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Jan 23, 2016
Mixed Feelings
If you are looking for a short anime you can marathon in one night, you should take Kowabon into consideration. You can't only watch it in one night, you can watch all of it in one-episode-worth of time. Each episode is short, about 3 minutes.

The people who were watching Kowabon while it was still running might have done the show wrong. I admit I did it wrong but not very much. It can be easily misunderstood because the story doesn't show clearly unless you watch all the episodes back to back.

It's a horror story and I was going to say something but I's afraid it's kinda a spoiler. All I can say: heads up for cameras. It took me the whole series to realize what was going on. If you want to scare yourself a little, Kowabon can do that.

One last piece of advice, do not watch the ending theme unless you want to see the actors behind the scenes. Many people complained about the ending, They said it kills the feeling the show leaves. You want to see what comes after the ending in episode 13 though.

I gave it 6/10 and perhaps if the episode were longer, I would gave it more. It's not that amazing but it doesn't disappoint either. That's all for Kowabon. Please consider watching it and enjoy.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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