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Koori Zokusei Danshi to Cool na Douryou Joshi
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itsukienthusiast Jun 16, 2022 5:42 PM
Hey man, it's been a while, sorry for taking so long to reply ( almost 3 months T-T ) . How's it going? What have you been up to lately?

Hope you enjoy/enjoyed Kotarou lives alone! :D

Haha, one rare case where the anime delivers so much that the ones who give a shot to the manga are those who can't wait to see more of their dynamics and development. I see, I'm still postponing the day when I'll start reading it again, but I'm pretty much sure I'll watch the anime adaptation first so I can get back the state of the story. No worries man, I was already thinking of giving it a shot sometime as I've seen some random clips of the anime on youtube and it was lovely to see their phone call when Marin was scared of the movie/anime/game (?) .

HEH, the "I AM GOING TO BE BUSY PART" caught me off guard ngl. This season has been so enjoyable in terms of relaxing after a long day in college. While SxF si responsible for my weekly dose of wholesomeness, Kaguya is able to get some laughs of my tired brain. Paripi Koumei left a big impression on me, even though I stopped in ep 1 hehe, can't wait to watch all the episodes in a row. As for the rest, I'm currently holding them for my vacations as I'm not that excited for what's to come in summer season. What are your on the season so far?
As for the quints movie, it seems nothing changed in relation to the source material, so I guess it's a win then? Hehe, the only sad thing is to see the bad score of the movie here on MAL, but I guess there's no way we can help it. Maaaaaan, FB movie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I wasn't expecting such a shot right in the middle of my chest, the first 30 recap minutes were also good as well, it certainly gives us a more linear perspective of the events between Tohru and Kyou on top of reminding those who has a weak memory ( such as myself ) how sweet this couple is. I'm trying to hold back any spoilers in case you haven't watched, but if you did, let me know of what you thought of it.

Hooo, it's good to see your enthusiasm over 86!!!! Oof, I've already heard anime mercs were quite pricey, can't imagine how ppl can fill the shelves with figurines all over the place XD. Well then, let's wait until the next part of it gets announced.

Glad you enjoyed Uzaki-chan, the ship has sailed 🚤. I know how it's like, this thing of "I'll watch when I make some time up" never works for me though T_T. Man, I've heard Violet Evergarden's LN is one of a kind though, maybe it's a good pick if you liked the anime.

LOL, thanks for the dose of cuteness in the shape of a pic haha.

Have a great day too man, hope you're doing well.

Nicee, the manga was pretty enjoyable to read. Speaking of which, have you ever heard of this one?

The plot is kinda of messy, but the main couple has a good chemistry between them.

HDQJ8 Apr 9, 2022 9:01 AM
No rush take your time my friend! :))
FourSeasonSage Apr 8, 2022 8:40 AM
np buddy, take your time lol
HDQJ8 Mar 27, 2022 7:22 AM
Same here! My schedule is somewhat getting a bit more chill especially with a short 1 week break coming up! Also, I ripped one of my tricep tendons so no physical activities for me for a while hahaha. Till then more anime time XD. Currently watching Jojo part 3, not the biggest fan but it's pretty lit haha

I can really see the hype for 86! Dw Jakes-san I will watch it as soon as I finish those that have been on my list like legit since I made MAL XD. Legit I want to watch 86, but I am not sure if I have the proper mood for a real good banger type of anime right now hahaha. Like I just came from Demon Slayer entertainment district arc which has got to be some of the best animations in the history of anime! Followed by the current insane AOT and wonderful 10/10 Sono Bisque Doll! It's like good anime after good anime! So 86 shall be added to my list and I shall immediately promote it to mid priority haha.

If you check my PTW, there is a priority system there which you can set "High", "Mid", "Low" priorities! Usually I wait a few weeks before promoting certain animes that have been hyped up! I usually have 12 entries in my High then 20 in my mid then the rest are in low priority. Seeing how HYPED 86 is by the community, I might even promote it to high priority in like a week XD.

Speaking of priorities, how's Oregairu? It has been on my list for a while now too I am not sure whether to promote it to the next priority or not XD.

Thanks for the photo! She gives me like Itsuki vibes kinda? HAHAHAH. Anyways, have a great week ahead of you :DD

FourSeasonSage Mar 25, 2022 9:31 AM
It's all good, lol, we all get busy, just wanted to follow up and check in.

Ah 86, huh? I got the 2nd season a few days ago, prolly start it sometime after I finish what I'm currently watching. The first season was decent, hope things get more intense in the second. That's pretty lit that you picked up the light novels; I'm sure you'll enjoy them since ln's tend to be much more involved, like Grimgar's anime gets to maybe, halfway into vol 3, and there's like 15 volumes lol Youjo Senki is my favorite light novel because of how intricate the prose is, the anime couldn't reflect this because it would literally be 21 minutes of philosophical cynicism lol but regardless, the anime is indeed fun for what its worth.

Oh hell yeah lmao I'm thrilled you enjoyed Uzaki, too, told you it just all of a sudden transforms into way more than the silly comedic early chapters. Uzaki's dad lol yeah- her mom is great, too, with her delusions- six chapters behind, but its one of those ones where I read and then I'm like craving more, so I'll hold off for a few more chapters before catching up. And yes! I did read the latest Anjou-san updates, looks like we got ourselves a little foodie Tokio arc, which is interesting since its a regional manga and I always like those extra details about prefectures being known for certain food stuffs. Pretty great. We'll get back to the main couple eventually, happy to simmer in that catharsis and glance back at the bombshell chapters. I know Nagatoro got an update, but since its the beginning of a story arc I'll prolly hold off until it resolves and then read it all at once. Akutsu had an update as well which I did check out already, and I think that's most of it?

I saw Devil a whiiiiiiile ago, but I remember it being pretty fun- it has a moment that's like an "oohh shii" scene that sticks out in my memory lol

Well that's always the funny thing about anime, you never know when the feels might get triggered; Clannad and Anohana are indeed tailored towards sad times, but I recently finished this relaxing historical SoL, Ikoku Meiro, and the main girl Yune was so endearing that when she got sad I felt that. Other characters in that show also did it for me, so yup- you never know when it might strike. Ironically I think one of the more intense ones was Uma Musume S2 where it was like, legit crying lol Oh and for whatever reason with BNHA, I really like Endeavor and the episodes I watched last night of S5 got me, so yeah- I've become so damn sappy over the years lol

You know, its always a thing to keep on the radar, the school romance because you never know where they might take ya. Toradora is conventional, but the cast is fun so its definitely a classic to check out. Snafu was pretty relatable, like I know where Hachiman is coming from a lot of the time, though I was a little ticked at the final decision- like I KNEW how it was gonna go ahead of time, but still, Yui is a dear, I really really liked her.

Mhm, Fruits Basket got me really wrapped up by the end of the 2nd season and then the final was pretty good. Happy with how it all turned out and was a memorable watch, been had it on a hard-drive for the longest time and then was urged to get started. I'll take a look into Quintuplets at some point then, I didn't even know Hana Kana was part of the cast. Yeah, essentially just waiting for it to be fully complete before I start; I been wanting to re-watch Girls Und Panzer for ages, but these movie sequels are slowing me down lol

I mean, I heard from other colleagues that Emilia and Subaru's romance is way more involved in the ln's so I don't think it can possibly go any other way. Excellent to talk with another comrade with refined taste; Aqua is the gentlemen's choice lol the true harbinger of the fabled, Schrodinger's Pantsu

You know, I think I know what you're referring to- there is a tone shift where things become sorta frantic and more action oriented, yeah. Mostly what I most enjoyed was that the romance was shirked away from, rather it was embraced and existed and grew. I just hopped in without prior context, but I'd definitely watch a second season of that for more of the romance. Like seriously, a domestic life raising a family is a fine premise for me lol That stuff's great. And naw- feel free to rant and rave, that was a good point you brought up.

Decent; I finished up some good shows and read some fun manga. You expressed an interest in military shows with sight romance earlier with 86, and recently I completed Kakumeki Valvrave which is pretty much that, but with mechs and lots of vibe-checks. I mentioned Ikoku Meiro earlier and that's definitely worth it and its a bit obscure, and I think the only other notable shows I finished since we last corresponded are Tsurune and Patlabor, but I might have mentioned them, I don't remember lol Anyhow! On the manga front- ooooooo boy has that been interesting. DeDeDeDestruction finished and I re-read that, which is a fun manga, actually an anime adaptation was announced like two days ago. I re-read/ caught up with Chi no Wadachi (lots of demented fun) and then I read the manga Happiness which was pretty intense, sorta vampire romance type of horror deal. Then there was some romance with Hatsukoi Shinjuu which is a short, interesting dark humor manga, kinda? Its different, but was worth it in the end

And now we come to my current read, Boys Abyss. LMAO wow; I think this might be one of the most jacked manga's I've read in recent memory, every single character is messed up and its quite the ride. Actually, the teacher, Shiba-sensei, was so fucking intense she earned her way onto my favorites and is now my current poster girl/ picture collage on my profile. Made that yesterday, lol, she mollywhopped me in one day of reading. I do recommend this and low-key I'm trying to get other friends to read it lmao, but it's intensity is rather strong, but naw- read that, the arts good, the story is jank, the characters are all psychotic, lol its a good'n.

Its all good, it be like that sometimes, that's why I dropped the line and checked in. Yeah I mean good conversation can be a rarity, so its good to maintain enjoyable discussions. Oh Tsubaki is going to be fire, I think they changed the anime cover and you can see my girl Beni in the lower right corner. That's her lol I wonder who's going to voice her

lol it was a fun read and enjoyable to reply to, you can see more of her on my profile collage, but here's a clip of sensei that didn't make the final product. If I repeated myself at some points my bad, lol, I'll give this a proof-read to make sure it reads coherently enough

<3 oof. sensei plz.
HDQJ8 Mar 24, 2022 8:08 PM
Thank you! Hope you've been well too! I have been super busy lately and I only get to reply either before I go to sleep or when I wake up hahhaa.

Super, it's like starting next week XD. I'm very much excited and prepared for all the new seasonals! Plus, working on some long animes like Jojo and Kuroko's basket while I'm at it.

I've heard nothing but praise for 86! I'll add it to my PTW right now haha

Wow an AOT comparison anime? That def has bumped it up to the next level on my PTW

For watching I just finished ur old semi recommendation! Rikei ga koi! Since season 2 is coming up in like a week, I recently binged it so I can get up to date! I love the comedy and execution! Though at times it gets a bit too sciency? So 8.5 rather than a 9..

Wbu what have you been watching as of late? I wish you well too mate! :))
itsukienthusiast Mar 24, 2022 11:18 AM
How is this anime season treating you?

Honestly, I don't even know what animes are currently being aired in this Summer season XD. However, I've come across some memes about a netflix original anime that caught my eye for its premise: Kotaro lives alone ( that's the gist of the name ) . Perhaps, I'll give it a shot and then inform you if that's worth the time/tears or not.

In regards of My dress up darling, it's really surprising to see that as a manga reader, you liked the animation more. Being a manga reader myself, I was a bit hesitant whether I should watch the show considering I've almost dropped the series halfway through it hehe. Tbf, it's not that the manga was bad in terms of plot or theme, but as the chapters went on, I got a bit bored with all the cosplay stuff so I opted to place it on my devilish "forever on-hold list". Now that you mention it, I'll try to look at it with different eyes and might catch up on it if a second season gets announced.

Let's go, both Kaguya and SxF will definitely make my Saturdays brighter and I hope they make yours too :D

Indeed, with all that's currently happening irl, I guess that we can only cope with all that by abstracting ourselves from reality , even it's for a short period of time. I can't wait for the Quints movie and I'm sooo hyped for Fruits Basket movie as well! Speaking of FB, I'd strongly recommend watching it if you haven't checked it out yet, it was one of the best rides I've ever been able to follow up until now!


Not random at all man, I've heard a lot of good things of 86 as a whole and , even without reading/watching the series, I'll root for it get a third season! Hehe, good to know she looks like Itsuki, maybe I'll have to change my nickname here once I connect with the series and characters XD. Ohh, buying the actual LNs is so niceee, you're literally supporting the creators the best way one could, the next step is buying the action figuressss.

Lol, I've only read the first 10 or 15 chapters of Uzaki-chan, though I totally agree with you on that sense, the reading is so funny and entertaining that I couldn't stop binge-reading it ( until classes started again ).

Thanks for asking/wishing about my well-being man, I really appreciate it 😊. And yes, I've been doing good the past few weeks, even though I'm running short on time to watch animes and read mangas :(. Wby man? What have you been up to recently?

Yeah, it's been some time already, but I get that it's hard to make ends meet in regards of time for both of us, so late responses are completely understandable and, to be honest, it doesn't affect a thing on the fact that I also enjoy our conversations ever since your first review on Banished from the Hero's party ( I still can't get over this long name hehe). But yeah, I'm the one who took 20 days to reply, so I guess I owe you an apology in the end.

At last but not least, thanks for this lovely fan-art and Lena's dalily dose of cuteness! Maybe I can be on par of those if I use my secret weapon:

FourSeasonSage Mar 23, 2022 10:02 PM
How you doin buddy? Just a check-in, did you check out some new chapters?
FourSeasonSage Mar 11, 2022 10:38 AM
I know right, lol. Even Toyoda's lil bro is movin'on up, so we'll see- aside from a few other rather specific dynamics I've read, Anjou-san might actually be the strongest, outside of like prolly Uzaki and it definitely has surpassed Nagatoro; don't get me wrong, Nagatoro is hype, but its hype in a different way. Sakurai is too much for me lol the valentines scene is real touching for some reason, you'll see- the last chapter of the manga was especially cute.

Nice! I want to get some serious reading in myself, I've gotta read DeDeDeDestruction over but its like, before I get started something comes up and then I put it off lol It'll happen though, it needs to. I still got the Youjo Senki light novels vol 8-9 to get too, as well. Oof

Mmm, I think there is to a degree, but I'll have to look through my manga list, and that's a minefield lol Right away Sundome comes to mind because its format is similar to the girl inspiring the dude to better himself and he does so because he likes the girl, which is always great. Well, I think we'll always get a kogal/ gyaru type of show a few times a year- like the Dumbells show a year or two ago, Toro is technically a kogal, and now Bisque so there's always a good shot. Plus idol shows have that character type often, so there's always some service out there lol. You don't think so? I dunno dude, there's always shocking releases that you never saw coming out of nowhere-- just recently Devil is a Part Timer S2, and then the was the World Trigger sequels, so I'll say never count it out.

Well, I'm always more than pleased to give recommendations for stuff, especially things outside of the mainstream since that's where my experiences are, been into this hobby for a long fuckin time lol Romance is really good though, I mean its one of the staples of a healthy anime diet; actually, funny enough, I started a sequel to a rom'com just last night

and I had forgotten how funny and endearing this cast is; its been a few years since I saw the prequel. That VA cast is insane! Pretty great show, and oddly obscure for some reason, which is crazy considering.

February is also the month where I experienced the greatest romance in anime, imo- and that was:

its a long-runner, but its a 10/10, easily- still humming and singing some of the OP's and ED's even now.

Love Live is like Zombieland Saga in that I'd say its a very accessible entry point into idol anime, its not the best imo (Aikatsu = 10/10) but its not too core and it welcomes newcomers; there's a number of idol anime like that. Bookworm S1 was very engrossing, S2 slipped a little, but its still a great great show; Aharen just looks cool lol plus I enjoy that mangaka's art A LOT.

Ofc, we all start somewhere, more than happy to give rec's and the like! Should be an interesting dynamic since I'd be the first to call myself a full-blown otaku so my rec's tend to be obscure; mahou shoujo is a very interesting genre with its own unique sub-genre's to explore ranging from tragic, classic, and shoujo oriented. Oh and yeah, same- I appreciate good conversation and this thread is quite enjoyable and engaging. I'm definitely lookin forward to it- I still got some time before the season ends, so I think I'm going to start Nadia tonight, which I've had on one of my drives for a LONG time at this point.

lol I get ya, it depends on how intense the bitter sweet aspect is because they can range from 'aww man' to 'oh god' to 'oooooooof thats brutal' and I enjoy all three so, haha. Oh Spice and Wolf is indeed real good, I've been meaning to rewatch that show since its been so long, and I wanted to rewatch Toradora as well which is another classic rom com. Something is telling me you gotta check out Clannad and After Story, and Anohana.

ugh, literally one of the best because of how conscious the show was of highschool caste systems and how relatable Hikigaya was, at least for me. Yuigahama was best girl tho.

I just finished Fruits Basket like, last week- was pretty damn good that last season.

I read a good chunk of Quintuplets years ago in the manga group I was in, but never finished it, so I do recognize her, but she's uh, not Nino, so lol Nino was best gorl. I've been considering actually watching the anime, but I think there's still another part that's going to come out? So I dunno, maybe not just yet. lol I'm a veteran of many a waifu-war, so its all good- I had to survive a whole mess of messages when I declared Nino was best in that group, everyone else was about Miku and naw lol

Looking at your favorites, hmm I think one of the controversial 'best girl' opinions I've had was from ReZero where I'm in the uh, Emilia squad lol though Echidna is also great. Ah, also an elite gentleman who loves the best useless water goddess, excellent/ oh snap and I didn't notice but you liked Shin no Nakama too, huh? You know, that one surprised me tbh, because it really did the romance some justice, that was lit.

I'll share a best girl clip, with no context whatsoever. Enjoy:

lol that's a thicc response
FourSeasonSage Mar 10, 2022 9:30 AM
Yeah, that's for sure- I actually kind of want Seto's friend to get with Toyoda, I'll take a whole mini-arc for that actually, those to are cute together in a way. They do accomplish this feel in Senpai ga Uzai because while I do enjoy the main two, its not really that romantic, it is but no super; Sakurai and Kazama on the other hand... that makes my heart hurt they so good together.

Mhm, Uzaki is going to evolve over time and when that starts to happen its those vibes, totally. I haven't caught up on the last 5 or so chapters because I know it'll just be frustrating when I do and then the wait begins, again.

lol Akutsu mama was a pleasant gag, that's good stuff- I think delinquent girls are my 3rd favorite type of anime girl, they definitely are a lot of fun and work perfectly in sync with the classic tsundere.

Just recently I caught up on Chi no Wadachi, like I re-read from chapter 1 to the latest release in like, a day lol. Thats uh, mm, that's a pretty skin crawl manga; its one of those ones where I'd love to see it adapted in a way, but it would have done with major focus on the use of soundscape and silence, but that would be sick. I also want to re-read DeDeDeDestruction from beginning to end because it finally finished up recently, and that's a pure 10/10 I can tell ya, Asano Inio is a living legend.

Oh Clover Works is totally capable of crushing it, I mean Wonder Egg alone puts that confidence in me, and they've done a number of great anime. Tsubaki has a diverse AF cast, like there's a lot of girls in the village and they all nuanced; Benisumomo and Fuki are all I need though lol Its not super action packed, but its pleasant and fun.

I'm just going to go off top without opening another tab lol
- Love Live sequels
-Machikado S2, Bookworm S3
-Summertime Render
-Heroine Tarumono
-Dance Dance Danseur
-New Tokyo Mew Mew

There's a lot, and I didn't list remotely close to all the ones I'll be checking out; I know the ballet show is going to be hype because the cover reminds me of Ballroom Youkoso, and that show was really intriguing. Summertime Render is just me looking at the cover and thinking yeah- that looks like it'll be good, same with Heroine Tarumono lol Actually, most always, nine times out of ten, I'll add a show without any context of its plot as long as the cover attracts me.

I suppose my favorite genre is now tied between Mahou-shoujo and Idol anime, but I'll watch pretty much anything and give it an honest go, there's lots of good stuff out there to enjoy and I'm saying this with having completed what I have already lol Not even close to the end; I'm barely caught up on anything lmao finishing Glass no Kamen 1984 tonight, some more Patlabor, and I'm going start... I don't even know yet, gotta look at the archives and what I've got. Oh I did finish Tsurune yesterday, ikemen archery club show with that KyoAni polish- solid 7/10, worth a look in if you want some archery with the lads.

Naw its all good, I know how it can get and writing lengthy replies can be daunting after a trying day, no problemo- happened to be an off day for me today so was able to respond with my coffee. Yeah she's cute, I'm definitely going to be checking out Bisque Doll when it finishes. lol another show I added because it looked like a gyaru and a dude, and that's my jam- glanced at the synopsis and yup, that should be fire. I'm prolly going to do Bisue, Takagi S3, and Princess Connect S2 first? I gotta take a closer look and break down how I'm going to couple the shows because there needs to be a balance; my psychotic methods.

Best romance in any format? hmm, I guess anime would be Clannad, or Monogatari because I really like the relationship in that; anime I can go a few ways, I tend to lean on bittersweet romance, tho. Manga is like, Gonensei or Oyasumi PunPun because that one rocked me hard. Happy cute ones are like, Tonikaku Kawaii for anime and def Gal Gohan for manga.

I was looking at my clips and was originally going to post a Chi no Wadachi clip, but naw that would be mean lol So I'll promote Gal Gohan with Miku being cute
FourSeasonSage Mar 5, 2022 9:50 PM
Ugggg SAAAAAAME lol It's amazing how far its come from that initial chapter, I thought we was just here for a cute ecchi gyaru manga, and shit- I mean I'm game! but naw, its more than that. Fantastic. Anjou-san. Please.

Don't mention it, happy to offer them :)

It's really good, trust lol I'm so damn hype for the 2nd season; I can only hope it gets to the xmas arc because OOOOOOOOOOOO

Anime captures how adorable the manga is really well, a fantastic adaptation; gotta love that OP and I love the art inserts at the end of each episode by known mangaka's, some fantastic stuff there- even had some art by FatalPulse!

Yeah, its going to be fun, the manga is just getting to some real good developments for Ayumu- the reactions are real fun. Takagi is going to melt you by the time you get to season 2 lol that one is full of feels; can't wait for this season to conclude so I can enjoy the third season.

hahaha, nice! Akutsu mama has made the scene! lol

Glad to help, always around to offer some rec's! I'd actually also toss in Nana to Kaoru as a cutesy manga with a bit of a twist, but its done in a way that works and isn't as 'extra' as you may think initially.

Oh, it's gonna be a good'n; I am literally quaking wondering who's going to voice Benisumomo in Kunoichi Tsubaki that's airing this Spring; that's the girl I have in my profile pic collage- warning: She's going to be best girl, though I'm betting Rindou will be real popular. Mark them words.

Lots of hype coming up though for sure. Anything especially notable on your radar?
FourSeasonSage Mar 5, 2022 8:41 PM
Ohhh okay lol yeah I agree hands-down, I didn't expect to be so moved with Anjou-san, like it got me in the feels department a number of times and those last dramatic chapters were exactly what I wanted. Mhm, same- this sort of setup is always fun and enjoyable for me; reminds me a lot of Sundome.

Umm, well if you haven't read Uzaki-chan its pretty good imo, has that same sort of build-up. Senpai ga Uzai is cute and a quick read as the chapters aren't too long, so catching up is easy/ Soredemo Ayumu Wa Yosetekuru is cute in the same way Takagai-san is cute because Udon-sensei is pretty godlike. And uh, Please go home Akutsu-san got pretty cute at this point.

Just goin off of my recently read, ongoing stuff.
FourSeasonSage Mar 4, 2022 9:38 PM
Aye, thanks for accepting- feel free to message me for whatever, whenever- chatting is fun

Gal-Gohan in the fav's? Nice. Should check out Anjou-san, for real
HDQJ8 Mar 4, 2022 7:04 AM
Really great thank you!

This season has been excellent, lots of great shows like KNYB and AOT! MDUD is really really nice too!

Yes! I’m ofc super excited for the next season ;).

Thank you for the photo! I too enjoy our conversations a lot :DD

Let’s talk during the n3xt season too 😉
HDQJ8 Feb 26, 2022 7:04 PM
Thank you very much my friend! I genuinely enjoyed our conversations Jakes-San!