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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Jun 17, 4:05 AM
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
May 31, 10:44 PM
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Umi ga Kikoeru
Umi ga Kikoeru
May 8, 4:26 PM
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rumaty Dec 2, 2018 6:45 AM
it's fine really :) I often need a little bit of extra time before I'm ready to answer strangers. Sorry about that :-S

I like the Bunny girl senpai anime a lot myself. it took awhile before I started watching it, I thought it was just going to be another tasteless Ecchi anime without any substance. I shamelessly judged it by the art/synopsis here on MAL.. haha, Glad I watched it anyway.
Other than that I enjoy Goblin slayer a lot. Seems like a lot of people hate it though. This anime seems to be of the kind which you either end up loving or hating. I like it a lot personally. :)

Have a nice day ^_^
higekiri Sep 30, 2018 12:38 PM
first, I'd like to apologize for the late.. yes, very late reply. I'm about to start university, so I've been very busy during the last months but I thought I should slowly start to catch up. : )

I like both of your names pretty much! I'll usually go by Pau, almost everyone calls me like that, so feel free to, too.

Oh, it really didn't, as I myself also sometimes add strangers on MAL, just because their taste catched my eye or something. Talking to people on here has always brought me amazing experiences! uwu

Soooo, I've been looking thru your profile and I'm being deadly honest. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO SURVIVE THE FIRST SEASON OF CLANNAD CAUSE I'VE BEEN DYING FOR FOUR YEARS TO WATCH AFTERSTORY : (((((
I always failed tho.. but that show never left my head. It'll probably break my heart.. so.. sensei, teach me. ><

Also, you seem to like the fate series, which basically means that we're best friends now. No rescue >: ) Who's your fave servant? Did you read the VNs?
by talking about good shows like fate and seeing you also scored Psycho Pass very high, how'd you think about the ending of season 1(if u even remember lol)? I've just finished rewatching it and I'm still so torn.. like 3 years ago. Something just bothers me, but I'm really excited about the special airing in january!
Thats it for now! I hope this late reply isnt just too.. random. : )

greetings! xx
Verorev May 18, 2018 8:45 AM
Hi! Well done for finishing exams~
Im pretty busy these days so sorry if i ever reply late or something^^

Im pretty sure we are going to london on the 30th or around that time! Im not sure where abouts were going yet though or how long were going for but im excited to go, itll be the second time ive gone to london!

I havent heard of A Place Further Than A Universe, perhaps ill watch it whenever i have more time. What is the general storyline about? Also what did you rate it? The art looks nice though!

Thank you!

Im pretty sure Mirrai Nikki is one of those shows alot of people get ito when they first get introduced to anime, so i guess thats why its sometimes favoured so much. I havent watched Glasslip, only heard of it but damn the rating is low! For Hyouka, i personally enjoyed it quite a bit! I just thought it was quite a cute show~~ Im pretty sure its one of those shows that you ever like or hate, since ive seen others who didnt enjoy t so much too.

Estella May 15, 2018 9:55 AM
Great to hear that you're done! :D

I used to exchange comments with a few others on the site as well but it's been a few years since I've done so after real life caught up to me ^^; My plan-to-watch list has piled up over the years so there's always been something to go to, but yeah I agree it's definitely nice to be recommended or to recommend shows to others!

I'm going to try to not give in to that temptation... it helps that I've still been really busy lately xD Steins;Gate is one of my all-time favourites - so I guess I can wait a little longer. Maybe.

Aside from S;G, some of my favourites are Psycho-Pass, Fate/Zero, Byousoku 5 Centimeter, and a few more. ^^ What are yours? And are there other recent shows you particularly liked?

And about 3-gatsu no Lion - check out my anime list page. I believe you'll find my answer there :)
Estella May 13, 2018 7:25 PM
No problem :) Hope you're either done or almost there now?

I didn't think there would be anyone looking at my profile so I guess it's nice knowing that it shows up somewhere? :p I've been using the site pretty much solely for keeping track of the things I've watched so I don't really know the other features haha

I seem to have a tendency of liking characters that eventually end up losing to the main... though it's usually for the best I think ^^; There's a lot of shows that I want to rewatch when I eventually have time to - Sakurasou and S;G especially - since it's been far too long since I watched them.

How's S;G 0 so far? I usually like saving the best to watch it in one go after all the episodes have been aired :)
Kawiiki May 9, 2018 7:55 PM
No worries!! School keeps me very busy at times too. ^_^
Life's going good, just the basic class work taking up my free time -_-
rumaty May 9, 2018 8:47 AM
Hi there, I'm really sorry for the late reply. But you see I'm quite a bit socially awkward and shy, I kind of panic a little bit when people try to get to know me. I often accept random friend requests, but I never really talk to any of them. Though I do feel honored when people want to add me as a friend.

I'm really happy you feel this way, and I wish I didn't have such hard time writing to strangers. I'm sorry about that.
anyway, I hope you have a nice day and take care of yourself :)
Kawiiki Apr 27, 2018 3:23 PM
Hello, (⌒ω⌒)ノ
Nice to meet you!
How are you?
Shimeri Apr 24, 2018 12:09 PM
Hi Kash! Omg, I haven't responded for a long time. I tried to find at least some minutes to reply but I just couldn't...

Lithuania is my neighbour country. People usually guess that I'm from Russia but not this time. I see :D Actually, I'm living in Poland.

When it comes to slice of life, the best position for me is ,,Koe no katachi". I've read a manga and watched a movie. Manga was really good, I appreciate it. But... for me, more emotional is movie. There is thread which I found boring and unnecessary. A plot in movie is more concrete and yeah... Characters are natural and their individual problems resembles these of people from the real world. Everyone feel their own pain, not only the main character, as somebody can think, the most suffering. Some scenes really hit me. Any other slice of life anime wasn't that incredible for me. Oh, and the art style of these characters and world in which they are leaving is beautiful. Very well-done animation.

I really like Mahou shoujo too. I plan to rewatch it. Behind cute, loli girls and nothing special at all, there hides a sad true. I couldn't accept this action. Everything started to make sense but in a cruel way. I don't know know how to describe my opinion but... A terrible perfection. Yeah, that's it.

I will try to watch these position which you mentioned. I've already chosen one of them. I'm beginning with Psycho-pass and after 3 episodes I don't know what to say about it. I have to keep on watching it. But the idea of this the world seems to be cool.

It was hard for me to choose between ,,Diabolik lovers" and ,,School days" but I've decided to describe the second one. Because the first one is too mainstream.
Ok, everything in this show is horrible. The MC is... just stupid. His decisons are illogical sometimes and he doesn't even know what he really wants... He has got no guilt, no morals... No emotions either. Just nothing. He wants to get as many girlfriends as he wants to, only on one night. Gross. Two girls the most beloved by him (really beloved!!!) are losing on meaning for him. One of them starts to getting nuts, which leads to a quite nice ending, the only good thing in this weirdness. I was sympathizing with only one character, a girl, Sekai. And I really pity her. Such a poor girl. She was foolish and tried to hope for a better future, sacrified her affection to the MC, because of his happiness. And eventually, her rival lead her to nothing but despair. How sad... but WHAT. IS. THIS. THING.

Yeah, I watch Boku no pico. For fun, I think. My dirty classmates used to talk about this meme all the time, so I managed to check it. I regret.

I'm really sorry to read that things about your previous. Do you recommend my some slice of life? I want to watch some but I'm afraid a lot of it is boring and not worth watching.

And what about your favourite characters? Do you have any favourite characters and why you chose them?
Verorev Apr 22, 2018 6:05 AM
Its okay!I understand~

Im actually going to london soon with my family, sometime next month! So i'm excited for that since my grandma is flying from czech to go with us. She'll also stay for a while in manchester, so thats great since we only get to see her once a year normally when we go to czech in the summer holidays^^ Also yeah, i remember the bombing, some of my friends were at the concert but luckily they were fine!

I was never like that, i just always cried since its not like anyone was watching me xD Yeah, you can suggest some if you have any i havent watched yet~ I'd reccomend you some but i honestly hardly remember what i cried at since its been so long. I only remember the main titles like anohana and your lie in april.

Probably sometime next week i might have time, im not sure though because im being distracted by a bunch of other things^^
Thank you! I personally dont think im that fun but thanks [': Its fun talking to you too! It's been a while since i've talked to someone online this much, normally the conversations are short and die out pretty soon

I really reccomend watching the old one if you ever have time, i feel like it has more of a charm to it, and i overall enjoyed it much more! Whenever you finish watching it let me know~

Also, are there any shows you really hated with a passion? For me one comes in mind, Mirai Nikki. Ive watched 12 epsidoes, but ive dropped it i think about 4 times. I really wanted to finish watching it but i really couldnt. I just really cant finish it, its just that terrible. I hate most of the characters, most are extremely annoying and i just feel the story is just not that great.
Estella Apr 21, 2018 8:33 PM
Hi there Kash :) Nice to meet you!

You can call me Est, and thanks for reaching out ^^
Being busy I haven't been nearly as active in the past few years as I used to be, but hopefully I can still provide an interesting perspective from time to time.

I see that you have Nanamin on your list of favourite characters! It's been a long time since I've seen Nanami on anyone's list so it's really good to see :) I'm curious though - how did you manage to find me?

Blue-Cat Apr 21, 2018 4:11 AM

yo kash
how are you ?
do u remember me
Hexia Apr 19, 2018 8:17 AM
Haha :D Crap is crap we don't have to waste time on such series :D
I'm waiting for OPM s2 and 3 gatsu s3 :D And I've a lot os series I am waiting for very much, although some are not announced unfortunately.
I watch mainly horror movies, not many series. But I associate a lot of series. I love South Park so much, humor in it is often very incorrect but I like it. I like Hannibal and Sherlock Holmes. And I very like Star Wars series and Strak Trek.
I watched the first season of Game of Thrones and I liked it but somehow it turned out that I did not look at it any more. I need to catch up once because I know it's a very good series.
It's ok I will read and write on other topics than anime :D I like to write about everything not only about anime :D
Verorev Apr 17, 2018 9:02 AM
Its not all that great in manchester though in my opinion. I feel like its a bit bland? I dont know if that makes sense but yeah^^ I think its nice that you lived near the coast! I agree, there is some amazing architecture but i feel that most countries have some really unique architecture that is all beautiful~
I've only been to three countries which is England, Czech and Croatia. Its been a couple of years since i've been to croatia now but it was really pretty over there. I loved waking up and going to the beach basically every day. Even the city there was really pretty, i hope to visit there again in the future. I guess thats another country i forgot to put on my list^^

I personally love a show which can make me cry. But i basically cry at everything so its not too hard to find a show that will make me cry [': I feel like the show doesnt even have to be sad but only have one upsetting moment and ill be crying. Although, its been a while since i have cried during a show, maybe i have missed all of the sad shows? Who knows, maybe i just dont get too emotional anymore. Do you also cry at shows alot or not?

I put 3 Gatsu Lion on hold, im on epsidoe 11. At the time it was airing and i felt that since i had to wait each time for the next episode i got bored of it, so im going to continue whenever i have more time. I do really like all the characters and the story is really nice. Did you prefer season one or two? Also its okay if you write alot!! Im just sorry that i never write much, im just not very good at writing or conversations in general.

I feel like a show i really fell in love with was Kino no tabi. I dont know what it is, but it has this really nice charm to it. It's got this calm mood to it. There wasnt much action or drama, it was just nice. I love the characters, especially kino. I loved watching kino explore the world and meet different people and visit different places! I suprisingly also really loved the old art style, and was a bit upset when they changed it in the newer versions although that is to be expected since that would be what the majority of people would prefer. I normally prefer more modern art styles and i dont really like older srt styles much but i really loved it in kino no tabi!

Also i havent told yout yet but i have a extremely terrible memory, so excuse me for that. In the future i may forget we had certain conversations and may repeate myself^^

Verorev Apr 16, 2018 9:11 AM
I much prefer colder places than hot places, i hate feeling extremely warm. Luckily its cold in england msot of the time! I live in Manchester! And yeah, i know about the duke of edinburgh thing, in our school you could apply to do it but i decided not to~

I have alot of places i want to visit in the future. Switzerland is actually one of them! I want to visit China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Russia and Norway. I highly doubt ill get to visit all of those places though^^

Here are the genres i tend to avoid >> Hentai, Ecchi, Harem, Kids, Space, Yaoi, Yuri, Cars, Martial Arts, Mecha, Shounen Ai
I basically one day looked at all the genres on MAL and listed the ones i avoid so thats it. I enjoy slise of life every once in a while but not that much, as sometimes it can really get boring, it just depends. Fantasy is always fun, i love to see more creative worlds.

When it comes to favourite anime, i dont think i really have just one or two. If you look on my favourites list, they are probably all my most favourites out of what i watched but i do have others that didnt fit on the list of 10. I think my favourite movie is Hotarubi no mori e, it was one of the first animes i actually watched and no matter how much times i watch it, i always cry^^ Its only 45 minutes long but it really manages to make you attached to the characters. I will always think its a 10/10! And your favourite anime is?