Feb 9, 2015
This's the first time I got the "4 seasons" feeling while watching an entire anime show.

What's "4 seasons" feeling I am talking about? Here's the explanation:

I felt the sensation changed 4 times while watch this anime:

1st time: During episodes 1 to 2, watching those episodes for the first time I thought this series would just be a light comedy anime which will make me chuckle without a complicated story. It just like the spring season that give a high hopes on the early year.

2nd time: During episodes 3 to 14, I'm getting a bit bored and almost drop it, but I decided to push my self to finish it (the only reasons I want to finish it is just because I got interest by the last main character who showed up in this part). It just like summer season that is really hot, and the only fun is going to beach during the summer break.

3rd time: During episodes 15 to 24, my curiosity was piqued for what will be going on with this show, things got a bit complicated, and I think this part is the "life" of the series. Just like an autumn season, although the flowers fall, but becomes a wonderful scenery.

4th time: During the final episode, "WHAT THE HELL", with this final episode, I mean everything seems fine at the beginning of the episode, but in the end it turned out anti-climatic for me. Just like the winter season, unpredictable storms, snow, and always cold; but after that Spring comes.

Well, that's my personal view of the story, so I give 7/10 for it.

Art and Sound, nothing particular to comment, it all seem good enough, and I like the second opening OST. 7/10 for both of it.

All characters were unique, both in design and personalities, even with the supporting characters, they are all really good. A great job was done by the creator at this point. EXCEPT for MC's pet, it's very annoying, and I really like "Ami-n", her appearance, her personality, her reactions, her way of pretending to be an adult (she's the last MC that I mentioned before), so 8/10 For Chara design.

For the enjoyment, I think I'll go for 7/10 that because this show had me feel bored once, and the ending was anti-climatic for me, but I do like the humor and story development (starting from episode 15).

Overall 7/10 score for this show.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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