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Jan 23, 2023
thanks to Crunchyroll/Funimation i just saw the English dub in-theater last night and it was a great movie! :> lucky me, the theater was not even 20 miles away. if i wanna go see SAO Progressive Movie 2 i gotta drive a smidge over 50 miles to see that one. :(

art and animation weren't 'anime movie quality' but almost as good as TV seasons 1 & 2... there were a few sketchy places like... really REALLY long shots of 'main cast of characters' that were just 'vaguely' drawn and colored so you could 'kinda sorta' tell who was on-screen... but those shots were mostly cinematic ...
Dec 9, 2022
Harem Camp! (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Well, this H title is this season's (Fall 2022) short format (around 7m each episode INCLUDING EndCredits) series.

The basic premise is this, one 'adult' guy and four 'young ladies' encounter each other out in the woods while he's camping and the ladies are looking for a spot to set up their tent etc. the ladies don't really know diddly squat about camping and the guy gives them some advice and shares his tent, food, fire etc. with them. they only brought a 'shade tent' which has no sides and some school backpacks with snacks etc. plus, three of the girls are hardly dressed for ...
Sep 23, 2022
ok guys and gals, since nobody has reviewed this one just yet i'll give it a shot.

did you like the original anime series? did you want to see what happened after episode 12? do you want to laugh your A$$ off? well guess what, there was an episode 13 that never aired on TV and only showed up on the DVD/BR boxed set.

take the comedy elements of eps 1-12. remove almost all the drama, angst, worry, and abandonment issues. but keep a small amount of the action and adventure parts... and you'll get what White Fox did in episode 13!

this ep is FILLED ...
May 10, 2022
Mixed Feelings
well since the best i could do was MTL auto-generated Japanese into English subs on YouTube for these three shorts... all i can tell you about them is how they sounded, looked, and that's about it.

look. looks terrible. i've seen film school student projects better than the appearance of these shorts. so, they stink. :p

sound. ok. just ok overall. specifically? the music is all synth and ok. the acting, shrug, pretty normal from the 3 VAs from the series. since the 3 eps are around 30 seconds apiece you don't get much out of the actresses at all.

overall? waste of time and effort by ...
Feb 2, 2022
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
i watched episodes 1-4 in one sitting. i had to pause every episode in several places and just groan and shake my head and take a break. yes, this show is that bad.

i've seen 'EX-Arm' and finished it. this show is only SLIGHTLY better technically with the art and animation. like a sliver of a millimeter better. at least 'Rusted Armors' doesn't mix 2D and 3D characters side-by-side in the same scene. the animators did try, in several places, to make their characters' faces show expressions. but the writing is sub-sub-subpar compared to 'EX-Arm' storylines and screenplay.

as one reviewer stated, some running away soldiers, ...
Feb 2, 2022
ok. this one was not quite 7 minutes long so the story is kinda lacking.

since nobody has written a synopsis to this one don't gripe at me. yes there's spoilers but sheesh, it's only a lil OVA. if you don't wanna know, don't read this next paragraph any further.

but one of the spy-girls went to the horse track and bet some unsaid amount of money on the lowest odds to win horse. it wins the race and earns her a whole buttload of cash. she then takes that cash and bets it all on some random horse that same day and that one wins ...
Dec 7, 2021
ok i'll air my bias 1st. this is the first time i've sat my butt in a theater for an anime movie. i just got back from watching the English dub in my local theater. i stood around in the parking-lot afterwards for almost an hour talking with a co-worker (who's also a big otaku and SAO franchise fan) about the movie we'd just seen .

i binged (over several weeks) all the TV episodes and Ordinal Scale either via my DVDs or downloads of Alicization since i can't afford to buy em. so i know for a fact, that anybody who thinks Aria of ...
Nov 23, 2021
since nobody decided to write a review i will. as the synopsis says, this is the unaired 13th episode that only appeared on the BR/DVD release. i guess somebody cracked the set and uploaded this ep online because it just appeared on gogoanime a day or so ago.

basically? it looks exactly the same as the TV eps... but it is the fan service filled, lucky lecher episode that probably couldn't be shown on TV because of all the 'naughty' stuff happening to an under-aged boy and the two yokai girls who appear to be under-aged. don't worry, nothing H rated happens... heck i'd barely ...
Oct 29, 2021
just finished ep3 a few minutes ago... and since there's so many reviews of the first 2... and it's been a while since i watched them i'll just skip my thoughts of the first 2, except in general and give you my thoughts on ep3.

the first two were fun, seeing the 'older folks' in a more established couple' backstories was fun! and seeing the 'youngest and least experienced couple' having their first 'real' date was great too!

but the company trip tops the first 2 because we get to see everybody together on that ever established in anime circles 'group vacation'... well except for the ...
Sep 5, 2021
Ane☆Haramix (Anime) add
story ... meh... above average for an H because it actually has a story, things change, stuff develops, through the 4 eps there's a beginning a middle and an ending... of sorts.

art, yeah you can tell it's a dated title from 14 years ago. this isn't my 1st H title from that era... i was watching them off and on even that far back. so i know, at the time this one wasn't even middle of the pack for art, animation, or overall 'man-hours' put into it. but hey, at least it's in WIDESCREEN format. :D there's a good bit of looping, not many ...