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Bambi Nov 19, 6:37 AM
Hey! Always like your comments C:

Hope you're having a pleasant day.
Bambi Oct 8, 1:54 AM
I think that's about what university costs here, but of course it depends on the uni, like you said. Usually we have a HECS loan where you only pay back uni costs when you earn over 55 thousand annually. Then a small amount is deducted from your wage each week.
Bambi Oct 6, 9:24 PM
Sorry, i didn't see it for some reason. How much does it cost to go to uni where you are?
TehRei Oct 5, 4:11 PM
Fucking A right he did
Mirai Oct 5, 11:51 AM
Gonna check those out! I'm in need of a scary book since apparently horror movies don't do it for me anymore <.<
Veromaye Oct 5, 11:46 AM
Don't worry, actually you would surprise how negative I'm towards everything. But about how I use my time and how time is passing? I'm not really worried about it. The only thing that I regret is not leaving my country before to travel around. Seriously, we still have time, just make sure to use it to make yourself happy :) .

I'm planning to save money right after I move to the new country, so most of those savings will be for travelling and Canada is an option so the advertising is working :P .

HAHA actually Switzerland is the top option when I think about moving to live the rest of my life. They have chocolate, mountains, cheese, milk, I love Switzerland <:

8? He's ready! Just find anime that can be appropriate to his age ( Who am I lying? My nephews watched Evangelion with me and they're not older than 12 ) . Well it depends how open minded he is, but there's lot of good shounen anime, and since you're a guy you'll know better than me.

HAHAHAHA, what nuuu. Well if it helps, you're a bit more nicer than the first person I met. (but it's a secret, don't tell anyone okay? (?))

Btw, can I PM you?
Mirai Oct 5, 10:48 AM
Yee I'm loving the books, I regret not reading them earlier <.<

Welp once again I started reading something because of fgo lol First Jekyll & Hyde and now Holmes .w.
Mirai Oct 5, 10:16 AM
I've always preferred Light .w.

Also I haven't even watched the tv series lul Just recently got into Sherlock yes like 20 years too late pls no judge I'm still reading through the books <<
Veromaye Oct 5, 10:13 AM
Don't worry, I didn't took that as an insult or anything <:
And yes, just a few days ago I was thinking "Wow the next year I'm turning 27 and that's already close to 30 and I still feel like my way of thinking is something around 19-22 years old. This hits you even more if all your friends or people around the same age are married and have kids. But at the same time I think It's going to be okay, even if time doesn't wait for you, you're enjoying your life and that's what matter. There's nothing worse that getting old AND being sad about it.

You REALLY want me to move to Canada huh? :P . I actually wanted to move to Canada but I don't know why I kinda get the feeling that it's best to stay as far as possible from USA. Not like I hate USA but Fallout made me scared of a WWIII happening LOL.

N-no :(! They're pretty normal tbh. They watch anime but like, one per season and probably the same that I'm currently watching at that moment. Like, they started watching Steins;Gate with me and they love it now, so they also watched S;G 0 with me and we all cried lol.

My fault? Hmm, nuh uh, I think you're a funny person and probably the second nicest person I've spoke here. Most people here are super hostile and that's why I avoid forums, it's a miracle I speak to the guys from the club (not like they're bad or anything). So I think you're a super nice person and fun to talk, don't say it's because of me, silly.

Ahh, make sure not balance the levels of water - juice because I don't want you to lose enamel D:
Veromaye Oct 5, 9:13 AM
The question mark in brackets is to make the sentence sound like it's not serious, sarcasm or a joke. So no, is not that I'm a trap, is that I don't mean the "telling a lady she's old is wrong". Also I don't really care about people calling me old because of my actual age, because I KNOW that I'm old and I accept it lol. But people see me irl and tell me "Wow you don't look like you're older than 18!" So I'm good about my age.
And yes, I think after you're pass 25, you're officially "Old" or "Adult" not "Young Adult" anymore.

Well, the tanning thing is mainly because we don't CHOOSE to get tanned, we get forcefully tanned all the time, is not like I hate having a darker skin, but I rather look a bit pale because it fits me more. Plus there's the uneven tanning and it looks awful.

Is not like I'm super childish ALL the time, but when I have the chance and I'm with a group of close friends I'm 100% childish, that also applies being with my nephews, they love me because I'm not the usual "grumpy" aunt but the "cool" aunt that loves videogames and anime haha.
Most of the time I'm super serious and people who don't know me ore barely met me think I'm grumpy and tend to avoid talking to me, it's my weird curse.
So you're a "serious" person when it comes to interactions? You don't sound like that. I think you're a pretty cool guy, and funny.

Yay :D Definitely good news! Hope you keep getting better.
Bambi Oct 5, 2:41 AM
Can you get some sort of study loan where you pay it back once u work?

Do I have you on discord? I don't remember
Veromaye Oct 4, 7:08 PM
You make it sound like I'm suuuuper old, not a cool thing you say to a girl (?) hahaha. I know I am older, but I think few months is not really a big gap, specially if it's 6 months, if it were almost a year, then yeah I would take it as I'm wayy older :P

Yeah I can see that Ontario isn't as cold as other northern parts of Canada - USA. But for me anything lower than 15 is super cold haha.
I would get used to it but I would suffer a lot in the process, specially since I don't use blankets to sleep, unless it's a rainy night and the temperature at dawn gets a biit too low for my body and it's still uncomfortable because I got used to not using them lol.
I guess the same applies to the heat, I just got used to it, I was born in this hellish city so the sun and heat is just annoying, I think the only season that has optimal temperature is December-January. Don't get me wrong tho, I hate the heat and the sun. I don't like getting tanned at all xD

Yeah, Venezuela is the biggest example of the WHOLE "socialism" not working. But lets not get into politics, I try to avoid it but it haunts me >_>.

Yes, working with kids it's hard, I think it's easy for me because I usually "understand" them more since I'm super childish, I can't work with Teens-Young adults tho, I feel like they're naturally mean so most just laugh at your work, some others of course not, but I'm not really good dealing with teens or even adults, I'm a weirdo. I've worked with kids before, teaching them basic english so I have enough experience :) .
At the end is just how good at socializing you are.

Hmm, I think it's because I started to drink a lot of lemon juice? So it just boosted my inmune system :0. My advice is, eat your veggies and fruits :P
Veromaye Oct 4, 3:52 PM
Ok so I'm calling you Mick then :).
Well your profile says your Birthday is December 1992 so yes, I'm older than you for barely few months. Still I wouldn't call you daddy hahahaha.

Yep! 2L of water actually, and an umbrella but it's still *Skadi voice* MAZUII D:
Wow I think I don't stand a chance over there. I'm used to heat, and I love cold, but I can't imagine myself at 0 or lower degrees.
What's the lowest temperature you can handle without feeling COLD?

Ohhhh NICE! I love teaching, I'm very good with children, what about you?
I'm currently unemployed ( I do freelancer work tho ) because I'm doing paperwork to move to another country, I don't know if you've heard or seen but Venezuela right now is hell so yep, I'm aiming for a better place to live, is sad to leave your country but your quality of life comes first. So when I get to the new country I'll start studying, probably teaching too!

Sometimes you CAN catch a cold due to drastic temperature changes, but it's more common to get it from germs. I'm glad that I've been cold free for a long time now.
Veromaye Oct 4, 2:40 PM
It's Mike okay? I can call you whatever you want.. except Daddy >_> LOL, dumb joke.

Well, the fun (not) thing about Venezuela is that we have a very weird weather, it really depends the state, where I live, the temperature doesn't go lower than 25°C , this of course can go lowest 20-23°C at night if there's enough rain. But the regular temperature is 34 to 40°C , specially now that rain season stopped, yeah that's hell I've walked into.
I thought Canada was colder? :0

Good good! Since I notice we have the same age, do you study, work?
Yes, I used to get colds very regularly when I was younger, like, only one month since I got better from one and bam, another cold. Now I don't get them that often but it's still annoying ;_;
Veromaye Oct 4, 12:28 PM
Sorry I don't want to fill the club with regular themes so lets keep it here if you don't mind that.

So what's the short name for Michael? I'm not native english speaker and I have no idea how to make it shorter lol.

Actually no, but it's not only that, I have to walk a lot lately ( 5-10km ) and that's what mainly gets me tired, besides we have high temperatures and strong sun most of the day. Unlike you that it seems you're from Canada, what's the temperature over there right now?
Make sure to take hot drinks and get warmed so it doesn't get serious. Colds are my worst enemy :P