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Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi
Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi no Togi
Yesterday, 8:31 AM
Watching 11/12 · Scored 8
One Piece
One Piece
Sep 22, 3:59 PM
Watching 805/? · Scored 10
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV)
Sep 22, 2:36 AM
Watching 11/12 · Scored -
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Kunii Yesterday, 11:54 AM
Yea, think that maybe it xD Are you finished up some of the anime this season now?
Xapper Sep 15, 8:38 AM
I guess you don't like it? XD

I dropped the anime, so it could still happen XD

Isn't that all a job gives you? :P
That sounds complicated... And very nauseating...

I've never eaten enough snacks to get sick XD

Kinda suspicious, isn't it? XD
Damn, man... I don't want to think of it like that XD
So have you ever thought of doing web design, then?

That explains a lot XD

I guess that's why I don't have the interest in them XD Never watched a mahou shoujo in my childhood...
I see... Monster of the week is so monotonous, though...
But Yuuki Yuuna has many seasons, right? Even a new one next season, I think.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku? Yeah, I kinda liked it in the dark way... Would've liked happiness instead, though :p
I swear Millhi told me that some girl lost some limbs and the main girl became brainless?

But it also means you can't really appreciate the good shows :p

The age of consent is 16 in my country :P
Thanks, though :D
Kunii Sep 15, 3:23 AM
Oh I actually enjoyed it, just felt some part was a bit dragged, I was kinda expecting a lot tho xD
Xapper Sep 8, 7:03 PM
I swear I linked him >.>
There we go...

I'm more disgusted, but, hey....

Ahh... Congrats on moving on in society XD If you don't mind me asking, what do you do?

I tend to try and ration mine... Just in case I get that random want to eat a snack.

We will never get to see the stuff he wrote about the anime industry :'(
It's the same thing with eccentrich, too :'(
Lost in it as in you didn't know what to do or lost in it as in you lost the track of time?

Whoah... Now that's a joke I haven't heard yet :P

But, wait... I thought the appeal of mahou shoujos to you was that it was cute? XD It had an awesome openning, too... How could you forget? Also the car noises...
Hmm... I guess I mixed it up with Yuuki Yuuna...

He was going to watch Yuuki Yuuna without knowing it was dark >.> My friend knows nothing, despite reaching 100 days of anime in about 2 years...
Kunii Sep 8, 3:25 PM
Yea, but now i started on Breaking Bad xD
I see, heard they kinda stopped following the novel at around season 6
Xapper Sep 8, 8:33 AM
Oh, yeah... I found the artist again.
Kunii Sep 5, 3:59 AM
Oh right that's true, guess it's good thing i marathon 7 seasons, don't have to deal with all those cliffhangers yearly xD
Xapper Sep 4, 8:30 AM
Are they not the same?

You work? XD I know the feel, though.

I'm just too lazy to get snacks as well XD

That made more sense that it should have....
Yeah, Anru pops in every now and then... I have no clue where Amano is... I have no way of contacting him...
Whoah... How long did it take?


I'll be sure to pass them on :D
I remember quite liking the Subaru-sponsored one XD
I thought Lyrical Nanoha was a dark one, though?

He's already watched Madoka, is the thing >.>
He didn't know it was dark, despite another friend and I harking it at him...
Xapper Sep 3, 2:51 PM
Whoah, just looked at your about me section... It makes you sound friendly...

Anyway, I wanted to ask you what mahou shoujos you'd recommend. My friend has been enjoying them, but he doesn't feel ready for the commitment that is Cardcaptor Sakura. So, something 1 cour would be nice.
Xapper Sep 2, 3:20 PM
The terrible CG actually caused the horror, though!

I wish there was nothing wrong with them :P

I'd eat and enjoy them if I'm given them, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get them.

He actually has a little bit of mod power over a section of the Discord server for spoilers, I recently found out....
Even Anru wants you to come over to Discord, though XD
I might need to take a look at this customising stuff, since I'll need to know CSS for a website I'll need to make for school work...
Kunii Sep 2, 1:35 PM
I finally caught up with GoT few days ago, that cliffhanger ending xD
Kunii Aug 29, 2:41 PM
I was kinda busy the last few days so only got up to season 6 so far, might continue soon tho xD
Xapper Aug 27, 12:53 AM
Oh, yeah, I've seen them before...
I have to say that I was worried to click the link XD

Just remembered it was Mayoiga. I can't remember if you were in the discussion thread...

I don't care enough to buy new ones, though... I have Crocs and some other pair of shoes for more formal situations (and driving).

But I don't like eating :/

Surprisingly enough, he's not a mod. He said that it would just be as bad as modding in the forums. Although, one of the mods, Mike seems to be willing to give Millhi some power, though.
So that's what you've been spending your time doing XD I am terrible at designing...
Xapper Aug 21, 1:52 PM
If only I could remember :P

Nah, not that one. The one about some kids going to some ghost town to live in or something.


But can you appreciate interesting things without being bored?

They are still regulars :P Millhi's active in the Discord chat and he is normally the first person to reply to people who ask about the website XD
Yeah, but it's faster to search up anime to update the episodes manually, leaving the auto updates being a bonus. Honestly, though, it's worked for me every time. Even when the episode number doesn't directly translate to MAL, like Teekyuu 9's episode 4 is called 'Teekyuu episode 100' in the file name, it works without fail.
Kunii Aug 21, 1:29 PM
Oh I see, yea i'm really glad that i get much spoilers from it, so i'm really enjoying it a lot xD On season 4 now, seems like things are picking up xD