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September 8th, 2016
First of all I need to say that this is my opinion. You don't have to agree if you don't like it, and I'd really see your support in a comment if you agree. It's about Bleach ending. After that catastrophic chapter of Bleach, and after ranting on twitter, and after watching videos on YouTube of other people ranting, I realized that I have to let it out for more of the public to see. Also I noticed that many compared that finale to Naruto finale.

Dear Bleach fans only I hate to break it to you, but I have to say Bleach ending was way, way worse than Naruto. I'm not saying that haphazardly but there are logical reasons for this claim.

The first point is the final battle. In Bleach, Ishida shot his arrow at Yhwach then Ishida running to aid Ichigo and that's it, the chapter ends. The next chapter is a ten-year time-skip and no one mentions anything about how Yhwach was defeated. It reminds me of Prince of Stride: Alternative last episode. I waited for the whole season to see that final race and they just skipped it. In Naruto the final boss was defeated. Not only that, there was time for heart-wrenching goodbyes and a final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. No unfinished business here.

The second point, the main character marriage. All Sakura haters complained about Sasuke ending up with Sakura. I guess this was the only complain along with Kakashi not getting any development. Let's face it rationally and logically. Sakura has always loved Sasuke and it was no secret. The whole village knew about it. Sasuke knew about it and that *insert insult* loved no one in his life, so what to do? Sasuke leaves and Sakura stays a spinster for the rest of her life? Sakura was made to end up with Sasuke so the only logical end for them is to get married. Sasuke left shortly after Sarada was born so you can't count that as a happy married life.

As for Ichigo, he ended up with Orihime. This was not logical at all. Unlike Sakura, Orihime noticed Ichigo only when he rescued her. She kept her feelings to herself and she only looked and cried "Kurosaki-kun' the entire series.Ichigo treated her as n more than a friend. How he came o love her or even accept her as a life partner, nobody knows because it wasn't freaking mentioned.

Comparing Sakura to Orihime. Sakura is three time better than Orihime and I'll kill whoever disagrees. Sakura confessed her love. She is so strong that one punch of her can make the ground crumble. Sakura wasn't useless. In my personal opinion she just wasn't used well in the story. She improves herself and gets stronger but she's always out of Naruto and Sasuke's league because they gain powers greater than hers. She had a lot of potential which unfortunately was wasted. What can Orihime do? Less than quarter of Sakura's abilities? Her own power attacks her for God's sake. Moreover she almost lost her attacking power forever because of her weakness and hesitation. Not to mention that she is utterly annoying. I don't know why but she started to get on my nerves once I began reading the manga.

The third point is that we get the couple of the century in Naruto, NaruHina. And to give you more reasons to slam your heads into a wall, IchiRuki had more chance than NaruHina. Oh, yeah! Naruto was oblivious to Hinata's feelings. She said it to his face "I love you Naruto-kun" but he didn't see her in a romantic way until The Last movie. He knew that Sakura loved Sasuke all along like everyone else. When you look at Ichigo and Rukia. you just want to hit you head with a brick. They made sense, and by the way Uryuu and Orihime made sense too. They could have started a fashion brand together or something not necessarily getting married or having a romantic relationship immediately. They could have had a chance to develop feelings. Moreover, what's with this Renji x Rukia? While I was prepared for IchiHime, RenRuki hit me like a speeding train. This was the thing that hurt me the most. All hope was lost. One could hope that they could get together in Soul Society, but no, forget about it; you can't have that either.Nobody gets his perfect other in Bleach but in Naruto it's not Naruto and Hinata only, there are Temari and Shikamaru, and Sai and Ino.

In the end we all can say it can't be helped. Orihime significant other is already dead. I'm talking about Ulquiorra. He was the only man to show any romantic feelings o Orihime. He just didn't know what it was because he didn't know anything about feelings. Can you imagine the healing effect of her on him? At least she would have stopped being useless and annoying.

Now that I've got it out of my system I can rest in peace and forget all about it because I'm the type to forget not forgive. One last thing, forgive any typos because I'm really sick and I don't have the power to revise this article.
Posted by Niveen_Sleem | Sep 8, 2016 10:03 AM | 1 comments