Sep 19, 2016
ObscureObsidian (All reviews)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is probably right now one of the most praised titles on this database, but is this actually deserved?

Well, after an era where moe has overtake the industry, with shows trying too hard to be cute that ended up being annoying, plus the overexpose of those titles, it's no wonder a show that pander to old school anime fans, when the anime was good, and was full of GAR male and manly protagonist and not loser and pussies. But nostalgia is one of the best liars, and actually, the old school anime is, most of the times, ultraviolent OVAs without any substance, with idiot plot and unidimensional characters that were just wish fullfillment to people wo dreamed to be real men. Real men, according to sexist ideas.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is one of the most well-remenbered Shonen Jump's titles, along with Fist of the North Star, another GAR manga. Those days, studios made animes they'll know are gonna be successful, because making psychological cyberpunk thrillers with deep plot and though-provoking dialog is fine, but it's even finder made an anime that will sell after the bankrupt many studios had suffered. So, JoJo's was a sure value, it was gonna be successful. And it was, but not only in Japan, where is a loved classic, also here in the Western fandom, reaching really unexpected levels, with fanboys praising it, no one to contradict them and memes everywhere. (Who doesn't know the "It was me, Dio"?)

The plot it's more a collection of sagas, with different protagonists, the mangaka improvises to make sure the fans get hooked up. It's always the same, there's a Joestar male family menber who can control a tecnique named Hamon, which it's actually a superpower working according the plot conveniences in every fight, and has to fight evil immortal vampires. The first anime season is based on the two first anime sagas.

The first one is more idiotic, with characters completely undimensional and a story so cliché you wouldn't believe it: our hero has a friend who turned out to be the villain and join the evil forces because he has a serious big ego issues, and after his fiend betrayed him and kill his family, he's now the chosen one to defeat this evil forces learning and training an ancient tecnique (Hamon). But before fight his archnemesis, he must fight tons of evil minions. Oh, and there's a damsel in distress love interest. Everything is as cliched as i told you.

The second one is less cliched, but more narmy. Appears new villains, and some characters from the previous arc suddenly turned into ones despite they didn't showed any signs in the past. It looks like they're gonna have more badass female characters, but at the end of the day that's just a false promise. Female characters are still as passive as always. But what made this second half really awful is the over the top scenes like the killer squirrell, or the way the big bad is defeated. It's not so bad is good. It's so bad it's impossibly stupid.

The characters are pretty frustrating. The hero from the first-half, Jonathan, fits more the traditional hero role, and it's eassier to root from him because he's more sympathetic, but he's so undimensional he becomes bland. The hero from the second-half, his grandson Joseph, he's a less tradiotional hero, and less undimensional, but less sympathetic too, and despite all the chances to develop him, actually he just become stronger, but at the end of the day you don't feel he changed that much.
The secondaries go from idiots for pure plot convenience (Jonathan's father, trusting always people he musn't despite being obviously evil) to just so plain useful you need to pity them (Speedwagon, whose only purpose is commenting the obvious, or Smokey, only there to be The scream by Edvard Munch). But the worst is the first arc's main antagonist, Dio Brando, that' so pure evil, so campy, so succesful in his plans because all the Joestars are so dense, with lots of wasted opportunities to have depth, but no, he just born evil. Just that. And he's obnoxiously egocentric.

The art is pure cringe, defying anathomy and physics. And the so called fabulous posses are just ridiculous, making the sequences laugh-worthy. So, after all the crap i said, you must woonder, why is JoJo's so popular? So acclaimed? My answer is simple. Pandering. It panders to the ones who miss the "good old days", who decide which animes are good or bad. At the end of the day, it's just wish fullfillment, like the harem based on light novels.