Oct 25, 2016
Ai City (Anime) add (All reviews)
BlancaXLobo (All reviews)
Sometimes, people criticize something saying it doesn't make sense. With anime this happens a lot. You can say that sometimes people just don't get, or didn't want to, but sometimes, when someone says something doesn't make sense, it's because, yeah, it doesn't make any sense. Ai City is a good example.

Imagine an anime whose script didn't have any sense of pacing, without explaining or exposing anything to you jumps right to an action scene which you can get engaged or excited because you're still wondering what the hell it's going on. That's your first scene. Yeah, didn't sound very promising, but don't worry, the rest is worse.

But the premise, if it wasn't for the weird story telling, if there's some story to tell here, is actually pretty conventional. There's an evil scientiffic organization that creates superpowered humans, the most powerful one, who's a little girl, escapes, and the organization want her back. Yeah, pretty cliché.

Flash-backs are used pretty commonly on anime, and sometimes can be really helpful to understand characters' motivations, make them more synpathetic and give us clues about the plot resolution. But here? Flash-backs suddenly interrupt, and many of them, until they end, you won't know they were flash-backs, making it even more confusing that it already was.

But the worst part is the climax, when, suddenly, cheap and misinterpreted phylosophy starts to get throw to viewers eyes and minds, showing that the screenwritters didn't have any idea about what really those phylosophy tesis where, which is pretty funny because it's actually really basic. Many animes has attempted to talk about the darkness in human nature, but dear God, this it was the most cheap, clumsy, hammy and poorly-written example.

Evan in the more shallow aspects the movie can't redeem itself. Animation and soundtrack are pretty dated, and even the cheesy nostalgia factor can save the music. Ai City is a pretty obscure title, and it's perfectly understable why. The few people who had seen it rather erase the memories they've watched it, and i'm one of them.