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May 8, 2018
So, I randomly watched the anime and enjoyed it so much I needed more... I'll say something similar to what I said about the anime. This isn't for everyone. You won't find much suspense or drama here, in the way that the genre is normally known for. That being said, this is a wonderful story and as a hopeless romantic, I am just fucking thrilled. I've never seen a story like this anywhere in this medium. Romance storys generally are dangled in front of the viewer with the cathartic coupling occurring at the very end or even not at read more
May 6, 2018
I was so disappointed in this sequel to the first couple arcs I felt compelled to write a review. It would have gotten a few more points if it wasn't totally overshadowed by it's predecessor. So let's go make a list of reasons why this is a total disappointment.

Reason 1: Concept. For some reason, they went in a totally different direction of the established universe and decided to make it some kind of manly Digimon-type anime. Not as cool as it sounds. Remember those cool martial arts fights with Ripple energy? Yeah, that's essentially gone.

Reason 2: The read more
May 4, 2018
Ore Monogatari is the ultimate feel good romance anime. It's a break from the standard love triangle/trapezoids, unrequited loves, and shows that either end when the protagonists finally pair up or even end vaguely. You're not going to see the level of drama common for the genre here. There are no big plot twists (though plenty of pleasant surprises). And this is exactly what I think is this story's greatest appeal: subtlety. Many of the episodes could be seen as downright mundane. For example, one episode they go to the zoo. Exciting, right?

I'll say it clearly, this read more