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Sep 5, 2021
story ... meh... above average for an H because it actually has a story, things change, stuff develops, through the 4 eps there's a beginning a middle and an ending... of sorts.

art, yeah you can tell it's a dated title from 14 years ago. this isn't my 1st H title from that era... i was watching them off and on even that far back. so i know, at the time this one wasn't even middle of the pack for art, animation, or overall 'man-hours' put into it. but hey, at least it's in WIDESCREEN format. :D there's a good bit of looping, not many read more
Aug 18, 2021
yeah they didn't do as good of a job with this one as the 1st. plus it really isn't better than the 2nd one either.

way WAY too many skin highlights on the girls this time, seriously they look piebald with all the white spots. the other colors and art are terrible. the girls' hair styles and eyestyles and skintones are only barely similar to the first two parts.

additionally, the way the 'plumpness' of the two girls move is nothing compared to the 1st one.

that and there's a complete lack of story this time. the 1st one had a very interesting story, the 2nd read more
Jun 11, 2021
in my opinion these two specials were found on 'the cutting room floor' after the entire series was edited. and they shouldn't have been made in the first place. they were a waste of the screenwriters' time, animators' efforts, and were a complete waste of the show's budget. here's my take on ep1 and ep2.

ep1 setup? Fumiya Tomozaki's new 'clique' decides to gather at a cafe. guess which one it is? yup, Fuuka's part time job. while on shift Fuuka dodges the whole group by getting the other waitress to handle their table. Fuuka eavesdrops and 'otome' fangirls over her crush Tomozaki a little. yup, read more
May 28, 2021
there's only been one 'complete' review so far of this season because the final episode #6 came out on May 28th 2021 and it's only May 29th in Japan right now. so i'm going to give a review that's more in-depth and correct than the 1st one... because obviously that reviewer hasn't watched the entire franchise recently. i just did over the past 3 weeks to ensure i knew ALL the anime to-date for Season 5.
yes i will FREELY ADMIT to pro-Tenchi bias. the first first first OVA series was one my two earliest anime dub DVD purchases. and yes, i am that old. read more
May 21, 2021
I first ran into this anime several SEVERAL decades ago not too long after the dub by Geneon/Funimation first came out on pirate sites. I found it on my favorite pirate site yet again and just finished S1 not even an hour ago. So this review will be of that dub 'old school' narrow-screen format version. Yes kiddies, this anime was made BEFORE TV widescreen 1080p DVD/BR HD quality with tons of CGA was even invented. so this show is ALL HAND DRAWN QUALITY kiddies! All this was done on real cels before each one was digitized for DVDs back in the 2000's :D read more
Mar 11, 2021
ok folks. #1 skip this show. don't watch it. just like ExARMS the WORST anime i've seen in 30 years watching anime... this season has 2 crap CGA shows. this is the second one.

#2 technologically it is LIGHT YEARS better than ExARMS. . . the CGA is stupendous in comparison. it is well blended with the hand drawn cell style scenes. . . and the art and characters and mecha/vehicle/backgrounds/bad-guy designs and executions are superb.

#3 the story is bull crap filled, turd in a punchbowl, fan-fiction garbage. EVERY GIRL in the armor, is isekaied. they're ALL from different dimensions pulled into this one read more
Dec 25, 2020
they're only 30 seconds long. the animation quality SERIOUSLY drops for these compared to the main series. their comedic writing is only 'loosely based' on the main storyline. most of the jokes are rewrites of old otaku lifestyle tropes, old anime/manga gags done dozens if not thousands of times before, and some specific jokes about the main storyline.

if you've skipped these entirely, don't worry, you're not missing much. if you want a little extra Yuna oneechan action wait for this 'chibi series' to end and just stream them all one after the other.

the acting is spot on though, heh. the writing isn't the read more
Sep 17, 2020
the other reviewer gave this one a 'glowing' report but i've got to pick this 'episode' apart a little.

1 animation, barely above average for a regular anime but very good for hentai work. not a ton of looped frames but there are many. the angles and details and motions and aesthetics of the sex scenes were bad in many spots but overall it was decent work.

2 i think he got it wrong, i believe it's a Seven animated show, produced by PinkPineapple, from an OrcSoft game/VN.

3 yes it's a long episode, and yes it does tell a story. but it tells it, read more
Aug 19, 2020
TLDR? this pair of ONA are crap. don't watch them, they're a waste of time. i'm sorry the animation team had to work on these. whomever wrote these episodes needs to be fired.

story: crap. unrealistic. no credibility. not believable. nobody would ever do training like this. the entire premise is filled with DEATH. simply put, even highly trained professional structural collapse search&rescue teams and fire fighters would stop and not go into this situation without LONG planning and PROPER equipment. also, communications for emergency situations like this ARE AVAILABLE! hurricanes tornadoes etc. knock out normal cell service all the time. temporary towers, PORTABLE read more
Jul 15, 2020
it's short, it's hot, it's steamy, it's a 6 minute special! basically all the girls of the storyline decide to take a dip in a hotsprings on the Seton grounds to unwind after the big fights. there's the usual 'big boobs' jokes and inappropriate intimate contact we all know and love from onsen anime specials in the past. of course the magic mist keeps things relatively tame, well... :> you'll have to go watch it and see for yourselves. unfortunately i had to give this episode an 8 for story just because it was way way too short for an unaired episode. :( but it read more