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Soulsfear Jan 23, 2021 1:53 PM
Happy Birthday
TheNecress Dec 25, 2017 6:57 AM
pasiklydau Apr 2, 2017 12:33 AM
Galim xD IGN: Pasiklydau
Fappa May 31, 2016 10:07 AM
They are only minor changes except the middle-end part of arc 3 where they become more significant changes.

Volume 4 with the whole election and Subaru loosing everyone around him is mostly the same

The changes start with volume 5

The start is still pretty much the same.

But when they rush back to the mansion it becomes different.

In the first iteration Subaru sees Rem's dead body, then rushes to the mansion, finds Ram dead but not Emilia. He finds a staircase that leads down. He follows it, finds frozen people and is immediately frozen as well and he dies. No torture takes place whereas the big torture part was in the WN

In the second loop he is just like in the WN in some kind of denial mode.
This time both meet the cult but instead of getting caught Rem fights until she is brutally killed, no torture again.
The cult leaves Subaru behind who is completely dead inside, soon he shakes himself out of it though.
He carries Rem's dead body to the village where he finds all the people including the children slaughtered
He goes to the mansion and once again there are frozen people, there he sees Puck's true form going rampage and he is frozen/killed immediately.

Now in the third iteration Subaru is in vengeance mode and wants to kill Betelguese
He tries to get Crush, Priscilla, Anastasia's help but fails in his negotiations
In this iteration, Otto ( he's leading the carriages ) is still in capital and he starts to use his brains, gets him and a band of merchants to move carriages to Roswaal domain so as to use those carriages to evacuate the villagers
This time he is proactive and decides not to take detour so as to rush back to the mansion
Because of that they encounter the mist and white whale
Rem buys them time to escape from the whale and mist, with Otto dragging Subaru along
When they get out of the mist, Subaru said regrets his decision saying things like "Damn, how could we leave Rem behind"
Otto then asks "who is Rem"? This means the whale had already consumed her soul
The white whale continues to pursue them, Subaru then realizes that he does that because of his stench, he mumbles to himself that it's his fault
Otto realizing Subaru is the reason for the White Whale's pursue, he almost forces him to go off, he wants to get away from Subaru
Subaru manages to get away somehow, gets to the village to find the people still alive, because he is early in this iteration
He gets back to the mansion with wounds, meets Ram and collapses
After waking up, he learns that Emilia and Ram had forgotten about Rem too
He then tries to ask the weary-looking Emilia to get away but he is met with resistance and bewilderment
He gives up and reveales his Return by Death, but just as he continued to speak while ignoring the hand, not caring whether he dies or not, the hand grabbes Emilia's heart and crushes it
Beatrice witnesses Subaru carrying Emilia's lifeless body, refuses Subaru's request to kill him, then teleportes them outside, knowing that Puck in his true form is on his way
The cultists finally arrive, then Puck also comes and kills or freezes all the cultists, Betelguese is perplexed by Puck's power even as a spirit, Puck hints that it's linked to Ekidna
Puck then tells Subaru his 3 mistakes and freezes him
As Subaru is slowly and painfully dying he hears how Puck says he would freeze the world and also mentiones that the only one who is above him in power was probably only the sword saint

The start of the 4th iteration is pretty much the same until we get to the White Whale raid

In the WN the raid took multiple tries of trial and error ( which would get pretty tiring to read tbh but that's just a personal gripe ) in the LN they manage to kill it in the first loop but the battle is made longer and way harder. So the author basically balanced the lack of multiple trial and error loops by making the first loop's fight way more intense, longer, dangerous etc. The LN also seems to explain the expedition/preparations in a more detailed way.

The next event is then the fight against Betelgeuse. In the WN there were once again many trial error where many of our people died. In the LN they manage to kill him in the first loop but Pandoria possesses Subaru. Volume 8 ends with him begging with the last bit of control he has to kill him which Julius and Willhelm do. Of course these trial and error loops can still appear after this failed loop.

That's as far as the LN goes so far.

So in short the only stuff that was changed is the part where they get tortured by the cult. Instead he dies multiple times through Pucks hand.

Of course the torture has more impact but it was close to over the top sadism torture. For the overall story the alterations that were done in the LN are better.

The trial and error loops when they fight the whale were also cut out which can be seen as a good thing or not so good, that's personal preference.

What we can be sure for now is that the changes the LN did are definitely better for the anime.
Fappa May 31, 2016 5:10 AM
About arc 3 i maybe should've said that I described the WN version, the LN version is a bit different in execution. Just wanted to make that clear because that caused some confusion somewhere else :D

So, arc 5 now? :D
Fappa May 30, 2016 5:43 PM
Can I do that later as it is almost 3am and I'm extremely tired :D Once I get up I'll write a summary for arc 5 alright? :D
Fappa May 30, 2016 5:17 PM
Oh god what do you want to know :o
Fappa May 29, 2016 2:02 PM
Yeah they surprised me with the amount of gore.

I loved that they put so much focus on the villagers, especially the children...considering that they end up as beheaded, skinned and mutilated in a heap of corpses.

She knew that whatever she says he would just do it anyway. She knows she can't stop whatever drives him that much. Well he is a master in magic :D
Fappa May 29, 2016 7:08 AM
Yeah that's why we source material reader are so excited for arc 3. In comparison to that arc 1 and 2 are nothing. Yeah that's the one time when I'm glad I've already read that. Well you got it good. I had to read their suffering in detail. The torture scene for example expands over 25 chapters which is almost one volume :P

Betelgeuse merely got possessed by Pandoria he isn't a evil person himself. Still there are members of the Cult that are wicked evil down to their core and yes they cause even more pain for him and others. Oh and Satella too.

So far they managed to censor it in creative way but without taking away from the experience. They know how to show you what happens without directly showing you. For example when Rem whips him, you can see the blood splattering into her face and Subaru screaming.

Yeah Subaru has to face a lot of decision that would drive every single one of us insane.

If you look at it like that then yes these alternate dimensions continue to exist so there people continue to suffer. Yes in that regard Subaru is quite selfish the times he decides to kill himself. Still, like you said you can't blame him, you are in no position to blame him, hell you eventually understand him. The thing is, Subaru is conscious of that ever since arc 4. Ever since then he reacts incredibly sensitive towards death. If anyone dies he has almost a complete freakout because he is afraid that this person will stay dead. There are time when he prays that he will revive before these event so he can safe them. And every time he has to mask his sorrow or his happiness when realizes what of those two options happened.

Yes there are so many scenes that are so emotionally packed. Episode 7 holds no chance against them.

It's not really that he recovers or "shrugs it off" all the events are one scar on his mind and throughout the story you will see the results of it. Remember how Subaru got a brief moment of PTSD when he was trapped within Shakma in episode 8? That one of the first results of his traumatizing experiences. After loosing Rem he develops an unhealthy overprotective nature. He doesn't want anyone to die because he is absolutely insecure about his "power".

So it's not that recovers from all the trauma he receives but he grows through all of that. He is damaged because of all of these experiences but at the same time he grows through every single one of these moments.

But I'll keep arc 4 rather short because you know basically know the main events already :D
Fappa May 28, 2016 5:47 PM
Apparently the author has followed the manga/novel/anime industry for quite a while and he is extremely fed up with its current state. From what I've heard he despises these introverted "I can't possibly express my feeling and thoughts" kind of characters. He also thinks barely any authors have "the balls" to be actually brutal to their characters. So basically all the things he hates about stories he did differently and put it into Re:Zero :D

Yeah, he even sent a huge box with fan mail to Subaru's voice actor because in Japan they love him apparently. So he's pretty much a part of the staff as it seems like :D

I started about 9 months ago. I got this recommended by a friend that reads a lot of novels, so I trusted his taste ( well he didn't stop going off about this extremely dark novel that skyrocket into his favorites ). At that point I had no Idea that an anime adaptation was announced 3-4 months ago and that it would air in Spring 2016. To be honest I only found out about it when I looked at the Spring Chart for the first time about 2 weeks before it started. At that point I was in the middle of arc 3, an emotional wreck and got so extremely hyped.

As soon as I found that out I wanted to jump ahead of the anime before it started airing so I pulled some all nighters literally sucking up all the content and about a month ago I caught up completely. Yes 4.5 million words and it honestly also felt like that but more in a "thank god there is so much content" type of way :D.

It's no simply being there. These sins resulted out of something. At multiple times it is hinted at that some higher beings look at this world like a game of chess. So there seems to be a "god like" figure(s) who are responsible for some creations and events of this world. I can imagine that this is the reason why these sins came to exist. We're about to hit the halfway mark of the story so the author has A LOT of time to explain this. He recently said he has the ending planned so he seems to know what he's doing. And about the logical explanation. He has found an explanation to pretty much everything in the story so far, I'm absolutely confident he will also go more indepth about how these sins came to exist.

Well that poor guy can't help it. Back pains are a pain in the ass...wait. I think it will take some time until there is an update but I will stay informed :D

Yes the Witch's Cult is full of absolute monsters. I mean hundreds of invisible hands that can kill you in an instant? Time stop? Turning you into literally anything? The villains in this story are absolutely terrifying ( not only powerwise but also from their personality. Once you've met Betelgeuse in the anime, you will know what I mean ) and there exist no pushover villains.

You know how in the majority of stories there is this "general" of an organization who is beaten about 1/4 or 1/2 of the anime and is basically a pushover? Oh and the normal followers of an organization are mere cannonfodder? Well none of that exists here.

Hell if our side didn't have Reinhard we would be absolutely fucked. Reinhard is our Joker Card but he can't be everywhere. This becomes apparent in arc 5 when 4 fucking bishops attack at the same time. Reinhard can keep one at bay/ even kill one depending on who is it. The others get pretty much destroyed. Reinhard is probably the strongest character in this world aside from Satella maybe.

But okay back to my point. Satella is sealed at the big waterfall in the east. Remember how Emilia in episode 1 wondered if Subaru was from a land beyond this waterfall? It's actually said that the dragon lives beyond that waterfall.

Well her seal is guarded by a tower that will kill literally ANYTHING that only comes close to her. She is supposed to be held there for eternity if possible. No one, not even a good person should come near that place. Since the witch cult can't access there, they look for other ways to summon Satella. One would be finding a suitable vessel for Satella so she could manifest within that body.

So, wanna start with arc 3? :D

Ah you're welcome :D I love answering questions like that and seeing the reaction of people is more than satisfying. I don't know, I guess I'm a person loves to share information :D

Oh I'm studying media computer science with a heavy focus on human-machine interactions :)!
Fappa May 28, 2016 4:08 PM
Literally any character has a backstory worthy of its own spinoff. And yes a lot of them are quite tragic. For example in two weeks we will learn about Rem & Ram's backstory. If it's done correctly by White Fox then we will see a detailed depiction on how the Witch Cult creates a slaughter fest, doing one huge genocide run on their race. And knowing how amazingly WF depicted death so far, I expect this flashback to be very dark, brutal and disturbing.

Yes the witches but especially Satella are the worst of the worst. The cult are now continuing their scary work. But not every witch is pure bad.

They weren't witches to begin with, they were made to one. You have to imagine it like that. The witches are named after the deadly sins right? These sins have their own consciousness and they choose their "host" and taint them beyond recognition. A good example would be Pandora her aspect of Vainglory can take over a body and change their behavior completely. So it's these sins that are the actual evil. It really depends some people can resist their power and keep parts of their personality to an extent. So there are witches that want to do good, there are ones that act completely selfish but not evil and there are also witches that are completely evil.

I think introducing the ones we know about at the current state would be good.

Alright first of all there is Satella the Witch of Envy, we know about her.

You know about Ekidna already

Then there is Minerva the Witch of Wrath.

Minerva has the power to heal people and she wants to use her power for good but her power pretty much not allows her to think like that, it's pretty ironic. The thing is she has to punch people to heal them but if she heals someone it causes the destruction of the world in form of a catastrophe somewhere else in the world. These catastrophes end up hurting more people so she rushes to there to heal them which only results in more chaos. This never stopped her from desperately helping people which only results in more suffering. She means good but creates more chaos and this often drives her into depression. Her personality is a really straightforward and honest one but she hides a lot of her inner pain.

Sekhmet, the Witch of Sloth.

She resembles sloth perfectly. She is too lazy to do anything. There are even times where moving for weeks straight breathing is too much for her. She even chased away the Dragon because it interrupted her from being lazy. Overall she has a very slow and tiring personality.

Daphine, Witch of Gluttony.

She is hungry, all the time. She eats loads over loads of food but she doesn't really care what or how it is, as long as she can somewhat fill her endless hunger. She had the desire to even eat humans or demi-humans but she was too good of a person so she instead consumed more and more of other food. Sometimes she suffers from eating disorders that make her puke. It's the ironical case of being not a perfect host. She also wanted to end the hunger within the world so she created creatures like the White Whale or the White Rabbits ( that sounds cute but believe me it isn't ). It ended up backfiring hard and resulted in two creatures going rampant in the world. It's said she feels guilty over that which only drove her into eating more because of depression.

Typhon, Witch of Pride.

She has an extreme sense of justice which is close to being a fanatic. She has an absolute hate and prejudice towards evil. Whoever did something wrong had to be punished by her without mercy. It's said that she went on hunts for criminals punishing them in the most cruel ways possible. She is literally blinded by her strong sense of justice. For the smallest crimes she would render you a cripple if you're lucky. Though she never thought of her actions being a crime instead because she believes her to be completely innocent.

Camille, Witch of Lust.

She is described as a very average looking girl but her power captivates anyone that even looks at her. Her power was so strong that everyone who took even one look at her could only think at her. Everything else in their life became less and less important to the point where even breathing or their hear beating became unimportant in their lifes. So whoever took one look at her would eventuall die of starving, dehydrating, sleep deprivation, stopped heart or suffocation. But one thing was always the same. The victims would always die with a big smile on their face and their eyes rolled backwards. Camilla didn't exactly want people to die but she couldn't prevent not to be seen by anyone. Eventually she built up a disgust towards herself couples with the fear that she would be the cause of death for every living person in this world.

Pandora, Witch of Vainglory.

She is said to be still alive and lead the Witch's Cult. Her ability is to rewrite reality of any immediate event to her liking. She is the one witch who if purely evil. It's likely that she pulls the strings behind many events.

Hector, Witch of Acedia. He is the only male witch known at this point. He has the power to control gravity. Strange thing he isn't mentioned in any history books so we only know about him through Ekidna.

So if you counted correctly you will realize that there are more witches than the 7 deadly sins. Yes apparently there are a lot more witches than you initially know of.

Well I can pretty much give you a summary of arc 3, 4 and 5. Oh and a little bit about Emilia.

Currently the web novel is on hiatus because the author is heavily involved into the anime production, so it eats all his time. He also had to write little extra stories as a BD bonus.

But if the author wasn't involved in the anime production he usually uploaded a chapter every day - every 3 days. So he was extremely active. Sometimes you got 3-4 chapters a week which is about 1/2 - 3/4 of an episode worth of content.

He kept this up for 4 years and only because he is so diligent he manages to create a story 4-5 times the size of the entire Harry Potter series.

I mean arc 4 alone is bigger than the entire Harry Potter series. It's around 4,5 million words at the moment. The Bible has about 1 million words I believe so there's that :D

Fappa May 28, 2016 12:26 PM
Yes the author is one sadistic guy. For example, he builds up Rem by making her the only loyal person at our MC's side, even a romantic interest just to kill her off, no not even killing, completely erasing her. No one except Subaru and us remembers her in the end which makes it even sadder.

And this is the way this season will end you know? We will finally beat this completely scary and disturbing fanatical sadist who inflicted so much pain on the characters and us and what happens next? We get our "we finally made it, I'm so happy scene"...but wait the author says "NOPE" kicks you in the guts and throws you erased Rem at your face.

It doesn't end with the characters staring at the sunset all confident with their waving in the wind, no. It ends with Subaru screaming his soul out of his body killing himself over and over and over and over.

I can actually imagine the final scene or imagery with which this season will end. As far as I remember after committing suicide multiple times Subaru becomes completely expressionless. He walks past Emilia, to the body which was once Rem's, falls onto his knees, answers none of Emilia's approaches...takes Rem into his arms and ends this arc with the words "Someone...Satella, please let me die..." I can imagine them showing this scene and right as Subaru speaks those words the screen goes black and we hear him speaking this words really close to our ears.

It's not reality and nowhere near realistic. It's taking the mental and emotional breaking of the human mind on a level where it isn't realistic but more impactful than ever. There are things you can exaggerate beyond the possibilities of reality and they hit us even more. As long as it's done in a clever way, it reaches us.

We all hope she'll return but no one who knows that author trust that. In that story you never knows what'll happen :P

A lot, according to the author.

Alright Elsa.

We will meet Elsa again in the 4th arc when she appears out of nowhere in the mansion and tries to assassinate Subaru.
There it is revealed that Elsa is a vampire who has actually lived for more than 400 years already. Her backstory is pretty crazy too.

She lived in the times when the witches were still alive. At these times humans and demi-humans we're not exactly friendly with each other? Demi-humans and humans were enemies and it wasn't rare that villages got raided. Of course the witches used this war for their benefit. One witch made experiments on humans in order to create different kinds of creatures ( the witch is basically the reason that demi-humans start to exist because she created them with brutal experimenting ).

At some point the village in which Elsa lived as a young woman was raided by demi-humans which were led by the witch. What's pretty unusual is that they didn't kill everyone and she was the only one to survive ( honestly that would be cliche ) no they picked young adults in their best year ( around 20 I'd say maybe 18 too ) and took them hostage, Elsa one of them.

They were brought to the place where the witch holds her experiments. Elsa and the others had to see how the witch experimented on each of them one by one. For example some of these people got parts of their body amputated and parts of animals transplated on them as well as their genes injected. They always turned out to be extremely ugly monstrosities but the witch only wanted their children anyway so she forced them to mate. At first Elsa was traumatized but soon she went numb for what she saw. But her and a handful of other people got left alone for some time in the cells. Apparently they were the selected few that the witch needed for a different kind of experiment, a vampire one.

Apparently the witch brought them into a room which is completely dark, ripped off all their clothes and tied them on a table. She closed the room and locked them in their for a day. The thing is, the room was full with overly aggressive, undead, blood drinking creatures that attacked them and sucked nearly all their blood. Imagine them being tied on these tables and a dozen of those creatures on them sucking their blood until theres almost none left.

After this day the witch came back and restored their blood through magic with the water aspect ( it's a healing type ) just to lock them in there again. Those creatures inject some kind of DNA into their body when they drink their blood that turns them into their vampire themselves. The witch repeated this I don't know how often and with each time the screams became less and less. At some point she went in restored their blood and untied them all at the same time and locked them in again.

Once the witch came back after days the room was painted red with blood and intestines. Everything was ripped apart and open, the only one left alive was Elsa. She won a game of life and death. I assume that's where her love for guts comes from.

What's really strange is that the witch released her into freedom but she said she would have a close eye on her. So she basically unleashed a rampaging Vampire onto the world. At first Elsa was purely acting on instinct. She wanted blood, meat, intestines and went on a literal rampage. After years she slowly managed to grab a hold of a personality. She managed to create a person called Elsa who is able to act like a human and think reasonably.

She wanted to live a civilized life but she didn't want to give up on her fetish ( well she also needs it to survive ). So she decided that she would make killing her job. She would be able to earn money, form bonds with other living beings and kill at the same time. Yep the poor woman.

After we get to know this Elsa and our group have a fight where one by one gets slaughtered. They manage to what looks like killing her but she seems to have incredible regenerative abilities. They kill her once, twice, thrice but she doesn't want to go down. Eventually Subaru gets slaughtered, he loops. He realizes that they can't beat her on their own so he uses the large timespan he has before encountering and forms a plan. He tries to talk with the beat man guarding the entrance to Ekidna's realm, Garfiel. He's a reasonable person but has a strong sense of duty, therefore he admires when someone has a strong will. Subaru manages to talk things through with him and ally with him ( those two become bros later on ). They encounter Elsa again and Garfiel actually manages to go toe on toe with her which only Reinhard managed to do.

They manage to kill Elsa numerous times and then they realize something, she seems to change. Every time Elsa dies her personality gets destroyed bit by bit. They had to kill her at least 8 times, but even after that she crawled around as a shadowy wraith like creature, devoid of any consciousness and only desire to kill and feed.

What makes this scene so gut ( hehe ) wrenching is the fact that you can see how the personality of Elsa tries to fight her instincts. She knows that when she continues to keep on fighting she will loose herself and she is absolutely scared from that. She doesn't want her personality to die ( that's actually the only time she shows actual human emotions, in the end "Elsa" just wants to live like everyone else ). Eventually the person called Elsa isn't in this creature anymore. She starts rampaging around so they have to lock her in and burn the whole mansion down but finally she is killed for good. And with that the tragic story of this woman who was turned into a mindless beast against her will, ends.
Fappa May 28, 2016 4:21 AM
That's exactly what makes Subaru feel so guilty. He knows that somewhere else he makes people suffer through his actions that often involve suicide right in front of them.

I don't know. Right now he has a passionate hate for her though he is confused because she looked like Emilia. This was her taking over Emilia's body though.

As far as I understood it the witch's bodies got consumed and with that their power went to Satella. The dragon managed to seal Ekidna away before she got entirely consumed. Since then she is kept safe so that if the worst case should happen and Satella breaks free from her seal the dragon can send Ekidna against her. Since it was Ekidna who got saved from her she is able to manifest her own space in which the spirits of the other witches can exist.

The scene with the "what if" scenarios happens in arc 4 sadly. But there is more than enough stuff in arc 3. For example in arc 3 Satella will pay Subaru a visit for the first time and punish him for trying to tell anyone about his "return to death" again. Well and this ends in Emilia getting brutally murdered for his sins. At the end Subaru commits suicide while holding Emilia's lifeless body in his arms, crying.

Beatrice is so precious, people will learn that later on.

Just so that we don't have a misunderstanding it's Rem ( the blue haired one ) that gets completely erased.

The thing is killing Gluttony won't free the names, memories and souls. And damn Gluttony took a lot from our people...

Rem's soul. Crusche's memory, Julius's name, Theresia's soul ( former Sword saint and grandmother of Reinhard ).

Currently in arc 6 Subaru and the others are on their way to the Sage's tower the being that fought together with the dragon and the sword saint Astrea 400 years ago. There he seeks for answers. The thing is anyone that even tries to get close to the sage tower will go insane. The first time the group gets close to the sage tower one by one starts going insane and killing each other.

Anyway. There is such a sad moment in arc 3 with Willhelm ( Grandfather of Reinhard ). He meets the White Whale of Gluttony who consumed his wife, the former sword saint and figure of revolution Theresia van Astrea. The thing is, if Gluttony feels like it they can project the souls and "toy with them" which further enrages their loved ones. Eventuall Willhelm has to face his deceased wife and that's where we get their backstory.

After we get to know their backstory Willhelm has to overcome the fact that his wife is gone

"I promised to swing my sword for you, not against you, my love.

Remember that what I'm about to do is for your sake, farewell...Theresia"

And he kills her.

Yes she is extremely manipulative but downright evil. You can consider a neutral person maybe an ally for the moment but you never know when she may turn on you.
Fappa May 27, 2016 4:59 PM
What you describe is how the reset generally works in this universe. They are the same person but every loop starts in a new dimension. The difference between Roswaal and others is, that Roswaal knows about Subaru's ability hence he will always know what will happen with this loop due to his book. So he knows whether Subaru will die or not.

Yeah it's pretty much how you describe it. I guess I expressed myself a bit unclearly :D

That's what I mean with the retroactive way of storytelling the author does. A lot of the early scenes get a whole new level of meaning with the knowledge we gain throughout the story.

Oh sure!

At some point in the 4th arc Ekidna invites Subaru into her "separate space". In there he is safe from Satella's influence which means that in there he can talk about Satella's influence and his power for the first time. Not only Ekidna is present in this space the aspects of the other witches are also present.

The witches gives us some insight into what exactly happened with Satella. Apparently Satella was a nice person loved by them all. Before she became the witch of envy none of them would ever imagine that she would be up to the task of harboring one of the greater deadly sins. But as soon as Envy took over Satella it became clear that she wasn't worthy of the power. As a result of the improper compatibility Satella manifested a disorientated personality or called Schizophrenia. She would constantly switch between her kind self Satella and the her self as the witch of envy which all of the other witches despised.

One day Satella suddenly killed and absorbed every one of them. The thing is the witches are sure that it was Satella killing them, not the witch of envy. They don't know what made her do that because that isn't like her but they hold no personal grudge. They are able to distinct Satella from Envy.

Through that Subaru for the first time learns more about the shadowy like figure that haunts him again and again.

Ekidna gives him valuable tips to keep his power more under control and prevent Satella from visiting him too often. For example she tells him certain phrases that seem to trigger Satella into taking action. She also tells him that as soon as Satella appears she will try to absorb him. If that happens he should commit suicide immediately even if it is painful.

After that Ekidna reveals the true nature of his power to him. She explains that when he dies he is actually hopping to another dimension which is identical to the world he died up to the destined checkpoint. This means that the timelines where he died still exists.

Through her Book of Wisdom Ekidna is able to show Subaru "what if" scenarios of the timelines where he died.

For example we see what happened after the death in episode 5 through Rem. Eventually Ram and Emilia find Rem and dead Subaru. Emilia breaks out in tears, Ram screams at her sister in anger, worsening their relationship that is already problematic to begin with.

Emilia thinks that she really can't exist without bringing anyone sorrow. She looses her will to run as a candidate for the thrown. She declares her resignation right on the spot. She takes the mutilated corpse of Subaru and disappears crying in the woods.

Another scene shows the moments after Subaru jumped of the cliff in episode 7. Beatrice who can't see someone getting hurt or even worse killed in front of her eyes, has almost an emotional breakdown. Realizing her reaction and what just happened now Ram calms down, falls on her knees and cries her heart out. It's just so sad.

And another scene shows the probably most impactful death of Subaru in the anime which is in arc 3.

After the defeat of Betelgeuse everyone is in high spirits, people cheer Subaru gets the appreciation he deserves for his role in this fight. He reunites with Emilia which feels horrible for leaving him all alone ( she somehow feels responsible for him like a mother ). Both of them have a emotional moment.

Subaru says that he wants to return to Rem delivering the great news and then it happens....

Emilia: "Who is Rem?"

At this moment Subaru's face turns from smiling to shock. Without saying anything he starts to run, run like he never has run before. And then he finds Rem, the one person who never left his side when everyone else did, her soul eaten, just a mere body without any soul.

Emilia doesn't understand what's going on and as she arrives all she says is "Huh? She looks like Ram...may her soul rest in peace"

Subaru is in complete denial...he lays Rem on the ground...he stands up not facing Emilia...he unsheathes his sword...he changes his grip...holding the blade towards his neck...her eyes are widening...she starts to run towards him screaming...but before she can reach him, he beheads himself right in front of her.

Subaru suffered so much, did so much for this loop to be perfect but now he finds Rem dead. But then he restarts...the first thing he hears is "..looks like Ram...may her soul rest in peace". Subaru looks down and this soulless body he once called Rem is in his arms.

He drops her, starts screaming...Emilia is absolutely frightened...he takes out his sword in a rush and rams it through his heart..over and over and over. He loops over and over and over...until he snaps out of his insanity.

Ekidna shows the scene after Subaru beheads himself. It shows Emilia breaking down, crying.. and screaming "How can you do that to me, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO ME?!?!?!"

That's when Subaru gets almost sick of guilt. He feels bad because somewhere in these alternate dimensions he caused so much pain for others.

That's when Subaru also realizes he wants to change, completely. Surprisingly Ekidna realizes that the source for his problems lie in his past, so he offers Subaru to help him closing that chapter of his life. She creates a virtual world of his hometown and his parents. In there Subaru speaks freely his minds, says his farewells to his virtual parents and leaves his former life completely behind. From what moment on this story is no "brought to another world story anymore". Subaru fully lives in this world now. He intends to live here and he intends to die here.

The thing about Ekidna is she manipulates people a lot. When Subaru hears what she's done to Betty her own daugther he is completely fed up with her way of doing things. He gives her a piece of his mind and refuses her request of helping her to get released from here.

But Ekidna manages to take over the body of a friend of Beatrice and currently she is roaming the world, nobody knows where she is though.

It's no problem :D

Okay Elsa after that :D
Fappa May 27, 2016 3:19 PM
Yes Roswaal is also influenced by "Return by Death", still because he has the Gospel of Wisdom he knows how each loop will unfold. Of course has no memory of the past loops but he only needs to know what will happen in the current loop. I think for his goal he does a lot so that probably won't stop him.

Oh Subaru's backstory will a long one, prepare :D

Parts of his past are hinted at in arc 3 but the true reveal starts in arc 4 when he meets Ekidna the witch of greed. She creates a virtual version of his hometown and the people he knows so that he can say his farewell. That's when his past is addressed and explains everything.

Subaru wasn't always a NEET. He actually had an active and healthy social life, friends except for one things, his family. He had an abusive father-son relationship. His father was actually a very successful business man and owned a fairly huge company. He would put an incredible amount of pressure on him because he wanted him to be the successor. Over the course of years the company's situation looked worse and worse. People had to be fired, cancellation in projects etc. It hit its climax when it was revealed that illegal schemes were done within the company that only plunged it deeper into the whole.

In all these years Subaru's father became more and more enraged and forceful. He would beat his wife, Subaru's mother into submission if she ever dared to raise her voice. Eventually he developed a extreme sense for "what's right and what's wrong" getting completely delusional. At times he would forcefully teach Subaru to treat person that are in socially lower level as complete scum. If he didn't follow he would beat Subaru until he did what he wanted. He would also pledge to not do what he did, in other words using illegal means to get out of a situation but in the next moment he brought home a whore he didn't even pay because he beat his wife into the hospital.

Subaru realized soon that something was horribly wrong with his dad. He couldn't turn towards his mother because she was too terrified to even dare opening her mouth. She was also too scared to search for help at the authorities because her husband threatened her to "turn her cold" if she dare to do that. Subaru also wanted to keep out as many people out of his father's radius as possible, so he cut all his social ties.

He didn't had anyone to talk to and he saw no way to get out of this so he holed himself up. He would start to follow his father's delusional acts with a smile while he was disgusted of himself once he was alone. He was well aware that he merely put on an act and that he never meant anything of this but he simply didn't want to get beaten or his dignity taken anymore.

That's when Subaru developed his way of coping with the traumatizing events. He would build a wall around him, acting all "happy" and "cheerful" around his dad pleasing him but scream at himself in the mirror once he was alone. Over the span of some years he slowly to bury his actual personality deep inside while his facade became more and more potent. Yet before he would take action on his own something happened.

The company of his father went bankrupt, leaving him with nothing. On the same day without even saying his farewell to his wife or son he would commit suicide.

Subaru didn't know if he was supposed to be relieved, happy or sad. He actually didn't know how to react leaving him as an emotionless hull of a person.

His mother was similar to him, she was neither happy or sad. She also suffered from psychological problems. She didn't want to talk about what her husband did to herby any means because she believed that he would hear it, appear and do all these horrible things to her again. So Subaru and her mother never could talk about their problems, leaving their relationship as emotionless and cold as it can get. They functioned as mother and son but they didn't feel like it. She would find work, make him food but that's it.

Eventually Subaru who was forced to hole himself up for years had problems to go outside and form bonds to other people. He didn't know how to begin with and honestly he forgot how to socially interact. The only human interactions he would have, were short yes and no conversations with his mom.

Eventually Subaru found something where he could flee from his life, games, fantasy worlds etc.

The fact that he didn't directly interact with people, the fact that they didn't know who he was moved something in him. He started replying in an expulsive and overly positive manner because it pleased the people around him. He was seen as the "funny clown" in the online communities he was a part of. The first time in years of suffering he experienced social acceptance and warmth. So to get more of these interactions he craved for he continued to act like that in front of the only people that were like that to him. He wouldn't even smile in real life when he typed something completely happy with others. As soon as he left his only connection to something pleasant he would feel deprived of it, the reality would break down over him and making him go insane.

Eventually he only left his home to get food ( like in episode 1 ) he started to skip school for months etc.

Now when he entered this world in episode 1 you can immediately see how his entire behavior changes. Compare his facial expressions, gestures and overall body language with when he's in this world.

The moment he got into this world something turned into Subaru's head. Intentionally or not he immediately applied this overly happy and extroverted personality until it became his own. He sees this life in this world as a new start. He wants to forgot everything about his past life and he buried this alongside his actual personality. Instead he put on this artificial smile because strongly believes that if he acts like this, we will bond with people.

If you pay close attention you can see at multiple times how desperately Subaru craves for human interaction and for creating bonds with people. He immediately wants to be close with Emilia, he wants this mansion as a place to stay. He sees everyone at the mansion as his family. He basically grabs hold of the first people and place that feels like family. It's definitely not the behavior of a mentally healthy person.

So now he keeps up this facade believing that's how needs to act in order to get what he craves for the most. He doesn't even realize how he behaves and what he does all the time. You can see how he keeps on denying it in episode 8 for example. In his world he doesn't put on an act and this is the real Subaru.

Well and now you can imagine how dark this story is. An already broken person marked with a horrible past gets thrown into a world which will turn out to be an even more horrible experience.
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