Nov 8, 2018
Meira_Eve (All reviews)
I found the story really interesting. many people said that the story is repetitive and boring. well, i think the story itself IS repetitive, BUT it's not boring. it's a story about cells and the main focuse is RBC (red blood cell) and WBC (white blood cells), what do you expect the story would be? the main focuse is indeed "calm > germ met RBC > WBC is a hero in time > everyone saves the day". but every germs and problem will make a different response from each cells and how they handle it. THAT's where it is different in every episodes.
if you want a darker side and maybe more ecchi, then go and read the "black" side.
the comedy is really funny! i don't think a blood cells could actually get lost like that but, for plot-sama's sake, anything is possible right?

the art itself isn't stunning, but it is a passable. i found it unique how they make "nutrient" looks like your every day normal foods. it's easier to grasp, plus i don't think nutrient actually have some kind of form so... who knows..? XD
the occasional chibi is cute too, so that's a plus from me.

i don't really pay attention to this. and even if i did, i don't think i can make a differences out of it. but the OP and ED is really nice, and it keeps playing itself in my mind... XD

the character (at least our two MC), developed just right. and it doesn't have such thing like "we are felloow cells! i can't bear to kill them" cliche. it's their job, so they have to do it. which is exactly what happened inside our body. that itself is a perfect 10 from me.
aaaaaannndddd~~~~ i'm free to ship them. lol XD

it made me hooked to it so much that i started to read the manga so... of course 10/10