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Oct 22, 2019
I never thought will give this series 10/10 score at first, after read it sypno I tought it will become a mediocore anime, but it turnout I found a masterpiece instead. And that shock me to found one in "New Generation" anime which is I expected full of mediocore.

this series unique in two aspect, theme and character. Rakugo theme is unique and it can be said the first anime brought this japanese traditional art properly. And each character has their own unique charisma.

while I watch first season, to be honest I was a little bit bored with "rakugo" performance, can't understand it. But the story ...
Oct 1, 2019
It's rare for sport anime to have a perfect ending like this (personal opinion), usually others sport anime end with unsatisfied ending.

The story is continuation of it series, have a high tension game, and what makes it more enjoyable is the dream team are formed (I think the name of that dream team is lame but funny, once again it's my personal opinion). Some character makes another development on their own, they become more powerfull to defeat the enemy.

This movie art are still the same like series, special effect of "zone" are not too much and bring me a great sensation.

unfortunately the last game ...
Oct 1, 2019
Personally this's the best fan service I ever saw, definitely different from what usually others fan service presented. Most of the others are "too exaggerate harem" fan service, and to be honest it annoying.

This's more like a continuation of the series, after the high tention from the last battle, this can be a cooling down phase.

I don't want to spoil the story so I will only say this: "what momoi felt is really had good impression to me, it seems I feel the same emotion. And of course the end part is really made for the sake of fan service.

Ahhh.. I think this is the ...
May 3, 2017
It's been a long time since the last anime I seen makes me pounding (and it's been a long time too since the last review I wrote). This movie almost makes me give a perfect score for it.

Story: How they correlate with the previous movie are really exceptional, the story develop with a proper pace from begining to the end, with a suprising story line. And what more important, the ending was perferct (at least that what I thought).

Art: They've done a fabulous job as expected as the previous series, background art lookin so smooth yet the battle effect so fascinate.

Sound: The insert song sound ...
Feb 15, 2015
I always love to watch this kind of show, comedy combined with romance is one of my favorite genre, and Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou has found it self a place deep inside me.

A stand alone episodes is always familiar as for these kind of genre, almost no core story but even so it still attractive. As we now, if it's full comedy anime then it'll never far from unique "crazy" personalities from each character, and this show are "loaded" of that point. With all those variant "unique" personalities, you won't be bored even for just a second. Pervert behavior and echi content are still in ...
Feb 9, 2015
Toradora! (Anime) add
This's the first time I got the "4 seasons" feeling while watching an entire anime show.

What's "4 seasons" feeling I am talking about? Here's the explanation:

I felt the sensation changed 4 times while watch this anime:

1st time: During episodes 1 to 2, watching those episodes for the first time I thought this series would just be a light comedy anime which will make me chuckle without a complicated story. It just like the spring season that give a high hopes on the early year.

2nd time: During episodes 3 to 14, I'm getting a bit bored and almost drop it, but I decided to push ...
Jan 22, 2015
Nisekoi (Anime) add
I didn't look for any review of Nisekoi nor looking for information of it, recommended by my cousin who loves anime too (without any spoil), so I began to watch this show. Each episodes are fine, pacing are good, balance in both of romance and comedy. At the first I do not think it would be as funny as it, but it turns out vice versa.

For the chara design, it's all good, I like them. And I think their expressions was exceptional, truly amaze, if you have seen this show, you'll get what I thought, but I don't like the idea of "sprinkling" part, it ...
Jan 14, 2015
I spent so many time to rewatch this series over and over again since I first saw it over a decade ago at TV show (I really glad that HxH was aired here back then), it has a high rewatch value for me.

At the first, I thought this series will be end just no more than 24 eps, but it wasn't turned out like that.

Even this series has a remake version (HxH 2011) and has a continuation of the previous version, I'll just write these review for both of it.

Story: HxH has a good story development, all arc are fabulous, and not a single episodes ...
Jan 13, 2015
Need something to make you rolling on the floor? Well then, You found it.

This series are full of comedy, each episode are episodic, just a random problem solving, and every little things is very funny.

You'll find a few chara design not well fitted with their personalites, I mean who supposed to be cute and all, but the creators makes they to act differently. Even so I think that's the good idea and I supposed to say that's makes it the most funniest point in this anime.

The art style are good and fit in with the magical theme.

Eventhought the main story base are so-so, but overall ...
Jan 12, 2015
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
I almost dropped this anime, but a lot of my friends tell me not to, and I really glad that I do as they said.

Story: Stein Gate is one of the best anime that has best plot I ever watch (eventhought my completed anime list not as much as yours maybe, but still doesn't change the fact. Begin with slow pacing and confusing initial eps (that's why I almost dropped it), but after forced my self to watch more and more eps, I found an interesting point, the story development is really attract me. And I have to state that the ending was flawless.

Art and ...

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