May 30, 2017
Niveen_Sleem (All reviews)
It took me almost a year to realize that this title is not Japanese but Chinese. The realization hit me just when I was preparing to watch it. I thought,"A Chinese anime movie? Why not! This is gonna be interesting." I had my doubts. I also had my hopes. But it all stabilized when the story ha started. Trust me! This movie is worth it.

For all the lovers of mythical worlds and magic, this is a very good choice. It's not even on earth to begin with. It's about sacrifice and noble feelings. The magnificence of the animation adds to the story. It's this kind of movie that sweeps you off your feet and flies away. Epic, that's the word.

I'm not gonna say anything about the story. I will leave that to you. I'm gonna speak about the art. It's modern art but not that kind of modern that leaves you the anime was made in the 90s. It's something like Kotonoha no Niwa and Kimi no Na wa, so the colors are vibrant and the movement is smooth. To complete the legendary image, the music comes to support the scenes with the right tunes.

It's a shame that this movie isn't popular, so give it a try and invite others to watch it. Enjoy.

Story: 8
Art: 10
Character: 8