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Jirokissaw May 2, 10:08 AM
Ah i see now thank you so much for the fast reply
Jirokissaw May 2, 12:03 AM
Hello please excuse me i wanted to ask about cyborg 009 1979 version where can i find it subbed
Yasaal Mar 20, 1:45 AM
Lol just read your Gintama° review and I fell for it XD Although I saw the score of 8 before, I thought you took a negative stance despite the 8 but still got completely fooled. Nice plot twist XD
Gridley May 12, 2017 6:20 AM
It's me Semen Demon.
Gridley May 12, 2017 1:07 AM
Are you Joshua Gearspring?
zal Sep 6, 2016 6:16 AM
My bad, I confused the stands. I thought you were talking about Killer queen.

If I remember correctly his motivation was to remain hidden and no one knowing about him having a stand, that's why he killed Okuyasu's brother since he was the only one to know his identity. He also stalked Josuke and Jotaro because they knew about him but not a big issue until Joseph was coming.
zal Sep 6, 2016 5:07 AM
The first part had great start and end but in the middle is quite dull. I think part 1 was carried by Dio and him being great antagonist but Jonathan can't keep up as character. Instead part 2 is the contrary, great MC but not so great antagonists. Part 3 managed to be more balanced between mc and antagonist but it dragged out too much with many forgettable fights. However I do agree that some of the best battles were with the Darby brothers.

For me it seems that DiU is doing right were SC failed a bit. Josuke for now is good and still has room for improving, the same goes for Kira. Differently than SC here they meet with the main villain quite early and there's time to develop their confrontation. There's still a season for them to shine. To me Red Hot Chili Pepper seems similar to Koichi's stand and that has different phases and powers with a common denominator of explosion. Did you mean you didn't get what the stand did or why Kira did what he did?
zal Sep 5, 2016 11:06 AM
Nice rating system, I like it. I see you have only one 1 hahaha I will avoid that anime with all my might.

I do agree with you for the 3rd friend but I think its purpose was to be different and to bring a more emotional conclusion plus having the twist of his identity. Sadly it didn't give me the same kind of satisfaction like Monster, probably because of the lack of the presence of a great mystic character like Johan even though the characters are great overall but there's not someone that shines like him. True, I was a bit perplexed too to that.

Oh right, I've hear it ended but I still have to finish it. I arrived when it says it is the start of the final arc but still didn't finish it. It might be the most ambitious of Urasawa's works. It's like the assassin creed of the manga without all the milking from the publisher.

I see you are not a big fan of Jojo, what do you think of Diamond is Unbreakable?
zal Sep 5, 2016 5:29 AM
The fact that they don't act human and realistically can be overlooked at times for the sake of fiction, however I wasn't bothered by any behaviour in Homunculus I thought they were fairly believable.

I am not sure myself how I rank XD
I think it is a mix of things starting from characters, story, themes, execution, enjoyment but no precise calculation, it's more like a feeling and a way of giving recognition to the shows I like. However one of the most important elements for me is that the show is engaging through action, plot or characters. From time to time I also rethink about some shows to see if they still left an impression on me or not. Monster is the one that left the longest lasting impression since I watched it in 2010. I had other shows rated 10 but with time they fell off a bit for me.
I enjoyed everything rated at least 7 in different ways. 5 and 6 are those that had something bothering me being flaws or personal preference. 4 and lower means I didn't like it at all or only few things about it.

I agree that the second season of Kaiji is not as good as teh first but it is still fairly good and at least concludes the story (in the anime). I didn't really thought about the singular rating of 21st century boys and just rated together with 20th century boys since it is not really another manga but just a way of the author to symbolize progress and that things changed and they are in a new era, or so I think about it. I don't remember specifically what was in 21st century boys and what in the prequel, they are one for me.

Maybe I should check the live action too but I don't like watching something that summarizes a manga/book I've already read because most likely it is a summary of the 10 volumes. Moreover his drawing are among my favourites, so many visually and emotionally impactful pages.
zal Sep 5, 2016 12:39 AM
Yes, great character and an improvement from the drunk detective presented before. I think those two had a very similar approach to their presentation but Martin had much more impact. I love how Urasawa manages plot twists: presents the story how external characters view it and think that is the truth but only the one involved knows the how actually things went down.

I've recently read Homunculus and I see you rated it a 10, great manga. I really loved the drawings, they are phenomenal. The ending though is a bit mysterious for me, still thinking about it.
If you are interested you should check Koroshiya 1 from the same author: less psychological, more action and more morbid in both gore and psychology of the main character. Ichi is really twisted even more than Nakoshi.
zal Sep 2, 2016 7:20 AM
Hi there, looks like I've found one of the few people with Monster's best supporting character in their favourites.
Miragee May 27, 2016 11:33 PM
Alright, seems like my money was well-invested. You realise however that people, like myself, will be keeping such an awesome item to themselves, rather than throwing them back at you? Pro tip: You need to grow tomatoes that are a little bit more special than normal tomatos but still not worth 2 $. People will buy them because they think they are special but they are not special enough to keep them. In the end, you got a nice profit-margin as well as getting tomatoes thrown at you.
Miragee May 27, 2016 8:28 AM
That's daylight robbery! The tomato better be freaking special!

*($) ($)*
Miragee May 27, 2016 7:23 AM
I'll never understand the "One Joke Man" argument about One Punch Man. Can I get a tomato?
Smaster Apr 26, 2016 12:02 AM
Oh yeah, I'm currently watching the recent season and this one has a lot of troll how to hide your porn books without anyone noticing.Well the good part is that I dun have any books here..xD..I was expecting this season to go up to 100 episodes tho...*sadface*
Nice completed anime list btw..Since 2014 here I've been slow..I MEAN REALLY SLOW at watching anime. I hope to be able to catch with some good shows during my free days.