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May 14, 2018
It is sad when you see a good show underestimated. This is a good show underestimated.

I wasn't very excited to watch a show about Romeo and Juliet because I'm not too much into romance and drama. The romance on this show was not the dominant hero. It went side by side with a much greater cause.

First, as a person who studied English literature in college, this was a big treat. Imagine having a mash-up of Shakespeare's characters in one place. This is Romeo x Juliet. We even have Shakespeare himself.

The creation of Neo Verona gave the story a new depth and flavor. The conflict is ...
Apr 10, 2018
The Classicaloids are back with new adventures.

This is a second season review so I'm gonna point out the new additions. I suggest you read the first season review for more details.

This new season introduces new characters to the story. The new characters double the fun and expands the plot. As a result it was less episodic than the first season. It gave it a more solid base than the first season. It is worth watching when you are looking for a light comedy to just relax and spend good time. If you haven't watched the first season, I recommend to watch it first to help ...
May 30, 2017
It took me almost a year to realize that this title is not Japanese but Chinese. The realization hit me just when I was preparing to watch it. I thought,"A Chinese anime movie? Why not! This is gonna be interesting." I had my doubts. I also had my hopes. But it all stabilized when the story ha started. Trust me! This movie is worth it.

For all the lovers of mythical worlds and magic, this is a very good choice. It's not even on earth to begin with. It's about sacrifice and noble feelings. The magnificence of the animation adds to ...
Mar 9, 2017
Hakujaden (Anime) add
If you are looking for a very old anime to watch for, let's say, a challenge or simply because you are curious, this is a very fine specimen. I t works too if you are looking for a movie to watch with a kid. It's a fairytale with an oriental setting instead of a European one.

First of all, I'd like to say don't panic. The movie starts with a song in shadow theatre style. It's only the opening of the movie giving the background of the story then comes the lovable old animation style. The ...
Nov 18, 2016
ClassicaLoid (Anime) add
Preliminary (6/25 eps)
Classicaloid is about all the great classical composers brought to life, not exactly but you can see Beethoven and Mozart. They have this mysterious power called musik. As it appears they were made for an unknown reason. It's a very funny and light show with some some action now and then. The best part is Beethoven's unnatural obsession with gyoza. You can relax and enjoy the comedy and the remix of famous classical pieces of music. The art isn't fancy but it goes well with the story. The Classicaloid characters are enjoyable and interesting to watch. Classical music lovers in particular will enjoy this show ...
Feb 27, 2016
First I have to say it's too bad I couldn't find a subbed version of this and had to watch it in Japanese. My Japanese isn't good I can only understand words. With the help of the description written on MAL I could tell what was going on. This is a good, nice, short thing to watch if you don't have much time and want something cheerful. The art and colors are very good and that was what attracted me. There is some humor but unfortunately for me it was lost in translation. The story is simple since it's only 8 minutes. It doesn't disappoint. ...
Jan 23, 2016
Kowabon (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
If you are looking for a short anime you can marathon in one night, you should take Kowabon into consideration. You can't only watch it in one night, you can watch all of it in one-episode-worth of time. Each episode is short, about 3 minutes.

The people who were watching Kowabon while it was still running might have done the show wrong. I admit I did it wrong but not very much. It can be easily misunderstood because the story doesn't show clearly unless you watch all the episodes back to back.

It's ...

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