Dec 23, 2018
Markezzo (All reviews)
Double Decker has a strong enough start with ridiculous episodic adventures and a cast of lovable idiots, with an over-the-top narrator as a nice cherry on top. However, the comedy and characters that are the show's main selling points become less inspired toward the mid-point. An example would be that only a small portion of the characters get any kind of backstory, and the team-work they need to form as cop duos rarely gets any focus.

The action doesn't help in elevating the experience either, due to the odd mix of 2D and CGI animation that makes the action too clumsy to be enjoyed on its own.

Double Decker’s greatest downfall however is the plot-twists. Comedies love to subvert expectations and go for the less expected outcome, which is great in exploring stories and characters. Doing something unexpected is however not enough in and of itself. Twists need to either be equally as fun or even more interesting than what you normally would've expected. It's the difference between 'playing' with expectations, and 'betraying' expectations. Examples would include rushing out answers to mysteries in anti-climactic ways, robbing characters of their agency by trivializing their goals, awkwardly changing genre from crime comedy to sci-fi action, among other things I won't mention to avoid spoilers.

Double Decker is ultimately a bumpy ride, not without its merits in the first half, but I can't recommend it due to untapped potential with the characters, a plot that becomes a train-wreck in the second half, and the comedy and action that fails to shine compared to other shows one could be watching.