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Dec 25, 2016
Abunai Sisters is like Disney made their next movie inspired by Paris Hilton's or Kim Kardashian's lives. Not kidding, this anime is based on two japanese sisters who are famous because...Well, is that kind of celebrities, that didn't sing, act or even are models, they're just famous. Okay, let me be honest, i despise thta kind of people, that are famous only for the gossip, and how they make the rest of the humanity waste their attention with them.

So, with a premise like that, we got two sisters who are vain, shallow and self-absorbed. They give us a good reason to root for them? The ...
Dec 20, 2016
Yaoi is a genre which is basically animated gay porn for female audiences. But, for some reason, authors try to pretend they're not just two animated dudes fuckin' each other. No, they like to pretend they tell love story, that most of the cases end up being disturbing, glamorizing rape and abuse, or being completely unrealistic.

In which category this title falls? Fortunetly, the last, which is the less offensive. Don't get me wrong, there still guys that jump over other guys, and kiss them and touch them without consent, but at least they're not drugged, or enslaved. Yeh, ethical standard in yaoi are pretty low.

So ...
Oct 25, 2016
Ai City (Anime) add
Sometimes, people criticize something saying it doesn't make sense. With anime this happens a lot. You can say that sometimes people just don't get, or didn't want to, but sometimes, when someone says something doesn't make sense, it's because, yeah, it doesn't make any sense. Ai City is a good example.

Imagine an anime whose script didn't have any sense of pacing, without explaining or exposing anything to you jumps right to an action scene which you can get engaged or excited because you're still wondering what the hell it's going on. That's your first scene. Yeah, didn't sound very promising, but don't worry, the rest ...
Oct 15, 2016
AIKa (Anime) add
Like Chii on Chobits said wisely on one episode: Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu!
Panty shot is when in an ecchi they show you a girl's underwear, just to attract the lowest common denominator's interest. It was used on Rosario+Vampire. It was used on Ikkitousen. Damn, the infamous Master of Martail Hearts used it too. But this is older that many of my generation think. Like many other ecchi tropes, this happened before.

AIka is an ecchi, released on the 90s. It's a 7 episode Ova. The plot is simple: Random catastrophe happened and now we are on post-apocalyptic world (lazy world building), the main and titular character works ...
Oct 15, 2016
Space opera anime is nearly a sacred cow. Poor one who decide to say something but praise about LoGH. But LoGH is not the only one. Crest/Banner of the Stars, Mobile Suit Gundam, Battleship Space Yamato, even Cowboy Bebop is considered by some space opera...all of them are titles that the self-proclaimed anime reviewers has in a high-esteem. But, it's actually possible to exist an anime genre that every title is a masterpiece? Well, unfortunetly, no. Anime is made by men, so sooner or later you'll find some bad title. And here is, Odin.

Odin is, from the starst, forgettable. Your typical story about a human ...
Oct 5, 2016
Princess Rouge is the better definition of mediocre. The story is a harem with the typical plot ordinary boy found amnesiac superpowered girl. This has become pretty common since the Oh! My Goddess' success, but, despite some good examples of this plot that can turned into some great titles (Chobits, Elfen Lied), this is not one of them.
First of all, the characters. Many people say that, to have a good show, you must have good characters. There's actually more things, but have good characters is important. This show fails at that. Your ordinary MC is too ordinary to be interesting the most remarkable thing ...
Sep 19, 2016
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is probably right now one of the most praised titles on this database, but is this actually deserved?

Well, after an era where moe has overtake the industry, with shows trying too hard to be cute that ended up being annoying, plus the overexpose of those titles, it's no wonder a show that pander to old school anime fans, when the anime was good, and was full of GAR male and manly protagonist and not loser and pussies. But nostalgia is one of the best liars, and actually, the old school anime is, most of the times, ultraviolent OVAs without any substance, with ...
Jul 15, 2016
Ao no Exorcist anime was pretty dissappointing. So, many people watch this movie expecting something not even good, just more decent that the anime ending was. It turn out to be more than this. It's actually a good movie, far better than the series is based.

This movie is the spin-off/second season's substitute kind of anime movie, like the second Tiger & Bunny movie, or many movies from shonen series, instead of the outrageous recap on buig screen kind, fortunetly. This kind has the chance to tell parallel stories with the characters, letting the creators tell stories they can't tell on the TV show because that ...
Jul 11, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I'll try to be as short as possible, because this show has a lot of stuff i had something to say, good or bad.

Let's start clarifying one small but important detail: this show is a reboot from the Gatchaman franchise, a mythical anime classic most modern fans, including me, haven't seen. Despite that, i don't recomend this reimagination to the classic Gatchaman's fans to check it out. Kenji Nakamura, the director, used the reboot as an opportunity to share his opinions about social media and the current japanese situation.

I won't lie, the idea and his development on the show is really interesting, and ...
Jun 6, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Oh, Tokyo Ghoul 2 season. After this, all the hype Tokyo Ghoul has magically dissapeared. The few remaining fans were or manga purits that claims that Studip Pierrot butchered the story and didn't followed the manga, and a few fangirls that refugee in reducts like tumblr or Goboiano, where they could clmly claim Kaneki is a precious baby that did nothing wrong. But, why? Why Tokyo Ghoul falls down so easily, with just 12 episodes? Well, let's take a look on it.

First, analyse the problems the manga and the anime first season has:

-Lacks originality. Tokyo Ghoul didn't do nothing new. The idea of a male ...