Jul 14, 2016
Meira_Eve (All reviews)
A perfect 10 for all things!
The first season is already really great but second season is amazingly awesome! The story get more action scene! Not only action but also slice of life, romance, and more importantly is the heart warming yet sad scene.. I have watched a lot of sad anime but none of them make me cry but I admit that it make my heart aches and one of then almost brought me to tears but none of them actually make me shed tears and this anime made me cry for the first time even though it's only an anime.. There is a lot to learn from this anime since I'm also a student right now and my condition is more likely like Karma except the part that he is a delinquent but I'm not.. This anime make me think twice about how boring schools are.... I want to give this a perfect 100 if I could :)