Dec 2, 2019
Izaya (All reviews)
So, I usually am a big fan of action anime. I don't care about plot or characters so much as there is decent fight scenes. This anime definitely has that, and it balances that with comedy as well. I know I sound like I'm about to give this anime a great review, despite me giving it a 3/10, but despite the action being good, despite there being tangible comedic relief, there comes a point where it is necessary to have good characters and plot. I was going to give it a 5, but I had to drop it because it got to a point where it became physically impossible to continue watching it. And I absolutely hate dropping anime.

There comes a point where it isn't just about bomb action scenes balanced with comedy, it's about good plot, good characters. The kind of shit that leaves you begging for more after an episode is over. And unfortunately to say, Divine Gate just doesn't do that for me, which is why I'm giving it a low score, despite its great action scenes and comedy.

The plot is convulsed, nothing makes sense. The characters are interesting; the potential is there for a great story, but the opportunity was missed. Perhaps because it's based off a game for cell phones idk, but the missed potential is definitely disappointing for sure, and that, if anything, is why this is getting a 5 out of 10.

I really tried to enjoy it; I did. Fuck I mean...the action is to die for, the characters have to die for potential--especially Arthur, but it just...didn't pan out.... It's just disappointing. I thought this anime would be like Scryed where the plot details are given less stress as opposed to the action scenes, but not so much that they don't leave the audience not begging for more after an episode, but nope. It's like they weren't even trying to make this good.

I mean really, how you gonna hire big name VAs like Akira Ishida and Kanae Itou for a half assed, half baked, sorry excuse for an anime like this?? It's just inexcusable. For anyone to even put this shit on national television is just inexcusable, and if I was looking for a writer for an anime, I would never hire the MF who wrote this crap.

Phew okay, so I hate it more than I thought I did LOL. Anywho, in its defense the art is A M A Z I N G. The coloring is PERFECTION <3 I mean visually this anime is honestly an orgasm as far as looking at the characters and their weapons, etc. But that's just not enough. God I wish it was enough. I mean Jesus I was rooting for this anime more than anyone because I'm the type of guy who always roots for the underdog. But fuck, they literally make it impossible for me to like any aspect of it, other than maybe the art. Even with the bomb ass art, everything else about the anime is so bad that it makes even that one thing that's actually remotely good about it irrelevant.