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Jul 8, 2021
This review will be short and sweet. Both the pretty designs and artwork, as well as the simple animation are very charming. Nothing on par with Tsuki no Waltz, but still cute. The song is also pretty good, and for me, wins out on the characters and story, which are simple by design (but in no way is that me insulting it, just saying you go in it less for that and more for the art and song). I gave it a 6 because it's just that, it's fine. It's a short watch, so I'd recommend it for its storybook style and soothing song.
Jul 8, 2021
I'll keep this review short and sweet. The music was great, the animation absolutely beautiful and charming, and the story a surreal trip through stunningly designed backdrops. I'd say give it a watch for yourself, it's about 4 min 45 sec. For me, the strongest points are definitely the art and music, whereas the characters and story, I feel are lacking somewhat. It's not a bad thing, but it's harder to understand the story since it's more abstract and left to viewer interpretation, which makes the characters feel a slight bit less interesting for me because they feel a part of the backdrops rather than read more
Jul 8, 2021
Was only mildly interested in the music, though it definitely isn't bad (just not my cup of tea). The animation is really really cute, and the music video's story is absolutely what makes it worth it.

In short, the video is about a human boy who seemed to be contemplating suicide, and a demon boy who was out on the run from two demon officials who were trying to rope him back into slavery. No spoilers, but if you watch it, you should pause it at 2:43 to read the letter for a bit more context over the reaction of the two at the end.

Overall, I read more
May 1, 2021
So many other reviews said it better than me, but I'll give some of my thoughts on this film. At first, it teetered between an 8 and 9. The animation is beautiful, the somber mood and buildup is excellent. As well as the shift of main characters, and overall art style taking a shift.

However, one thing this movie has that pretty much the old OVAs and first movie had (haven't seen the rest of the series to see whether this is a common there, too) is the pauses that seem to carry on far too long. Not to say that this movie is any worse, read more
May 1, 2021
First and foremost, I must mention that this is NOT meant to be an outright horror anime in the typical sense. Its presentation is almost storybook-esque, but with a more informative style to it. It's a ga-anime, which is extremely niche, but means you can expect a slideshow presentation instead of animation. There's still ambience and a little music, limited voice acting, but also a narrator. It can also be watched in bite-sized segments due to the fact the episodes are just over 4 minutes long, which benefits the show as the simplistic stories never feel like they overstay their welcome.

Now, here's the kicker about read more
Jan 7, 2021
This was a great movie, but not one for the faint of heart. It's a depressing, yet bittersweet tale about fish in a tank in front of a restaurant, whose fate is seemingly set in stone.

To address the biggest issue I see in this movie, I have to mention the art style. Most of the time, the CG is god awful to look at. Other times, it's tolerable. It's not even a matter of the dull colors and bland look. That can work to a certain degree in an almost "realistic" type of setting. It's hard to describe. Each human looks nasty, and not even read more
Jan 4, 2021
I have some massive mixed feelings about this OVA. I feel this is the piece of the story we didn't need to know but had its good moments.

First, I'll start by saying that you can actually split this into 2 parts as the final episode is its own arc and separate from the rest. The way I'll do my review is by starting from the serious episodes 2-5, then the 1st then last episode.

Episodes 2-5 are the actual serious parts, the meat of the story for this OVA. It opened up a pretty interesting premise, one where Rika is thrust into a timeline where the read more
Dec 27, 2020
I don't want to really write a full review because it's kinda hard for me to gather all my thoughts having watched this and the first season. I'm currently watching one of the OVAs (Rei), unfortunately not impressed by the whiplash of tone of the first OVA episode (but that'll be for another review).

Honestly, I adore the pacing of the first 2 seasons, this one especially ended up being a delightful psychological roller coaster of emotions where each character isn't so black and white.

My issue was the ending sequence after the last episode, whereas almost everything else was really a great watch.

Spoilers ahead:

Now, with the read more
Nov 28, 2020
Kuro (Manga) add (All reviews)
I was surprised after reading this manga. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, especially since at first, it not only has a very slow start, it feels episodic. Simple wouldn't be too far of a stretch as the scenes just felt like they happened and flowed into the next, like a series of filler and that's the story with cute girls doing cute things, oh and monster cat.

I'm happy to say that it was a bit more deep that that

I came across another reviewer named Steven Newton off of a scanlation website who had some interesting thoughts about the read more
Nov 23, 2020
So far 17 chapters in, and this manga has some greatness to it but is overall held up by just a gimmick, one that on it's own gets tiring fast. Another reviewer I spoke with on YouTube actually said it best, like there's a generic slice of life with also a psychological action story with supernatural elements, but the two stories don't mesh well as they hardly feel like they're meeting in the middle.

The artwork with the vagrants (the monsters of the story) looks incredible, and their introduction was the hook that snagged me and reeled me in. The character designs look very cute, and read more