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Dec 28, 2017
Kuzu no Honkai is one of those series that looks deep but will leave you feeling empty at the same time. However, I wouldn't say it's no good - because it's good. It's one of those bitter-sweet stories that I actually like.

Story: 8/10
After completing this manga, I was a bit disappointed with the way it ended.. I thought "that's it?" (no I am not talking about the romance part) but that feeling of being let down, I expected something more - especially from the characters, but I didn't get anything except of what they have shown.
What I like about this manga is read more
Nov 30, 2017
Orange (Manga) add (All reviews)
I read this manga years ago - back when it's still publishing. I decided to read it again and see if my opinion about it will change.

Story: 8/10
There's a saying that "first impression is important" and for me, the author did a really good job in giving this manga a good first impression to it's readers. It's almost impossible not to be intrigue with the story and not be curious about what will happen next; what happened to kakeru?, what will happen to him, Naho and the rest?, will they be able to save him? how are they going to save him? will the read more
Oct 21, 2016
This manga is a bit similar to Tomo-chan wa onnanoko and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

Story: 9/10
Honestly, I wasn't really expecting anything from this manga at first. I thought it will be just one of those boring manga or annoying manga with female MC chasing after the guy, but reading this manga made me laugh so much, to the point that I do not even want to stop reading even though it was getting late(3am) but this manga kept me wanting more.
Of course the plot is a bit similar to GSNK with the female lead who have a crush on the male lead who doesn't seem to read more
Jun 30, 2016
After reading the manga...I thought that I should make a review on how this anime failed to show the epicness of it's manga counter part.

Story: 7/10
While watching the anime, I couldn't help but feel disappointed with how the anime failed to deliver the intense feeling that I get while reading the manga. I couldn't feel anything while watching the anime, they added a lot of things that made it look so cliche and too girly for a shounen anime.
I didn't like how they change Bishamon and Ebiso's arc and made it overly dramatic to the point of making me cringe. I also don't like how read more
Apr 8, 2016
"You don't know what you got until it's gone" is what this manhwa about. Some people may find the first few chapters annoying because of the female lead - I usually drop these kind of stories as well. But this manhwa is just too intriguing and entertaining to the point that I almost don't want to stop reading. It's really unique.

Story: 8/10
The story is about Darin and Berry - lovers who actually really liked each other, but due to some circumstances, misunderstanding, lack of honesty and trust - they ended up in an unhealthy relationship.
The author did a good job in showing how some read more
Jan 5, 2016
I watched Ore Monogatari after seeing lots of good reviews about it. Especially because they said that it's "really good" and "unique", but watching this anime made me VERY disappointed.

Story: 2/10
I would've given it a higher score if it wasn't a 24 episodes anime. Why? Because this anime is mostly about "nothing". Lots of people said that it's unique but I don't see anything unique about it. It started off like this: Guy saves the girl, they started to meet a lot and on 3rd episode they became lovers.

So the rest of the series went on like this: Meet (there are flowers and bubbles every read more
Jan 5, 2016
I watched Kodocha as a kid and I was really hooked into it back then. I remember having this huge crush on Akito back in the days lol. After so many years, I decided to watch it again and read the manga (which I don't know how many times I've read because of how good it is)

Story: 7/10
After re-watching the anime, I realized that it's not really as great as I thought it was. The first 15 episodes was really good because of the plot and I like the whole drama between Sana and Akito's love story. What I didn't like about this read more
Jan 2, 2016
I've always been a fan of "Princess and her Knight" kind of stories, so watching the first three episodes of Akatsuki no Yona really made me feel happy lol.

Story: 9/10
At first, I thought that this will be similar to Fushigi Yuugi (especially because Yona had to find some celestial warriors). But as the series continue, I realized that there is much more into it. The story focused more on Yona's life after she was chased out of the palace and her character development - on how she slowly change into a spoiled princess who think of nothing but her hair into an amazing heroine who read more
Dec 31, 2015
Naruto Shippuden is the long awaited sequel of Naruto. Naruto is a good anime that's why it's no wonder why it became so popular,however Naruto Shippuden ruined it.

Story: 4/10
Naruto Shippuden started off really good, at least it didn't failed everyone's expectation after the long wait. It was nice to see Naruto and the rest grew up as teenagers -with their new missions and new journey. However... as the series continue, the story started to get messed up and slowly went downhill. The story started to focus more on Naruto and Sasuke's relationship - on how Naruto wanted to keep his promise to Sakura read more
Dec 30, 2015
Fairy Tail is one of those anime that could've been great but ended up really disappointing.

Story: 3/10
The main plot is actually pretty interesting (especially if you are into action-role playing video games). The whole thing about having a guild, taking up jobs and go on adventures was really interesting. But then, as the series continue, it became too cheesy, super cliche, focused on "shippings" and giving off fan-service.

Art: 7/10
It was okay. The characters look a bit younger compared to how they look in the manga but it's okay.

Sound: 5/10
There were lots of ost that was used in this series but I only got 1/2 songs read more