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Dec 28, 2018
A underrated hidden gem of the fall season.This show actually depicts the literal and true meaning of colors in life. Another good thing it's an original series which makes it quite more interesting..

The start of the series begins in a world sixty years from now, people where people have incorporated using various magic to ease up their life.
But our female protagonist Hitomi who comes from a family of magicians hates magic. The very irony.
Also she has another dilemma color blindness. The cause? Quite a mystery. She's doesn't feel much joy from life. Leads quite a monotonous life.
Her grandmother, Kohaku, knowing what hitomi read more
Dec 26, 2018
Hell is always imagined to be a Dark, Dangerous place full of torturous, tormented filled with savage beings and creatures.
Well you can throw all that imagination out of the window when you see what this anime beholds especially for an idea of the Underworld.

The anime revolves around a Hell or rather a paradise looking hell called Pandemonium which is the mix of a bit of ancient and modern age developed setting with the very high element of cuteness, moe and Fluffiness (Yes you heard me) .

Meet our MC's Miss Beelzebub who is the supreme demon leader of the underworld who is a air read more
Dec 26, 2018
Just from viewing the title and poster i assumed it was a typical fan service anime, but boy was i ever wrong. Never would actually expect this anime to actually have such a deep complex meaning towards life. Going to put minimum amount of spoilers as possible on this review :)

Basically the anime revolves around the life of a High school teenager Sakuta, trying to live his daily life normally, but supernatural occurrences known as "Puberty syndrome" is affecting the people or lets just say the girls he encounters. Whom he must try and help.

Characters 9/10
We have our two main characters Sakuta and Mai read more
Dec 23, 2018
Selling manga that customer wants , without being overwhelmed by the strange turns, that is the task of a Comic Bookstore. - Honda 2018

This anime series is a Hidden gem in the fall season. A short 15 minute per episode series but packed with a lot of comedy plus actual daily life of a book store employee problems and antics mixed.
The series is basically depicted on the daily work life of a skeleton guy ,yea he is literally a skeleton wearing normal clothes and not only that there are other weird looking characters/employees example, a mummy girl a pumpkin head etc. which will read more
Dec 21, 2018
Vampire Loli Check
Yuri Check
Slice of life Check
Comedy Check
Tonari no kyuuketski-san/ Ms.Vampire who lives in my neighborhood is a delightful slice of life series with yuri and a bit of supernatural element as one the mc being a Vampire Loli, yes indeed.
Story revolves around a Normal everyday girl called Akari who ls fond of cute things like especially dolls and dresses etc.One day she hears stories about a haunted mansion in her neighborhood and eventually meets up with our Vampire Loli Sophie. Well Sophie looks like any other cute looking loli with cute and beautiful features and precisely a bit like a doll, which immediately read more
Dec 21, 2018
My first review so i am gonna keep it short :) A bit of spoilers*
This Anime series takes the elements of Classical Shakespeare Story of Romeo and Juliet from a manga by Kaneda Yousuke , with the story of the two main characters Persia Juliet and Inuzuka Romio belonging to opposite factions "The White Cats" and "The Black Dog", who fall for each other and have to overcome difficulties on a daily basis to keep their relationship a secret from their factions and maintaining it while achieving their common goal which is achieving peace between the two factions and change the world while developing and read more
Dec 21, 2018
At first looking at this anime, i thought it was another generic maid genre anime with bit of comedy added to it. Boy i was proven wrong.
So what do you get when you put in a introvert shut in Russian Loli and a hardcore Military retired Maid with a ripped body (and i mean really ripped) who is a hardcore lolicon together? A total Blast of slap stick comedy filled with lolicon moments and scenarios and i mean in a really enjoyable way including good touching and emotional moments in between.

The Show basically revolves around Misha (the loli) who has started being a shut read more
Dec 19, 2018

Basically a story about a guy Yuu who's aiming to be mangaka writer, but isn't getting success as his writings are basically mediocre. But he finds out his talented younger sister sakura has secretly written a novel which has become a big hit and is basically about a brother sister relationship.
After she tells him about the novel and telll's him to become the face of the Writer known as "Towano chikai" , because she doesnt want to expose her self, he agrees and thus the story begins.
Oh wait forgot to tell you the sister Suzuka is deeply in love (not sure what kind of read more
Nov 17, 2018
A short 4 episode 15 min series. Story revolves around our two MC's Minato and Chikako who are learning and in training to become upcoming Voice actors.
The series basically depicts the daily struggles, work and daily life of our two young Voice actors enrolled in an voice actor academy and how they are learning to grow and cope with it.

Minato who got inspired from a voice acting performance decides to be one himself.
He meeets chikako our female mc who used to reside in the room which minato currently is in and also is on the road to become a successful Voice read more
Nov 14, 2018
Rebirth into a Different world, Okay.
Getting Overpowered skills and abilities from the start. Alright looking good.
Expecting a Cool looking Hero and Getting a Slime.. WTF?! WOW

When I first watched the anime , I thought of this as weird, unusual way to tell a isekai/ Another world story.Like its really a Slime, we are talking about here on the first view and perspective.
It started a bit funnily and mysteriously , but after couple of episode, I grew fond and got hooked on the slime a.k.a Rimuru.
Okay Rimuru has Over powered skill right from the start, especially after meeting the Dragon, but he really doesnt act read more