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Nov 8, 2019
No Guns Life is the anime adaptation for the original Manga by Karasuma Tasuku and brings us a mix of Cyberpunk, Mystery, Crime and a protagonist with a gun for a head. I've heard from a few people they felt the anime was ridiculous because of the superficial look of the main character, but I decided to let this show have an impact on me as I watch it.

The most stellar feature of the show is that the world-building creates a setting that draws you into the story. You wonder what kind of wacky combinations of humanoid robots they can come up with and how read more
Nov 7, 2019
Who would have thought that I will ever plan to give a Comedy/Harem show a 10/10? I guess noone and least myself, but here we are. Ore Suki (Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo) is definitely worth to be compared to the phenomenal anime adaption of Oregairu or other fantastic rom-coms.

The most interesting part of this show are the characters and the way storytelling is done. I had a feeling of unreliable narration as certain story sections are told from different perspective with differing outcomes and how the characters have understood or misunderstood the situations. This leads to a plethora of hilarious read more
Oct 20, 2019
So I watched this movie like a few hours earlier in the CineStar in Frankfurt. It was part of a simultaneous screening in a few towns around Germany. I didn't even know KonoSuba outside of the first 3 LN's so I took my time to watch the first season just yesterday. I didn't manage to start the second season yet, so I wasn't aware of like 20% of the cast, which was unfortunate. I didn't expect the movie to supercede the second season and I also do not expect the movie to be canon.

The story is rather dull, but KonoSuba lives off its enjoyment, the read more
Oct 1, 2018
Well, it's morning 4am and I'm writing my first review for this website. I'm actually interested how it came to this, but I digress and just blame my insomniac craziness. And craziness is actually the term I want to build this review around, as Hanebado gave me a crazy enjoyable experience here. Let's Jam.

Hanebado or Longer "The Badminton of Ayano Hanesaki" is typical sports anime in which several characters are fighting in intense badminton matches to reach the top of the nationals, which is apparently the most prestiguous spot to have for them. We have Ayano Hanesaki an actually talented protagonist, that trained a lot read more