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Anime Stats
Days: 34.3
Mean Score: 6.37
  • Total Entries63
  • Rewatched15
  • Episodes1,947
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Digimon Frontier
Digimon Frontier
Sep 3, 2015 9:52 PM
Completed 50/50 · Scored -
Digimon Adventure 02
Digimon Adventure 02
Sep 3, 2015 9:52 PM
Completed 50/50 · Scored -
Digimon Adventure
Digimon Adventure
Sep 3, 2015 9:52 PM
Completed 54/54 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 44.6
Mean Score: 6.07
  • Total Entries445
  • Reread0
  • Chapters6,532
  • Volumes920
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kiss made Ato 3 cm
Kiss made Ato 3 cm
Aug 2, 2016 10:56 PM
Completed -/7 · Scored 7
Love Lesson
Love Lesson
Aug 2, 2016 10:36 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 7
Kamisama ga Yadoru Kotoba
Kamisama ga Yadoru Kotoba
Aug 2, 2016 10:32 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5


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Squall-Leonhart Nov 21, 2016 2:34 PM
Phraze Oct 11, 2016 3:21 PM
greetings yuna~ been a while
dropping by to wish you happy birthday. good luck with real life xD
Phraze Jan 1, 2016 5:19 AM
I know some people have little to no activity on social sites due to rl being more interesting or smt. so I understand if you take twice a year to reply, hahaha. pfft nooo, I really have no life~ being in the house all year long leeching off my parents is not what I call healthy lol

haha it's ok. I read spoilers on plenty of series :P

hmm nice rant xD I get this feeling with japanese alot lol

oh yeah. for you~

happy 2016
may it be much better than the last
for you
in school, work, family life or anything else

~ Phraze
Yorozuya-no-Yume Oct 11, 2015 6:32 PM
Happy Birthday and all the best :3
Phraze Aug 31, 2015 1:33 PM
Another year-long hiatus?! Hmm, guess so if you feel better that way. Some people get too addicted to social sites...because they have no life, haha. (I definitely have no life...)

Only blogs in this site. Granted they're hard to find. Out on the web...it's full of lions and tigers, metaphorically speaking.

That we are esp in social life xD So you're waiting for Kuroshitsuji to end, huh. Reminds me I should read Vampire Knight...

I see. All the best then. You better enjoy those 3 days!
Phraze Aug 31, 2015 11:34 AM
You should try explore this site more. Nice community and features when you find the right people.

Ehh, tried reading some long time ago. Not the thing for me! /backs off

I can't remember anything else as an example, haha. Though I read Barajou no Kiss and it was pretty entertaining xD

Haha, I've been reading Akagami. Really enjoy it without Obi in perspective. Personally, Obi's not my kinda guy... He's fun, yeah, but just don't care about him.. lol
Also reading Owari no Seraph. Since I'm on phone now I'm kinda waiting for my computer first so not following much. Might wanna catch up on Kuroshitsuji though. There's a few I plan to finish... One of them was Fortune Arterial. Loved the art <3

Btw, good luck with your school life since seems lots are going back soon.
Phraze Aug 29, 2015 10:51 AM
Exactly, haha. And I'm the type who spaces out a lot.

You didn't notice? Guess you really didn't explore this site much.
Would be cool to find more bloggers on MAL! They're sooo hard to find on Google... >.>

Hmm.. Mishounen Produce? Skip Beat?? .....I see what you mean there xD Not into Korean drama huh? Figures why we won't like reverse harems since idk why people like K-drama too lol
Phraze Aug 26, 2015 3:25 PM
Yeah. I also find it easier to communicate through words, like I won't forget something important. And you tend to miss something someone said if they're talking you know...
Thank you. I wish me good luck as well xD

Haha, same here. Got it on my list. 2012 when I started reading~ It's great you have reviews to work on. I gave up on them after seeing how rough it was here - so many haters and extremists.... I found another user who does blog reviews: Numens. Honestly would like to see more and try writing some but talking to myself just isn't my forte. I prefer conversing my thoughts.
Hmm? What about reverse harem manga? Feel ya on douchebag choices though lol.
Phraze Aug 26, 2015 10:30 AM
Haha, seems face to face talk is not everyone's thing.. I prefer communicating through words.
True. But my parents aren't gonna allow that anytime soon. They're not lenient on the matter...

Yeah, THOSE private school kids are really annoying lol. I even found those homeschooled kids...strange.

Wellll what did you expect? I read your reviews before :P Not into reviews now, I read blogs <3 Yeah it's boring. But hey, it's a good change of pace! I would love to see set relationships instead of all those reverse harem plots >o>
Phraze Aug 25, 2015 12:09 PM
I see. Explains it. You got a life so there's no need to socialize online... Most everyone I know here that are active are loners, not a single friend to talk with.
I don't have any friends at all, only my family. We're pretty isolated from the outside world, parents' decision.

Hmm, not much. I got basic education at home. We bought a homeschool package, Alpha Omega Publications, and studied from there. Long time ago though. I stopped on 6th grade. Yeah, there needs to be approval... Guess we were underground studying in a way, haha. But now there's approved centers for AOP homeschoolers so it's not really different from private schooling. But like I said, we don't socialize so I didn't go there. My social life: zero.
Yes I know dad has a point lol. But I won't be a kid forever...

Btw I read your blog about Akagami. The series was made to explore a set relationship, not about relationship wars(imo).
Phraze Aug 21, 2015 9:19 AM
So you know people in school who socialize alot?
Hmm, looks like it. As long as they pass it's good enough haha. Though I see those who don't have irl friends also have the time to be here... You got any friends irl?

Nice! My drawings are still grade zero lol.
Hmm, pretty boring. Though it wasn't much of a choice. And no, tbh I'm very behind in studies.. I was homeschooled to grade 6 and the studying just kinda stopped there. My dad thinks most of it is nonsense, there's internet after all.
Phraze Aug 18, 2015 2:16 PM
Yep. Multi-taskers XD I kinda wonder if it's possible to keep good grades and hang around here at the same time. Not possible, right? haha.
Oh, so you're fairly good at drawing? Tbh, I'm a shut-in NEET so school doesn't affect me...
Phraze Aug 18, 2015 2:14 PM
Yep. Multitaskers XD I kinda wonder if it's possible to keep good grades and hang around here at the same time. Not possible, right? haha.
Oh, so you're fairly good at drawing?
Phraze Aug 18, 2015 5:43 AM
Cool. I found people who juggle time with being here and attending uni so I'm sure it wasn't hard for you...I hope? So what's your plan when school starts? Like how you'll spend your free time.
Phraze Aug 16, 2015 5:22 AM
Hello! xD
Yeah, seems like everyone was busy over summer and now it's ending.. So you managed to find more time to be around yet?