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Nov 8, 2018
I found the story really interesting. many people said that the story is repetitive and boring. well, i think the story itself IS repetitive, BUT it's not boring. it's a story about cells and the main focuse is RBC (red blood cell) and WBC (white blood cells), what do you expect the story would be? the main focuse is indeed "calm > germ met RBC > WBC is a hero in time > everyone saves the day". but every germs and problem will make a different response from each cells and how they handle it. THAT's where it is different in every episodes.
if you want read more
Apr 11, 2018
Overall Rating 10/10

This is one of the anime that you can call "Original".
I will keep myself from writing any big spoiler.

First of all, the most important one, the story.
At early episodes, you will see this anime as a general shounen anime with naive MC that doesn't want to kill anyone with a big dream on his heart of returning their original body back. But as the story progressed, you will see the exact differences. That is because instead of winning by being OP thanks to nakama power at the lasts second in a battle, you will often see MC either being saved by someone else read more
Apr 21, 2017
Let's see... I won't only write a review based on R2 but also from R1. But of course majority (I think it will) will be from R2.

Story: -rating 8-
Just like R1, R2 story also bring unexpected things to make it more exciting. But flaws hit it pretty good here in R2. Unexpected things ARE nice, but if it moving too fast it will leave holes. So Marianne is alive, but Lelouch just goes like "no worries! I only cares about my sister.." I let it pass. "This sword (thingy) will change the world!" Said charles. I just goes like... Oh OK... You just ruined the read more
Jul 14, 2016
A perfect 10 for all things!
The first season is already really great but second season is amazingly awesome! The story get more action scene! Not only action but also slice of life, romance, and more importantly is the heart warming yet sad scene.. I have watched a lot of sad anime but none of them make me cry but I admit that it make my heart aches and one of then almost brought me to tears but none of them actually make me shed tears and this anime made me cry for the first time even though it's only an anime.. There is a lot read more
Jun 14, 2016
I really enjoy this!!
I fell in love with this manga right away from the very first chapter! The art is really nice, the characters are well shaped and the plot is just beautiful!! It's not that sad but somehow it really give me the "feels".. Too bad that the English translations is really slow.. But I'm sure you won't regret to read this if you like a very slow going romance.. ^_^
I really love a romance story that involved royalty and this one is no exception! Koujiro is a really good type of prince too! I love Hana's personality at the begginer arc but I read more
Feb 17, 2016
Yeah... this is just awfully terrible...
I loved tokyo mew mew because it was the first step i take right before i became an otaku.. but when i read this it was like wtf?? Ichigo's place is compleatly "REPLACED".. it is not a change of generation but fully replaced... the fact that that Berry girl has 2 animal DNA is just feel so greedy of cuteness.. even Ringo from the TMM game just have 1 animal dna even though she doesn't really has animal dna within her... so for me it was a total let down.. i completed the manga just to see Ichigo again..
Feb 17, 2016
If i have to describe it in one word then it will be "beautiful"

Yeah.. someone from the anime manga recommendation recommend me rhis when i'm looking for something similar to the plot of "Owari no Sekai kara" song by Yanagi Nagi.. it's not compleatly the same but all the feels is almost the same... greed, time traveling, regret and love story is almost the same.. the bittersweet ending is really beautiful too.. in fact, i love the ending! The song OST from the ending is just fit perfectly! The lyric sync with the anime story plot and the melody bring a huge wave of feels! read more
Feb 16, 2016
Yes.. this is the first manga that i read from the very first time it was released... i found it when searching "akamatsu ken" at the manga site and boom.. uq holder 1 hour ago first chapter..
So it was good at first chapter so i continued it then found out that it happened after the negima events.. it got the comedy, it got the action, and of course the art is good.. but lately this "harem ecchi" butt in and for me it ruined the whole story.. beacuse yes i'm not too fond of harem.. i hope it will became like negima later, because at read more
Dec 29, 2015
When the first time i saw this Pv i didn't know it was the new love live! Cast.. i still remember my first impression is: "the song is good, they're looks like a middle schooler but more importantly they are moe??" And so i'm not really interested in it.. then a few weeks later i found "Love Live! Sunshine" when searching about Love Live! when i click on it it was like "WHAAAAAAT????!!" i really suprised to the bone knowing they are the one replacing u's at the Love Live! francise, but what suprised me more is "this looks like middle schooler moe is actually read more
Dec 29, 2015
Well this is my second idol anime but this is the only idol anime that i absolutely love! Before anything else i always look at the art and despite being a shoujo anime, love live! Is animated beautifully.. the dancing using a 3D animation though, but it became a beautifull 3D if you see the second season.. i think this is a must watch anime! The character is rather unique too.
This is the first time i see a character like Umi.. if i compare Love Live! With other idol anime that said to be love live! Rival i think love live! Art is far more read more