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May 22, 2022
Ok, so after all that wait, the real question it the Finale or another one is in the works by studio "Connect?" So, without anymore shit, let's get down to brass tax:

Story-Poor 3: It may have been the usual Vampire , supernatural , sci-fi, Hamre, school , ecchi and action genre, but given that this is the finale, it wasn't much of thing at all in fact the plot was just too anticlimactic...given that the ones were expecting to fight alone the protagonist turns out to be the ones who would be the protagonist's foe to which in the end all was nothing read more
Dec 27, 2021
My sempai is annoying.....You can say that again, so let get down to business.

Story-Mediocre 5: What we basically have here was a combination of Toradora with Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Service X Service and Working, but with a sub romance pertaining to Sakurai and Kazama has that added Wotaku in it and we can see that a certain original Creator , named Shiromanta got his inspiration from those said anime.

Art-Good 7: Cu'z there were those quintessential swimsuit services where we see both Kurobe, Natsumi and Sakurai, Touko being hot.

Sound-fair 6: Cu'z I basically have no qualms as to who did who.

Character-Mediocre 5: For the read more
Dec 26, 2021
Ok, that wasn't good as in it was just too elaborate, to which IMAO, original creators like Nishida, Masafumi and Kubo, Tadayoshi, now generally speaking it was good, but all that secret agent stuff combine with Lara Croft, Ninja stuff, and some action thing were just a couple of things all forcefully combine in one. So:

Story-Pathetic 1: The plot taken from the "Tesla Files" combine with some James Bond/ Lara Croft / Ninja / comedy/ Scifi/ whatever was just too poorly combine into aa anime like this, where the heroine was a High School Girl, whom was well trained by her Grandfather was read more
Dec 21, 2021
Ok, this maybe a good anime, but unfortunately, this was just tad conflicting with allot plot holes as to how those so called D2's came to be and why they be pissed off with

Story-Poor 1: It may have had a good plot but as to how such apocalyptic scenario involving monstrous being called "D2" came to be and what issue do they have against music. Thought we're show as to how one Conductor by the name of Sagan became such a psycho after touch a certain crystal that belongs to them "D2", it doesn't explain as to what have transpire, what we're show was read more
Dec 20, 2021
Ok, so merry Christmas to everybody, let's hope that this new Omicron Varian ends and we get back to our usual things....But , enough of that, so this 2021 fall anime has already ended about a week ago, so what gives about this anime???? Here's the juice:

Story-Good 7: It was good but not that good given that even though new characters were added and the food associated as to what they order, may have added some foodgasam, but generally speaking not much has change except the marriage of Sharif and Adelhied at the end, but still it hasn't made any difference in any way......

Art-Fair 6: read more
Oct 3, 2021
D_Cide Traumerei the Animation, well not bad from something taken from the game, TBFH, I just have a lot of mixed feelings about this Mobile Game turned Animation.....btw, here's a disclaimer, MY REVIEW IS FOR THIS ANIME AND ONLY FOR THIS ANIME ONLY, AS FOR THE GAME I'VE YET TO SEE IT AND PLAY IT, so I hope we're clear about that, so let's get down to brass tax:

Story-Mediocre 5: Cu'z this anime's story plot was just plagiarize from similar anime that has a mystery, cyberpunk, action, sci-fi and comedy genre like that of "PERSONA" franchise and Darwin's Game, what studios always did like read more
Sep 19, 2021
Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru or The detective is already dead, well at least the original creator of this PTW, a certain Nigojuu wasn't kidding about his works be it an LN, manga or this anime, cu'z the main female character Siesta is dead already, except her heart is still beating in someone else's body a and yes it now belongs to Nagisa, so let's get down to brass tax:

Story-Poor 3: Ok so whatever is going on in the mind of a certain original curator who goes by the name Nigojuu, looks like that his mind about the series' plot was all over the place, more read more
Sep 19, 2021
Tick Tock although it is impossible to hold hands , Tick Tock the more time it goes by.....

Now that was a very soothing anime, where one can truly say that love conquers all and that true love never abandons the one they truly desire, now that this rom com anime has ended, it was kinda sad that we were never told as to why an innocent boy like Bocchan would have to bear the curse that he doesn't deserve, so here are my ratings for this rom cam anime.

Story-fair 6: Ok, so the plot covers the romance between the curse Bocchan and his maid lice, read more
Sep 16, 2021
Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. So another ecchi themed anime has ended and to be honest , this is something that a guy with high libido would enjoy and we look forward for another season, who know as to what another ecchi theme anime would be coming without further adieu, here are my raating for this 10 episode anime.

Story-Mediocre 5: Ok so the plot here involves a 12 year old boy who has experience something tragic in his life given that he has a not good Otosan who's knee deep in debt and the apartment which was the only sanctuary left for our MC got read more
Jul 10, 2021
Ok, so it took me quiet a long time to make this review, cu'z of the 14 day quarantine, that I have to undergo during my trip to Taiwan.....and it's a personal trip to my relatives there, but enough of that, since the anime has ended a few weeks, without further blah blah and blah here are my ratings:

Story- Good 7: The story maybe good but then again it ani't original, given that such plot were just plagiarize from other anime one of which was "Deca dence", and though , this anime may have high ratings , it still rely on good old copied read more