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Apr 3, 2021
Well, that's all there is for the series be in this anime or the manga, now, whether or not this series' original creator called "HERO's" career as a mangaka ends , welp, he was lucky that one of his works got an anime adaptation. TBFH, a lot of people says that this anime has been rush, so it was rushed and what does one expect from something that only runs for 13 episode???? ans, it will be rushed , so SHUT UP!!!! Cu'z that the number of episode that studio Cloverworks, so , let's git er done:

Story- Very Good 8: Cu'z it was a romance read more
Mar 31, 2021
Ok, after the last season , Studio Deen, decides to make a 3rd sequel 4 years after the 2nd season. Thought seasons 1 and 2 had been great, this 3rd season was just a PTW......So, let's get er done:

Story-Mediocre 5: Cu'z it was just the usual thing...alotta blah, blah and blah, do something to pass the time like going to a quest or do some round table business all that stuff.....bottom line nothing has change and they're still stuck in that game, the only game changer here is when a couple of green horned adventurers were able to climb up the ladder after read more
Mar 31, 2021
Move aside Special Week and Silent Suzuka, cu'z it's time for Teio Tokai and Mejior McQueen to shine......on the 1st season it was more like a subtle yuri/ rivalry between Special Week and Silent Suzuka, now it was more like sets backs, bad luck and getting back on your feet theme for Teio ToKai and Mejior McQueen's being on top to tumbling down kind of thing.....

So, WTF is the fuck?

Story-Mediocre 5: However you wanna put it, it was just simply an repeat of the of that winning the ultimate prize thing. set back that happens to Teio and Mejior were just part of read more
Mar 31, 2021
Yeah Finally one of the longest running anime has come to an end...Laaaaaaaa!

So, how do I rate this, Laaaaaaa?!

Ok so lets get down to business. (spoiler possible, Laaaaaaa!)

Story-Very Good 8: It may have that different vibe when we have 2 main characters like Asta who is a village idiot/demon/ all brawn but no brains/ very determine ass and Yuno who has the looks, height and powerful magic who sets out to the kingdom of clover with the hopes of being the next Magical King, now , now, original creator, Tabata Yuuki may at one point focuses on the usual guy from being a zero to read more
Mar 29, 2021
Ok, this was probably one of the best anime for this 1st quarter of 2021...shit , the Covid 19 ain't over yet....anywayz, I'll just get down to business:

Story-Good 7: When you have a sequel that was set in some rebooted stone age, where there will be a face off between brains of team Senku vs brawns of team Tsukasa , you're suppose to bound to get some action, much to my dismay it somewhat never happened and thing simply just ends in a good note.....but, I just can't fathom as to how pathetic the original creator, Inagaki Riichiro, has with some of Senku's invention like read more
Mar 29, 2021
Ok so this anime has just ended a few days ago, but IMAO, to make one is just in time. So, let's get down to brass taxes. Here's my rating for this poor anime......(I'll never understand why some thinks this is great):

Story- Mediocre 5: As in "Mediocre Pathetic" cu'z no matter how you put it it was just the usual adventure, magic, comedy, romance and harem kind of anime, was was just as pathetic as those generic anime where it was set in some world where it kinda resemble like a that of an RPG game.

Art-Good 7: There's the usual big boobed bimbo in read more
Mar 27, 2021
Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun or bottom-tier Tomozaki, maybe one of the best rom-com genre of this 1st quarter of 2021, but, IMAO, this cannot be consider as a rom-com, since the guy's involvement with a girl was more like that of life couch to client relationship, ok, so how do I rate this?????

Story-Very Good 8: I may have said that this cannot be consider as a "Rom-Com" since there isn't any romance that goes between the guy and the girl and somebody from the forum has already spoiled it. But nevertheless this was one series, where it involves loser guy getting to be introduce into the read more
Dec 25, 2020
Ikebukuro West Gate Park, an anime taken from a novel that features a place rather than the people, or that's what it was suppose to be, but instead what we have here was more on Mystery and Drama, but romance????Well, all i can see her was more that Makoto and Takashi thing, were it was rather ambiguous if the two were in a gay relationship or just in a bromance kind of thing. So, enough of that:

Story-Good 7: Well, if were to talk about the plot, there isn't any, cu'z every episode has a plot of its own, and everything was on a certain character read more
Dec 24, 2020
Merry Christmas everybody, so another Fall 2020 anime has just ended and now we can clearly say that this is awesome, but , I can't deny that this was jut too complicated as to the role of the character, the setting and the climaxes, so here's the juice of this anime.

Story-Fair 6: It wasn't unusual when there is an original anime , where the plot were either rushed or just made to look stupid, but in this original anime that was created by "Daganronpa" creator, Kazutaka Kodaka is a combination of plot holes ,complex sub plot and understandable climaxes. It would have been good read more
Dec 20, 2020
Ok, that ends the 1st sequel and now on to the 2nd sequel in 2021....I hope , Covid 19 pandemic would be over ASAP...But, anywayz, let's get down to business, for this fall of 2020, this is one anime that is a breath of fresh air, given, that this isn't your typical anime that has the usual Mystery, Psychological, Historical and Shounen, here the title maybe a mislead, since the main character itself happens to the very arc enemy of a well known detective, Sherlock Holmes and yes it is William James Moriarty who is the main character here , in fact to call read more