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Feb 10, 2019
Mixed Feelings
For someone credited as the godfather of manga, with a good number of classic works under his belt, you’d expect Osamu Tezuka to be more of a classy writer, at least that was the expectation I brought with me when deciding to discover more of his work. It has however become apparent to me that Tezuka was not above inserting all kinds of depravity into his more adult stories.

Having taboo elements in a story obviously doesn’t automatically make something bad, but it should be said that I hope any writer keeps themselves to a high standard when exploring them. Ode to Kirihito sadly can ...
Dec 23, 2018
Blame! Movie (Anime) add
When going into the Blame! movie one needs to know in advance is that this is an original self-contained story, taking place in the world of Blame, somewhere in the middle of the main character's quest to find human DNA in the vast robotic megastructure that has taken over the world.

The makers of the film managed to capture the atmosphere of Blame with great sound design and music to bring out the violent action and oppressive tone. To top it all off the CGI design lends itself perfectly for creating a post-apocalyptic world taken over by robots and strange shifting structures. Perhaps the one downside ...
Dec 23, 2018
Double Decker has a strong enough start with ridiculous episodic adventures and a cast of lovable idiots, with an over-the-top narrator as a nice cherry on top. However, the comedy and characters that are the show's main selling points become less inspired toward the mid-point. An example would be that only a small portion of the characters get any kind of backstory, and the team-work they need to form as cop duos rarely gets any focus.

The action doesn't help in elevating the experience either, due to the odd mix of 2D and CGI animation that makes the action too clumsy to be enjoyed on ...
Dec 21, 2017
Inuyashiki (Anime) add
Inuyashiki is a story that stands out with a fine premise to build on, with an interesting choice of an older main character that is sure to spark most people's curiosity. It is also a series that doesn't hold back on its R-rated content, going into places I've personally never seen any other anime go before. For that alone I can say I don't regret watching it.

If we were to discuss the actual quality of the show though... I can't excuse some astonishingly weird or straight-up horrible decisions on the author's part. This is a shame, since it's a show where the animation barely manages ...
Jun 30, 2017
Sci-fi stories have as of late become more action-oriented or filled with fantasy-tropes, straying far from being speculative stories about our future and how we might change over time. This is why Kado came in like a welcome breath of classic air, bringing up the interesting questions that the genre is well-known for.

Being interesting alone was however not enough to make this series great.

We start our journey of interdimensional exploration with some rather slow pacing, sometimes used well to flesh out characters, other times to waste an episode on watching the futuristic paint dry. Yet it keeps you hooked by introducing crazy concepts, such as ...
Mar 28, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Some shows bore me to tears and feel like a chore to get through. ACCA however has the privilege of being a show that bored me into a strange cozy state of submission. It is a slice-of-life political thriller like no other.

It starts off with the art and music, which immerses you into the world with a colorful yet not overdone palette, accompanied by lounge-like piano music that doesn't dare to raise your heartbeat by even a smidgeon. This choice of tone manages to make the events on screen feel more grounded, but add to this some cinematography that's just kinda passable, and you also ...
Feb 20, 2017
X (Anime) add
For a long time I’ve had a special place in my heart for survival games and tournaments, a genre almost in and of itself that only anime can portray in all its glorious fashion. Much like horror slashers where half of the entertainment came from anticipating inventive kills, battle royales tend to tap into a part of my mind that’s fascinated by death and survival. Over time however, it’s clear that a lot of these shows don’t hold up that well. X is one of the few that do still hold up for me, mainly because of its epic execution.

When I say epic, I mean ...
Oct 25, 2016
91 Days (Anime) add
91 Days is a rare treat of a series, a period piece and a revenge story that manages to be straightforward and simple in its approach, while still adding extra layers of themes and character-depth as the story progresses.

Our protagonist, Angelo, sees his family get slaughtered by the mafia, and vows to bring down those who wronged him. Angelo infiltrates the family responsible for his family’s demise, and meets with the second most noteworthy character Nero.

At first, seeing how direct and dark the premise of the show was, the pessimist in me feared that the show would rely on mindless action or edgy ...
Jul 24, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Monster X Monster invites us into a fantastical world filled with awe-inspiring sights, dazzling magic, and gorgeous artwork. In such a setting full of adventure, what does our story focus on? On a shut-in that would much rather stay at home and play visual novels on his magical game-system.

The first thing that Monster X Monster has going for it is its art. To summarize the quality of the artwork, it is refined yet could use more inspiration. What I mean by that is that the art can be enjoyed for how polished it is - every time a monster shows up there is a ...
May 27, 2016
One Punch Man (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Everyone gather around! I'm currently selling tomatoes that you may throw at me for rating One Punch Man anything below a seven! With this foolproof plan... I shall become rich!


It's all been said before, the show has great visuals and exciting action, but offers you thin characters and a singular joke that quickly becomes repetitive with every new villain that Saitama, our protagonist, defeats. That's why I would rather analyze something that hasn't been discussed as much in relation to this show, which would be the use of themes.

If you were to ask me, good use of themes is what separates a regular good ...

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