:21 AM
Thank You my broski! I appreciate it! :D I hope your doing well <3

sasalx Jun 4, 1:01 PM
*Tips fedora*

Well, at least I can say that Ichika and Nino really try/tried their best. Sadly we can't say this for the rest. That is why my ship is Nino x MC despite my best girl choice. However, the latest chapter(new chapter came out) shows the suffering of Yotsuba. Got NTR'ed by Ichika and denied by her mother. Her sisters defeated the whole purpose of the ribbon and she is kinda responsible for the great divide between them. Damn being best girl is suffering. Btw there is a theory about Yotsuba purposely failing the schools so that she can leave her sisters. Was pretty interesting. Also, it's ironic if you think about the original promise between her and MC.

Btw I have a link for you. After reading the first page, I thought this was a shitpost but damn it's serious. It's like a research paper. A bit similar to anime boobs psychics and aerobics paper.

> I want to give them headpats... is that gay?
FBI approves so I can't find a problem.

> What are you hoping for next?
I know it's not going to happen but I want a mix between Ichika and Nino arc for Yotsuba. She should re-awaken and listen to her desires like in Ichika arc and go for a full frontal assault like in Nino arc. This new chapter gives a really good base for this as well so I can only hope.

sasalx May 30, 6:45 PM
Sorry for the late ass answer!

Let's start with rankings:

Ichika: Well at this point you know how much I love short hair on girls. So Ichika was my insta best girl choice while watching the anime. Also, it was nice to hear HanaKana with "ara-ara" voice. Seems like you like her with somewhat same reasons as me. Don't know why but I love the concept of messy room trope. Of course, there is a limit but her room is in that limit. Another thing I like her was teasing. Now I hate this concept however when the other side teases with the same manner it gets funny and I am ok with that. Prime examples would be Bunny Senpai and Monogatari. However, I can't see her as potential SO for MC.

Nino: My second worst girl to second best girl pick. I wouldn't identify her as tsundere since she pretty much destroyed the trope multiple times. Now that itself gives a huge plus from me. Then she goes even beyond that! Short hair!!!!!! Unlike you, I found her as potential SO for MC. Their relationship is cute and not forced and as I said, I do like teasing between couples if it's not one-sided. Btw as we know, they are all identical so I don't know why people forget while drawing fanarts for them. Side note; I hate coffee and tea. People look at me like I committed a crime when I say this but oh well.

Miku: Eeeeevvvryyything wrong with Rem can be found with Miku. At first, "the girl" doesn't like our MC then somehow she falls in love. Granted it's 10x better than Re:Zero since we had an arc for it but still. I don't like kuudere characters to being with so maybe I am biased about this. Oh well. Yet another girl that I can't see her as potential SO for MC. Too passive to take the lead.

Yotsuba: Best girl! Now let me be honest with you. I also hate genki archetype as well. I found them flat, uninteresting and for comic relief as you mentioned. However, as I and many from fanbase theorized there is more about her than that. Now thanks to the latest chapter, it's confirmed that she was indeed the "first girl" and the first one to rebel. More on that in chapter discussion. I hope we will see more about her in this arc. Design-wise she is my favourite. Even better than Ichika imo. It's kinda unlikely but I would give +1 for the manga if she ended up with MC.

Itsuki: Totally agree what you said. She is also a tsundere which is my numero one hated archetype. Now that we confirmed she was not the first girl or Rena in a real sense, I have no idea how she and MC can end up together. There is literally 0 romance between them. However, because of the tropes you listed she might be the one. That's a hard -2 for me as far as the score concerned. Maybeee mangaka can develop her but nyeeh.

Now as for the latest chapter:

Yotsuba PoV arc!!!! I love this chapter because it really shows the mentality of the quintuplets as a child. I kinda pitied Yotsuba too. Her qualities were suppressed because of the "we are and must be the same" mentality. We already know she was the one who goes against this and cuts her hair but now we can see why too. Solid flashback.
Fuchsia May 23, 4:36 PM
Soryy Gabagoobygabagoob, it doesn't have good enough repetition :(.
Fuchsia May 23, 4:14 PM
That just doesn't have the same ring to it, gabagobagoobygoolgabagoo.
Fuchsia May 23, 1:25 AM
sasalx May 21, 10:51 AM
New chapter!

sasalx May 20, 4:57 PM
Yes, let's blame SAO again! Jokes aside I really think SAO made this situation worse. It's really popular and we know it, that's given. However, producers saw how successful those shots are and bam. Now we have stuff like "Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?". If not for the censorship, you can confuse it with regular hentai. Look at the PV thumbnail. Two melon size titties... Oh, btw they are all teacher.

Well I call her snek for the memes but as I said, I support her %100. I mean love is war *insert the OP for Kaguya* but they are sisters and what she did was unethical but that's a needed development for her. It's also refreshing to see flawed characters in harem shows. Now I am really interested in how this will turn out. Like I mentioned in my blog post, I think the Ichika ship sank with that manga panel. MC will reject Miku for sure since I can't see any kind of development between them love-wise. So that brings us to 2 4 or 5. Who will take the throne I wonder... Oh wait, wrong show.

Yes-yes. Next arc must be about Yotsuba. She is like Ichika but she is always defending rather than attacking. Go girl!

Now now, let's talk about the girls themselves. However, if you don't mind, I like to give the honour of starting this discussion. *Tips fedora*
Zerity May 16, 1:15 PM
i would of if it would work :weary:
Zerity May 16, 1:00 PM
ye, i wanted to buy it but i live wit my mom cause still in HS so like if she saw the contents then +f for me
Zerity May 16, 12:43 PM
yes its a must. omg I re read some chapters from time to time and my god do I enjoy every second of it. this is one of the few manga I have read in one sitting completely ignoring anime which i dont do for most.
Zerity May 15, 7:17 PM
I get that same for me. I get in the mood of manga for a few days then anime, sometimes get in the mood to socialize with humans XD but anime tends to be my main focus.

And OH BOY did it end well, its ended AMAZINGLY. Holy shit legit my favorite piece of media I have ever had the joy to read. I love it so much. I dont think it will ever be an anime and I hope it never will because I don't think anyone can really adapt it correctly.
Zerity May 15, 6:44 PM
u ever gonna finish goodnight punpun?