Dec 23, 2018
Kipo0007 (All reviews)
Selling manga that customer wants , without being overwhelmed by the strange turns, that is the task of a Comic Bookstore. - Honda 2018

This anime series is a Hidden gem in the fall season. A short 15 minute per episode series but packed with a lot of comedy plus actual daily life of a book store employee problems and antics mixed.
The series is basically depicted on the daily work life of a skeleton guy ,yea he is literally a skeleton wearing normal clothes and not only that there are other weird looking characters/employees example, a mummy girl a pumpkin head etc. which will make it quite weird for the viewers at the start but as the anime progresses you just not only to get used to it actually start to delve and enjoy how the anime is presented with its comical antics and humor.

Not only you get to enjoy the comedy aspect but also learn a lot of stuff about how a book store is operated on a daily basis, the hectic life of employees and also how they have to survive the pressure of handling both the customers and the sales representatives while keeping tabs on inventory and sales of manga, comics, novels etc. Also how the relationship of the bookstore employees with other customers, publishing companies, distributors and managers, basically the entire world of anime,manga industry and how the connection between them works is well presented in a really humorous but in a hidden beautiful manner.

Also there are so many known Anime references,which are thrown into the mix which you will recognize, enjoy and the comedy included with learning how the relation of a bookstore and book company/ the industry works from promotion, to delivery and sales. This show has it all.

Honda's Seiyuu/VA Saito Souma did a amazing job, where he actually brings the character and personality making him really enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Animation i wouldn't say is top notch but really well done because mostly i think most of the characters and background is made to make it more stereotype and to present the characters in a bit weird manner, but honestly it really doesn't matter because the show will captivate you with its plot and humor , bit of real life emotions and lessons and finally not to forget Honda's antics with other employees and customers.
A really Highly Recommended Watch for sure. Enjoy. :)