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May 9, 2012
Taiyou no Uta (Manga) add
“The sun is about to rise…”

Taiyou no Uta, also known as, A Song to the Sun, is about sixteen year old Kaoru, who because of a disease can never be out in the sun. Living all her life in darkness and watching the sun light from afar, she longs for the warmth only the sun can give. The only thing that gives her some sort of happiness is the few hours at night she gets her guitar and goes to sing in the street. One day through her window she sees a boy who emit’s a brightness and warmth that she can’t help ...
Mar 24, 2012
Beniiro Hero (Manga) add
Preliminary (7/87 chp)
Crimson Hero is a romance, sport, drama, school life, manga. What’s so unique about it? Nothing much honestly. You can pick apart the plot and characters and they won’t be original at all. What’s so good about it? Everything. The story is charming and the characters are funny and creative.
The manga pumps you up and makes you want to pick up a sport, if that makes any sense. It’s driven in the only way sports or arts can be.

Nobusa’s parents suffer from “I want my daughter to hate me so I will force her to be who I want her to be (or, IWMDTHMSIWFHTBWIWHTB ...
Mar 7, 2012
I’ll start by saying, I don't usually have a problem with finding anime I like, actually where genre is concerned I'm pretty easy to please. As long as it; Has some funny moments, a cute guy here and there, and a main lead that uses words with more than one syllable (sometimes). I mean that’s not so hard to do. Maybe throw in a cute animal just to add to the overall cuteness. So how, HOW, can a show that the girls kick ass be such a disappointment? For me it was because it just made me feel extra dumb. Hey I'm the first ...
Feb 7, 2012
Mixed Feelings
“Hey Midori, why do people lie?”

The double edge sword of seeing a lie. Would you want it?

Saki’’s father left one day with the promise that he’d be back. He didn’t, she waited and waited and no one came. Now a teen and in high school, she has a boyfriend and a great best friend. Life’s great, until lies mess it up for her. One car accident and when she wakes up everything’s the same but different, she could see when someone is lying. That person’s aura change to black right before her eyes. Saki soon realizes that the change signifies a lie. All ...
Jan 11, 2012
Aquarion Evol (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/26 eps)
“To inherit a legend is to become a legend”

I first started this anime because I thought it would be about evil fishes, no joke. I translated the words at random and developed this idea that it would be like Finding Nemo with a twist. Don't find that too surprising, it insults my creativity (lets call it that) since my mind read the title as "Aquarium Evil." Anyway, I was a tad disappointed.
Don’t get me wrong; evil fishes would have made my day but I’m trying to be “cup half full” for the New Year’s crap. So I decided to watch even after the first ...
Dec 21, 2011
"Lonely...Empty... Sorrow...Sadness..Helpless... This 'me' only hopes that a person will need me, more than he needs anyone else."

I honestly think what attracted me to this manhwa was the sadness in those words. Thinking that somewhere someone is feeling it, even if it wasn’t me at the moment.

It always gives me a sort of melancholic feel when I read stories like these. This one in particular is about Azayoshi, a girl who feels lost and neglected. Who finds refuge in sleeping with random men for money. Don’t let what she does on her free time fool you, she is smart and a top student at ...
Dec 12, 2011
Taranta Ranta (Manga) add
Oh Taranta Ranta why did you betray me so…

I actually managed to learn all the characters names and for what? For you to leave me hanging out to dry in the air. What’s the manga synonym for cock blocking? I really need to start rating my reviews…

It was a good premise. Haruki lost her brother two years ago and it’s just her and her mom now. Her brothers absence is a palpable piece in her life, but she’s working on moving on. She meets a guy who resembles her oniisan and he seems to be sweet too. She starts to like him (I can’t figure ...
Nov 28, 2011
"Every minute felt like an eternity time, clearly as if it had a malicious intent, slowly ebbing away from me. I clenched my teeth and keeping myself from crying was the only thing I could do"

It all started when I was discussing the anime with a friend. It turned into a sort of debate on whether the ending to the anime was depressing or happy. Did he move on or just “chicken out.” Did Takaki get the short of the stick or was it really a good thing that it turned out the way it did. It kept going on or a while, in ...
Nov 6, 2011
I didn’t think this manga would be as dramatically dark. It was still light, sweet, and funny, but underneath all that, the characters had pain. Enough pain to move you...and make you laugh seconds later. Making you feel a tad bipolar.

When Haine Kamiya was in the 4th grade she was sold to the Otomiya family for 50 million yen to the. Thinking that her father must have hated her, she then turns into a delinquent because honestly if she needed to blow some steam off- how else is a confused and misunderstood kid suppose to do it? In the brink of her sadness she meets ...
Oct 31, 2011
Chihayafuru (Manga) add
Preliminary (2/252 chp)
I wasn’t going to review Chihayafuru yet, but it’s epic-ness needs to be shared with the world, well "the world," is a broad statement, and yeah so is "epic-ness," but either way, it's a really cute anime. So, let me count thee ways of awesome-ness.

Being a fan of both anime and manga (though anime has only a few episodes in as well) I couldn’t pass the opportunity to rant about it.

The story's main theme are on the simplicity of friendship, passion, and dreams, some the things that matter and drive our spirit as a youngster (first time ever to use that word). Not any ...

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