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Oct 31, 2015
Koimonogatari (Manga) add
Preliminary (4/? chp)
Koimonogatari focuses on the difficulties of adolescent homosexuality. Yoshinaga Yomato is an ordinary boy, he’s naturally athletic, considerate, and sometimes quiet. While talking to one of his female friends, Yoshinaga mentions that girls simply don’t make his heart beat faster, and classmate Hasegawa Yuiji happens to accidentally hear. At first, Hasegawa finds himself uncomfortable with the news. However, as he begins to observe Yoshinaga, he finds himself unable to hate the boy who has such pure intentions.

As a manga with emphasis on reality over fiction, Koimonogatari relies on the two major perspectives consisting of: the protagonist (Yoshinaga) and the observer (Hasegawa). Readers will most ...
May 30, 2014
"I don't know how I handled loneliness. I can't remember how I dealt. All of that has escaped me. Without a trace."

Communication relies on a message from one human to another being interpreted correctly. Sawako Kuronama—a beautiful, selfless, misunderstood girl—enters high school with the same middle school social status she was given: a ghost. Not an invisible ghost, but a scary living, walking one. Her abnormal facial expressions and difficulty socializing landed her a spot as an outcast. She's exceptionally friendly and attempts to say hello to everyone she meets, but her initial—slightly funny—facial expressions cause them to flee away. That is, until the catalyst ...
Apr 12, 2014
"Even if we lose by 100 points, there’s a chance a meteor will strike the other team’s bench in the last second."—Kuroko Tetsuya

Sequel to season one, Kuroko No Basket 2 does not disappoint. The new season begins with a mild time-skip after the inter-high matches. Seiren High—no longer the underdog—is now of equal footing in terms of basketball recognition. The most notable difference the time-skip offers would be the physical improvement of the players; all other improvements—such as unique skills—are publicly developed in season 2. If anything, the anime has adapted an even faster pace and incorporates an unexpectedly drastic increase in the amount of ...
Apr 5, 2014
The perfect mix of sports and shounen genre, Kuroko No Basket dominates the genre with a blend of action packed entertainment accompanied by competitive atmospheres. After the split of the Generation of Miracles—a middle school overpowered basketball team—Kuroko, a stoic ex-member of the GoM, makes it his mission to prove to the world that his style of basketball—teamwork over self-reliance—is equally as effective as any other. Unlike the rest of the GoM, Kuroko's abilities are purely supportive, using methods revolving around passing the ball. Kuroko stumbles upon a strong basketball player named Kagami. Together, the two make it their goal to defeat the GoM. Kuroko ...
Feb 16, 2014
"Don't humans spend their lives searching for something? They look for something then they forget about it. Humans are so strange!" –Snowdrop

Winter has approached with its harsh, unpleasant cold. While on a short walk to view the falling snow, Natsume encounters a snowball looking Youkai who is in search of a forgotten, lost possession. Natsume being the kind hearted child he is can't help but get involved. The OVA, surprisingly, could easily be an episode of the anime. The tone, mood, and plot are strikingly similar to many other episodes.

The bond between Nyanko Sensei and Natsume remains strong, with Nyanko Sensei staying beside ...
Dec 26, 2013
It's been quite a while since I've seen the original anime. Thankfully, the quick re-cap at the beginning of the OVA brought back all the memories of what happened in the anime.

In this bundle consisting of two OVAs we get to see our beloved characters Nanami, Tomoe, and of course the loveable baby Mizuki. Sadly, the OVAs can easily be dismissed as generic. We have the typical Nanami who over thinks things, and tries to impress a Tomoe who never needed to be impressed. She tries to assert her independence, and ultimately ends up making a fool of herself in the attempt. Still, it's ...
Sep 2, 2013
This review will contain spoilers for the first season only, it is strongly advised to watch the first season before viewing the second season.

Story: 7
Hakkenden season 2 continues right where season 1 left off. In this season Shino and his group continue to search for all eight of the marbles. The new character Ao becomes slightly more present in the second season, but not as much as I would have liked him to. Although I did enjoy this season, I found the second season to not be as "good" as the first season in terms of episode quality consistency. I expected the plot to be ...
Aug 6, 2013
"Loneliness is something whimsical and cruel"

Hakkenden is an anime consisting of spirits and demons, however it focuses more on action whether it be socially or physically (fighting) rather than focusing on logic and the specific details of how these demons exist. Shino, an 18 year old boy who has the permanent body of a non-aging 13 year old boy. This works to his benefit due to his personality and characteristics resembling a child. Shino is what makes the show, he's the lovable little main character; and almost everything is about him. His child hood friend Sosuke (18) accompanies him, and they have a best friend ...
Jul 16, 2013
I'll admit I'm not a fan of any anime that uses robots to fight, but this anime doesn't revolve around simply technology and mechanisms; it includes what I love most: psychology and action with a purpose. I did not expect to like this anime nor did I expect an anime to from 2006 to have the aesthetics I typically prefer. So I dismissed it as an anime I wouldn't enjoy. Lo and behold a year later, I decided to give the anime a shot out of my lack of things to watch. I freaking love this anime so much that I'm reviewing it at only ...
Jul 12, 2013
What? It's over already?!

Those thoughts never left my head while watching this season. Although I'll have to admit, I was slightly disappointed in the lack of "big events" during this season. However, the anime has always kept a relaxing mood, whilst gently adding action and drama in small amounts. It'd be weird if something completely crazy and big were to happen anyways. I found myself wishing Natsume would say more things, admit more things, yet how realistic is it for him to actually do everything we as the viewers want him to do? In reality, Natsume has always acted in character, even when he ...

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