Nov 8, 2019
KamisamaHatatan (All reviews)
No Guns Life is the anime adaptation for the original Manga by Karasuma Tasuku and brings us a mix of Cyberpunk, Mystery, Crime and a protagonist with a gun for a head. I've heard from a few people they felt the anime was ridiculous because of the superficial look of the main character, but I decided to let this show have an impact on me as I watch it.

The most stellar feature of the show is that the world-building creates a setting that draws you into the story. You wonder what kind of wacky combinations of humanoid robots they can come up with and how the narrative and the story elements weave into one another. I can already tell you that the first 5 episodes were definitely not enough to understand what the hell is going on in this world. You encounter a lot of terms which only make sense in the realm of this fictional world like Extenders. Also, you want to learn about the significance of the boy and why everyone is trying to abduct him for themselves.

We have our main protagonist Jûzo that's a capable "Extender", a race of people that looks like they fused with machines. Jûzo has a gun for a head, but so far in the show, it is only cosmetics and he doesn't use it as a weapon. That doesn't make him less of a badass though. He speaks in such a cool demeanour and is also a rather cynical dude. He also does have a rather infantile side where he blushes for seeing something raunchy and behaves overall unfitting to the mood the scenery is trying to build up.

There is a scene later where he gets a "hair cut" and has his eyes covered as enemy forces rush in to interrogate and threaten him. He doesn't lose his cool.

The enemy designs are quite special, for example we have a mechanical spider robot or other kinds of machinations which give our characters a hard time. I really hope for some kind of Orwellian Dystopia to take place in this world mixed with a bit of critique of future technology.

The Visuals are really nice and create an image of a modern city with some kind of scrapyard feel to it. The colours are vibrant but don't penetrate your eyes, generally, there is a lot of silver, grey, brown and metallic in the scenery. This creates a salvageable image of this machine city.

I have to this point seen the first 5 episodes that released and I'm eager to follow this show. A Season 2 is already on the Horizon and I picked up the manga so I can learn more about this intriguing show and its lore.