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SeraphineX May 24, 4:18 PM
Just finished Koe no Katachi, hoping the Kimi no Na Wa blu-ray comes out soon!

I read the manga and the one-shot beforehand, I think my ranking is: movie/one-shot > manga. I think it'd have been better if it was a 2 part movie of 90 minutes each, since they had to leave out a bunch of stuff from the middle part. The beginning and the ending were both great but the middle part of the movie lacked content, even if I didn't enjoy the middle part of the manga I thought it was necessary to get to know the characters.

Sound and animation were amazing, really enjoyable movie. Solid 9/10.
nx6 May 15, 2:05 AM
I've been rewatching portions of Code Geass the last couple days from my blu-rays, and I've decided I don't like this new 10th Anniversary 5.1 mix, because they changed the soundtrack many places and spoiled the mood on some of my favorite scenes. At least the discs have the original 2.0 Japanese audio as well. Haven't listened to the English dub at all, because I don't want to listen to Johnny Yong Bosch instead of Jun Fukuyama to start with.
nx6 May 12, 2:38 AM
Kimi no Na Wa doujin (non-hentai):
nx6 Apr 30, 12:59 AM
smh... I'm going to say I'm intrigued.

There one scene with the camels, looks like an overturned cart is in the foreground.
Was trying to figure out what this was:

Then I realized the video was available in HD and I could just make it full screen.
I'm going to say the figures down on the lower level are Nina and Milly (now having reconciled their friendship), with Rivalz playing bellhop.

Cornelia-sama! But she's not back to her old badass self still it looks like.
GlassReflection Apr 28, 11:40 PM
I see and Im doing quite well myself and thank you very much
SeraphineX Apr 25, 7:52 AM
Cool, just give it a try. It's kinda slow at the start but I thought the pace was alright.

Guess eating sushi from an actual Japanese place can't be compared to sushi from your own country. I'm imagining something Shokugeki no Soma level lol.

I thought the Doflamingo arc dragged quite a bit too, not sure if this arc has been shorter but I'm enjoying it a lot more, we get a lot of Sanji backstory and the drama has been on point. We're also reaching the climax this week, Luffy is finally fighting Big Mom! I'd probably recommend just waiting a few more weeks for this arc to end and hear about the overall outcome.

That's the only reason I didn't start HxH, loved the anime but I didn't want another endless manga in my list, I need to read Kingdom one of these days, already caught up with Vinland Saga so I need something similar. Never picked up Red Storm, hear it was cancelled?

DUDE that second one looks amazing, I don't remember those characters from s1 though, but I never managed to finish it. I'm really thinking about going back to it since I'm hearing a lot of good things from s2.

SeraphineX Apr 24, 9:28 PM
Oh btw, forgot to mention this one: https://myanimelist.net/manga/23689/Inari_Konkon_Koi_Iroha/stats

Read it months ago but it's one of my favorites now, light hearted and a very satisfying ending.
SeraphineX Apr 24, 9:26 PM
Lol I have enough hiatuses with Vagabond and Berserk e_e

Horimiya does have a lot of fillers, but that's because they get together pretty quickly, that's why. It's basically their everyday life and their interactions with other people. Guess my rec would be between this and Kaguya. Haven't actually read a lot of romances lately.

Job experience is a key everywhere I guess, also being unemployed for months is not a good sign but people here understand a little about it since the unemployment has been going up and the oportunities for young people are less everyday.

So freaking jelaous! Ramen would be actually my first choice of Japanese food to try, I think takoyaki would be second. Man, that ramen looks amazing just from the pictures.

Not much of a sushi fan though, but that could be because there's not a lot of quality sushi around here.

Bro, that's life! Nice to hear things are going smoothly for you, hope I can ride the same wave eventually. XD
SeraphineX Apr 24, 10:02 AM
Watched the anime and I didn't like it that much, specially how the plot didn't move foward at all after the first half, is the manga any different?

Me too, usually they start big but turn out to be mediocre, at least it's going to be 2 cours so there's a chance it will get a good ending. I want to play Nier soooo bad, hoping it will get a big discount around summer or maybe christmas.

Romance manga:
Chikan Otoko is a great romance but doesn't expand too much after they get together
Horimiya is pretty much what you're looking for but it's not finished, one the best ones I've read
Akatsuki no Yona anime was good and I heard the manga is even better, romance is secondary is not the main genre though.
Otoyomegatari has a godlike art, it's an arranged marriage between a girl and a little boy, their relationship is cute but moves really slow, decided to wait until it's finished.
Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To is my favorite romance right now, they don't get together, instead the compete with mind tricks and pranks to make the other confess first.

Nice, my commute is 5 minutes away now lol, changed job. This one is not that good, it's low pay it's like atech support for people accessing classes online in my college. The nice part is that I can make money online while I'm there, doing a few USD everyday while I'm there so that's a plus.

Really jelaous about your travel, I want to be able to afford a travel like that someday. Japanese food has always peek my curiosity but sadly there's not quality japanese food around here to try out.

Did you get a lot of stuff? Guess not a lot of manga since language is a problem but merchandise would be awesome.

SeraphineX Apr 23, 10:09 PM
Hey man! Good to know from you. I'm a big fan of the Fate franchise so this is right up my alley, not a fan of the MC but the rest of the characters and the music is top notch. Can't be the epicness from Sawano Godyuki.

Noticed you already added the military girl to your favorites haha, too bad it's not best girl Celestia.

Ongoing stuff I'm enjoying alot: Tokyo Ghoul:re (the last few chapters have been great) and The Promised Neverland, this one have been a pleasant surprise.

Completed stuff: Battle Angel Alita, seems like it's going to be good, only read a few chapters, the character designs are ok but the motion and the details are pretty good. Innocent's has a godlike art, it had a lot of gore which I don't really enjoy but it's worth it just for the art and the character development.

And Sanctuary, which seems like it's going to my favorites, I'm a big fan of mafia/police themes, this one is executed pretty nicely and I like the characters a lot, the art seems outdated but after a few chapters you start to notice the amazing details the characters have.

Hope you doing good, how's work/life treating you?
nx6 Apr 23, 9:49 PM
Pfft. I'm gonna say they did recognize each other there. Too many tears for a perfect stranger.
nx6 Apr 23, 9:03 PM
I assume that's going to be in the manga ending. Well, maybe not post so much. But the question of them remembering each other after the ReLife ends has been raised and you know the mangaka is going to catch hell if they don't end up together, even if it's just a case of them meeting by chance and starting over again in their relationship, not even recognizing each other from before.
nx6 Apr 23, 7:55 PM
I was kinda expecting it, given where we are in the school year. That's one nice thing about the plot of this manga is it's already limited to a one-year time frame. I think that prevents a ridiculously long run pretty well.
nx6 Apr 23, 7:10 PM
I dunno. Since it's almost a year away the manga could conceivably be done by then, but four episodes isn't long enough to cover it really. They would have to do a big skip and drop Ohga's brother's arc at least.
nx6 Apr 23, 4:10 PM
Ugh. I just heard ReLife is getting a four-episode OVA conclusion next March, so no second season. :-(