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Dec 2, 2019
So, I usually am a big fan of action anime. I don't care about plot or characters so much as there is decent fight scenes. This anime definitely has that, and it balances that with comedy as well. I know I sound like I'm about to give this anime a great review, despite me giving it a 3/10, but despite the action being good, despite there being tangible comedic relief, there comes a point where it is necessary to have good characters and plot. I was going to give it a 5, but I had to drop it because it got to a point read more
Oct 6, 2017
Okay, so I don't usually go for anime like Durarara, and when t first attempted to watch it in 2014, I was...well, disgusted.. I thought it was just gonna be a boring slice of life anime with a slow moving plot, but I couldn't have been further from wrong. I think I was just too immature to appreciate the beauty in shows like DRRR, and that's okay since now I am and I can honestly say that Durarara not only met my expectations but it exceeded them to the nth fucking degree.

The reason I even decided to watch DRRR to begin with is because I read more
Jul 9, 2017

Cowboy Bebop is the first anime that I've watched from start to finish that didn't leave me with a, "OMG THAT WAS SO FCKUING GOOD SFETGSTIOERLF" feeling. It's not that I didn't like it, I mean obviously since I watched the entire thing, but the story left me a little...unsatisfied tbh. Idk betweenn Faye who was annoying as fuck (except in the last episode) and all this other shit that happened, I expected so much but was left with so little really. I can see why it's managed to stay in the top 30 for so long, but it just wasn't for read more
Jul 4, 2017
Typically, I tend to dislike animes that end in the way YuGiOh ended, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everything was very well put together and thought out - the plot, the characters, the art, and the dubs was actually remotely decent. I have never thought of calling an anime flawless before, but YuGiOh might be the first show I label as such. It really was that damn good. For a card game with rules that were all thought of on the fly by the author, it all seems very well thought out and equally well executed. Kazuki really outdid himself with this one. 10/10
Jun 21, 2017

All I have to say about this anime is wow. Like the top reviewer of this anime, I thought, 'How could there be 75 episodes about a 12 year old boy playing a 3000+ year old board game?' But this anime thoroughly and utterly shocked and amazed me from beginning to end. If you're skeptical about watching this anime, please God, do not judge a book by its cover like I did. I held off watching it for so long because I thought it would be boring, but I ended up watching it in 6 read more
Jun 13, 2017
MÄR (Manga) add (All reviews)
The anime started to get out of context after episode 80 so I started reading the manga. A thousand times better tbh. I didn't realize it was Anzai who wrote MAR until after I finished it, and he just so happened to have been the same guy who wrote Rekka no Honoo. Which explains why Dorothy was able to be badass without being annoying, it explains the amazing art style, etc. There isn't much to say besides I really enjoyed this manga and I hope Anzai keeps writing good shit.

Like yeah, the story is generic, but he makes it in a way that it isn't read more
Jun 8, 2017
I was skeptical to watch this since the majority of people who recommended me this anime are huge Durarara! fans, and I hated Durarara! personally, but I'm pleasantly surprised with Bacanno!. Unlike Durarara!, it gets straight to the point, has hilarious characters and bomb ass action scenes. I only wish it had more episodes (yes im one of those trashy ong ass shounen stans. fite me bish). Anyways, the art is good, a little too good tbh. Those gore scenes were and the blood were on point. The sound is good. The characters were honestly all awesome. Like I would put them all on my read more
May 20, 2017
If you're a fighting, superpower anime connoisseur like me, then even if you've never watched this anime before, you've probably heard about it a crapload of times. It took me awhile to get into this anime; I've been into anime for at least 4 years now, and only decided to get into DB this year. I was really excited, but as I got more and more into it, I felt more and more disappointed. The Cell Arc is what led me to the decision to drop this anime completely, which I'll explain below. This review has spoilers by the way, so please don't read beyond read more
Jan 21, 2015
This review is going to be very short and concise, so I suggest anyone wanting to give this a shot should consider reading my review. The rest of my review after the paragraph after this sentence goes a bit more into detail, so whether you choose to read it or not is up to your discretion. Again, I suggest anyone wanting to read this to check out this review.

Imagine a car driving up a hill. The only way up this hill is a very steep and treacherous one way slope. Just when that car is about to climb up to the peak, like literally just read more
Jan 19, 2015
I think this anime has completely ruined the concept of anime and the enjoyment of anime tbh. After watching this, I'll never watch an anime based off a manga again, bar a select few. If you are interested in this series, then do yourself a solid and read the manga. The anime will give you a false idea of the events that go on in the show when the gang begin their journey to Murica.

Anyway though,


The story is pretty decent. I didn't dislike it, although I'd say my main problem with the anime is that there is too much story and it sometimes overlaps how read more