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Nov 1, 2020
Sport, a pair of father and daughter and a NINJA - you will get probably the best cult anime in making.

Taisou Zamurai isn't only about sports, there are a lot of Slice of Life moments that you can't help but connect.

Story : 8/10

Still early in 4th episode, Taisou Zamurai already laid down a good foundation for a good ORGINAL anime. A struggling athlete (Jotaro) with his daughter (Rei) and a Mysterious ninja (Leo) who just want to see Jotaro in gymnastic court again certainly grabbed my full attention.

A nice story in making and I can say even closing my eyes that Taisou Zamurai is a read more
Oct 31, 2020
As a newbie in Dragon Quest universe, I can undoubtedly say that even if this series run for 100+ weeks, I will stick with it.

Dragon Quest (2020) is your typical shounen action anime, but this reboot is absolutely beautiful. This one is also amazing treat for eyes for its clever and well executed cg.

Story : 7/10

The anime has slow first arc, but interesting one. Dragon Quest's world building isn't very different from average shounen, but since it's source is old, no complain about that. But I can easily guess story will be good in future as early signs are showing.

Art : 9/10

As I mentioned before, read more
Oct 30, 2020
Noblesse is definitely the best Manhwa adaptions comparing to ToG, GoHS.

Let's be honest, this adaptions is really good. Many of you might point out slow pacing, but I is quite enjoyable compared to rushed GoHS adaption.

Let me tell you why.

Story :

You have to watch an OVA to watch Noblesse. If you watched that ova, then you can get starting of episode 1. Story is slow burning, but they almost didn't cut out best parts out of Manhwa. I have already read about 400+ chapters of manhwa and believe me adaption is very much on par with manhwa.

Art :

Out of three big manhwa, GoHS read more
Oct 30, 2020
Probably the best anime that explains games, not take you into the game like SAO. Quanzhi Gaoshou 2 one is really unique anime based on eSports and pro players life.

It is in chinese, but you might enjoy your time for its cool atmosphere setting and funny comedic scenes.

Story : 7/10

There is a slow burning story. Former no 1 Player of GLORY Ye Xiu, continue his journey to come back as a pro player. But this time he has a lots of enemies to face. His former team Excellent Dynasty is also becoming his foe, but he tackle them with his funny evil plans.

If read more
Oct 29, 2020
This one is seriously THE hidden gem of this season. And it was really a joyride from episode 1 to 12.

Plot synopsis is already given. So, let me tell you what this one will be offering.

Story : 7/10

First episode was very good. There was a hit of a story building around battle against system, but episode 2 just take the story towards another direction. By the end of episode 5, Akudama Drive really developed a good story with lots of mysterious questions surrounding them.

And then real story starts to unfold one by one. By the end of your journey, you will definitely feel read more
Sep 1, 2020
This one was my first Chinese ONA that I have watched. So, I will give you honest opinion of mine.

Positive points :

🏅 There are a lot of well executed action scenes in almost every episodes

🏅 Very good animation quality in comparison of other Chinese ONA (currently I am watching Soul Land too, So I can say easily that all Chinese almost like Soul Land. And Quanzhi Gaoshou is almost like most of anime)

🏅 Very wll executed CG. Other Chinese ONA looks like meh... Compared to Quanzhi Gaoshou

Negative Points :

⛔ Real appealing story isn't there

⛔ Characters aren't that much connecting. Sometimes confusing.

⛔ Characters names are also quite confusing for me to understand

Maybe read more
Jun 28, 2020
SPOILER ALERT!!! 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️

Before I start reviewing this anime, I have to tell every one of Madrista, this one is pure bait. If you are a Real Madrid fan, at the end of the anime - specifically ep 38 & 39, you will just wanna kill the mangaka for sure. He absolutely 100% a Barca fan (I DON'T have any problem with that) and he never fails to downplay Real.

(Note : I am pissed of at the end of the series because of BAD Barca fan-service)

Story : 6/10

Basically if you want to watch a binge worth fun anime, this one is read more
Jun 25, 2020
People says Code Breaker is a poor adaptatio, since I didn’tread the manga I will Judge it purely based on anime.

Code Breaker isn’t a masterpiece or not even very good show. Yet I can surely say it has tremendous potential.

The start was great. But by the second episode, I become very annoyed by leading female character Sakura. She is so annoying that it almost killed my will to watch the show. If the lead Ogami was +ve charge, Sakura was -ve charge. As a result the show was almost going for a big Zero. UNTILL...

The premise of the show isn’t good enough to make read more
Jun 20, 2020
This piece of pure, exciting and truly not-so-unique, yet good take on delinquent comedy truly deserves 10/10.

Story : 7/10

This anime didn't have best of story, but it delivers a better taking on delinquency of high school boys with two new transfer student. Both of them met day before school debut with an aim to become full delinquent. And after that by many comedic scenes, they both become very well know in there area.

As a result everyday comes with new challenges. They met friends and foe, with love angels and entertain us with comedy and friendship. Though if you take Mitsuhashi as a friend, you are read more
Jun 15, 2020
My review : #01

I never tried to write a review. But after watching this show, I think I just should make some noise so that many idiots take note of their idiotic fan wars.

I have seen many war between jojo fans and other anime fans and jojo fans are always saying how cool this anime is. FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!


No hint of character improvement, no enjoyment of comedic moments (every so called comedic moments seems like forced), no likeable characters and of course NO FUCKING STORY at all.

How TRASH an anime can be?

I have always rated every anime more than read more